Rear Window 1954

Rear Window 1954

Hopkins Murphy from Alfred Hitchcock’s rear window in 1954, so I’m filming that I was really looking forward to seeing Blu-ray seen, although in fact I’m almost admiring from the collection that lies behind me, and yes, rear windows that I first saw it, and of course I’m a reward and yes, you could say that you know that I would review a lot of it.

You know that the Hitchcock movie was my chance, until now it was me who mainly got him to catch a thief that you know is nice of wanting to build me up with the reviews you know and If you see something before you see Emma again and you see her, because this is obviously one of the most popular of the most famous films of all time, one of the most highly praised by critics, it is one hundred percent at Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic and it’s eight, five and I’m just science vials of all that kind of stuff, very, very high, fifty above.

I think you knew that and yes, I agree with you that this is one of The most perfect movies with a great cinematic history This movie is amazing and I’m still impressed by the experience since I’m always looking at it for the third time and yes, you know that I’m part of the next month A few weeks ago and last week was a kind of happening.

I will check a bit. Reviewing movies is very, very difficult. My favorite movie list is here. Yes, there is a place for the Rear Window that I think is that this is just an absolutely perfect movie and so masterfully made that it is absolutely sunny and Jimmy Stewart, my second favorite actor of all time, in this movie as one of these three main roles can be seen.

Probably I would say that you know it along with Vertigo and it’s a wonderful life that it’s you I know one of his best and you know it’s just that you know that some people are quite a lot of people who now say that this is their favorite Hitchcock, and I would definitely understand that you know that I will not check what is mine. Fa It might be that someone knows the way to the ranking, but in this movie Do you know the themes that explore obsession voyeurism, and you only know claustrophobic feelings.

Rear Window 1954 –
Rear Window 1954 –

It’s just so masterful that you know that Hitchcock you know some a few years later he still does not believe that you know that I’ve seen a couple of interviews that you know he’s interviewing and stuff, that you’ve heard about this movie says that you remember the movie that I did, and that’s how it always gets to me, because you now know it’s one of the most famous movies, but you know it not so much has been talked about now and over the years it’s just grown like dizziness For example and a few others you know and know that it’s absolutely the best you know. It’s just ironic.

Yes, that’s the case, but of course this basic movie is very famous for being really the camera that never really leaves the flat one actually at one point, but mainly it’s pretty much all the inside of the camera The apartment does not really leave, and Jimmy is sure you know it He has introduced you to his leg in a cast and he is confronted with a wheelchair. I think it’s been six weeks and then you know he’s a seventh week with the cast and he was a photographer and yes, he basically has to go to you I know he’s basically the only thing you do when you watch all the neighbors out of Rear Window of the apartment and he slowly uncovers these kinds of mysterious things, and it soon becomes clear that he thinks there is a murder that happened to him.

This is this really mysterious man and You know his wife you see early and you think weird things are going on, but first you know that it’s a very peaceful and gradual construction that I love, you know and of course you see different neighbors in Rear Window and you really get to know all these different characters for each dialogue from them. You know that you hear a few words in them and so on, but that is also so well done that you know that there is a quick talk that there is all this subplot with all these subordinate characters, but all parts of that kind of Block, and it’s just so amazing, and everything makes me all too wrapped up, and you get to know these characters through your movie clips.

It’s one of the best Hitchcock in this sense, you know the very simple story Once again, why I love it, because it allows the filmmakers, only you know to explore other things and it’s all about the execution, it’s really not about having what you know the most in this sense, is one chic plot. For me, it’s all about the execution. You can just go about it and it’s about how it’s told, not about what’s being said in that sense. Cinema is about how and you know how it happens, and this is just a perfect example of how well you know about pure cinematography. rear windows

You only know a lot about the movie. Most of the movie is just a reaction shot and you only know the nick of another. Editing is just the key here and it’s one of the best-cut films of all time, which you know is just so perfect that you know Hitchcock’s vision. It’s just never that you are seldom clearer than this movie, and of course, Jimmy Stewart is one of the most likable actors of all time and once again was reasonably assignable and you know that you are fixated on this character and he is just so entertaining. I could just watch you making a miniseries of this movie. Or they could go on forever. That’s how much I love this movie. It’s just that’s so perfect and of course, Grace Kelly has a great role for me.

I saw a few movies. I think that’s definitely the best thing she’s been playing for at least three months. You know his girlfriend and she’s kinda you know she’s a kind of yes, but you know that everything is alright and school stuff, and you know it’s perfect and that Jimmy Stewart is good-looking. You know that he plays lb Jefferies and basically wants to be more adventurous and stuff like that Tuff and you know, it’s exploring her relationship and masterfully one of my favorite novels in the movies The nurse of Jimmy Stewart and she’s just great in this movie.

Stella, I think it’s awesome and you know that all of these characters basically know that it’s so good he’s a detective friend and you know right away that you’re kind of in love with this one you know, Hitchcock just shows you everything What is this one of the best examples in the cinema of this show? Not without reason. I do not have to say that we are all, but you know it’s the best way. Usually for most movie moves sweet old and yes, only you know how the camera moves. In this sense, it is simply quiet and it moves just like the camera. It shows you what’s okay Moments reveal the information you gradually come to know, and in this way unfolds the story that you know you know mainly because they show everything that Jimmy Stewart observes.

We also know it because he is so sympathetic and you know that it’s a kind of situation that most people can sort of conn I suppose most people know injuries and you know they need to take a break or like that, and you also know that I knew for sure when I was younger something that you can not admit, so you know that sometimes it comes up Rear Window and just watch and different people not so much. I suppose my name is now interested in where I am.

You know it’s something you know every day That’s one thing, because Jimmy Stewart is always sympathetic in every way, because I’ve seen how you instantly got involved with it and that truly amazing romance that exists and you know Alma Ritter as well as her character Stella, she’s so good that she’s so warm in this movie, you know, and the dialogue is so masterful that you know it’s so funny too. This is one of the funniest Hitchcock movies you know. Jimmy Stewart, it’s just really funny in this movie, even Grace Kelly, it’s just so good in this movie and you know exactly how this movie is going to develop, that’s something else you know and that’s the perfect one Time, the perfect, you know, escalation.

It starts very, very, very reservedly and in some ways, and yet it is very peaceful and you know I could just see it forever, you know so many Hitchcock of the style for a live accident and then there is more than that What catches your eye, and then sets in, when I say, excitement, you really know this movie It builds and builds, but if you come in the last 20 minutes to one of the five most tense movies you ever heard of Hitchcock knew, maybe there is just another movie that is as exciting as this one you know consistently, yes, if you really do reveal it all and I think, maybe it’s just one that is tenser than this one and all it’s just something else, really the way he just rattles and builds and builds and in the last 20 minutes is the heart.

For me, it was unbelievable that the last 20 minutes were especially good. You know that you’re just on the edge of DC and you know, but they’re just the way you get more information in the course of this movie. rear window

It’s just as perfect as the framing in this movie is, of course, because the camera does not move, of course, when you know it’s not moving. She would leave the apartment for another movie, so of course, everything depends on the actual picture and all of these things. You know that cinematography was the key here and Wow, as he just knows that it’s all about other people’s lives and You see, of course, that character is the last forwards that you know he’s sometimes just a type of human being smokes darkness and stuff like that and I think the way his character is built and how he’s in this movie is just breathtaking, very mysterious, and the way you know you can get him in and out of his apartment is just how to force it. rear window

When you get brought here by Hitchcock, you know all the lens options and everything just as Jimmy Stewart is, of course, serving with binoculars and the camera, and watching it ice as much as it is awesome You know it’s a simple idea, but the way it’s done here, no one could do any better than Hitchcock, and you just know that the execution is movie, and you know the whole movie is fuller Charm and all is This movie is so warm-hearted that I find so many Hitchcock movies that you might leave in the comments if you feel that, but I get a very special feeling when I look at the movies I would Do not Say It may be easy to see it differently, not just entertaining, in a strange way.

I mean, I can really watch any movie at any point, but yes, most of the time, so you can just kinda do it. Yes, that is very. I feel like I can not. Describe it really, but it’s just some warmth in his films that makes you feel something in a pot on a lifeboat. I see someone in this scene. rear window

I do not feel that, but yes, and you know, I always find this huge box and this is one of those that is proof that most people know it’s just so sad I could watch it all day In that sense, you know that it’s so good that you know the cut and everything that impresses the characters. Of course, I love them all.

You know that all the performances are so good that you know Thelma. Knight Jimmy Stewart is the same as I say, he’s only a few, maybe one or two, better than what I’ve seen of him. Grace Kelly, she’s never been better and you know it’s a simple prop, but as always, I know I could do better. As I said, it’s the path that goes through pure movie art These are the very touching moments that you know in the character of Miss Lonelyhearts.

They know what’s going on with their subplot. It’s just that we’re so warm-hearted and trying, and you know that a human full of charm is in this movie. You know that the way this movie was made is something else that you know it’s just every single one you know from the story I’m perfect at the moment you know That the editing is so sharp that it was rarely sharper in the cinema, you know that the choice of lenses is never different and that every picture is just perfection.

You know that this is very realistic and in the way that everything was revealed and yes, I love this movie. I think it’s one of the best movies in the movies and you only know the use of comedy from the movie and of course at the same time as Hitchcock does, and it makes it perfect that you know one of the most exciting movies of all time and you know how to say that really only one movie is tenser in my opinion and you know that this movie has been constant in the last 20 minutes.

In particular, it’s just wow, you know absolutely something else A kind of adrenaline from the last 20 minutes. It’s something else you know when you look at the movie boys you’ve seen, and if you know how bad you look, that it’s very close to you, know one of the great moments in the cinema, and you know that is, of course, a simple form of art, as you would have guessed and you know the way I describe it and you easily know that my 100% loss ratio is 100 percent plus TS.

My highest rating I can give a movie, and the first, yes, the first Hitchcock movie I’ve reviewed on this channel, is that it’s easy For me it’s always, but you know it good in my top 50. It’s one of the Hitchcock movie rooms in my top 50, so there’s some evidence that there’s more to it.

You know my Top 50 and there will be more Hitchcock reviews This month is part of my favorite movie week, a few weeks in which I know there may be another one who measures my heart rate, at least knows I’ve won Of course, I’ve heard so many things about this movie and I’ve seen parts of me that were younger and stuff, but I wanted you to know that I was on Blu-ray wanted to come and did someday.

I just wanted to get higher I actually saw it in 2016 and I watched it for one night with the lights off and everything ng and I just thought, wow, that you know it probably better is when some people say it’s so good and you already know that it’s one of the most acclaimed movies, but it’s just that it’s just perfection It’s adorable that you know how this one works Film is soaring and how everything unfolds and how you have all the good in this community of people. rear window

You know all the different subplots that each individual kind of space shows, that you know from Jim Jimmy’s perspective, that you know all their actions that finish the end perfectly, and it’s just so exciting that you know it worked so masterfully and it’s a simple thing for one of the greatest movies in the movies and for Magnum Opus, one of Hitchcock’s Magnum is opus is and yeah you know, I just think that Hitchcock is one of the top five directors of all time.

Surely you know that he made so many masterpieces and you know that all those movies were reviewed recently, if Hitchcock did not have any of them and I do not think you know that Tier 1 is, but they are everything that you know, my favorite movies. This and the one that you know is one of those that goes beyond One of the best, the execution is just perfect.

You know, I could watch this movie all day and I could talk all day, but really only if you did not see it and if you have discussions in the comments because I absolutely love this movie and yes, spoilers would be very, very high when I’m doing my ranking of Hitchcock movies that you know is just perfect.

Jimmy Stewart has a say, and Grace Kelly knows how the romance develops in the movie The band you know, the quarrels and everything is so well written, the exposure, everything you know is just the way it is Way, as it goes through the entire dialogue, and the expedition even though it was only in this one room and that’s you know, it’s exactly what you can do if you’re a great filmmaker and you know that, of course, the script was not written by a trope, but you know such a good script and the way you know everyone the recording is just perfectly placed. rear window

This movie is perfect. He is simply one of the most stunning movies and one of the purest movies known in the cinema. In terms of pure kinematics, he is just perfect. Voyeurism is an obsession for something else Yes, the rear window has one tested by Hitchcock, if not its best, you know it’s just that. Yes, thank you for seeing a report and more from Hitchcock. I say we’ll get up Come to the North of West this month and you know he’s psychic. So, yeah, see what I think about them, and yes, thank you for reading my report on Alfred Hitchcock’s rear window


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