Power Rangers in Space – S06E23 – A Date with Danger

Power Rangers in Space – S06E23 – A Date with Danger

Welcome to Ranger Reviews, a webseries where we look at episodes of the tv show, Power Rangers and then discuss them! Today, we’re exploring the twenty-third episode of the show Power Rangers in Space as well as the two hundred and seventy-third episode overall, titled “A Date with Danger”. We start this episode immediately in a battle with the morphed Rangers finding some bull monster who definitely has some part of Ecliptor in there.

Power Rangers in Space S06E23 A Date with Danger
Power Rangers in Space S06E23 A Date with Danger

Zhane rides in as Astronema is there watching with Quantrons. He drives right through them as she calls out yet another monster, who tackles Zhane off of his bike. He starts to fight him solo, and he taunts Astronema. She then starts firing at Zhane, but he rolls in front of the monster, so she hits him. The monster then starts to turn on her, attacking around her. Zhane kind of laughs about this, and Astronema gets tossed pretty hard, and he calls out the Super Silverizer, but the Galaxy Glider shows up? He takes Astronema and leaves.

The others then use the QuadroBlaster, hitting the bull monster, blowing it up, but a piece of it teleports away. In a forest somewhere, Astronema is knocked out in the grace, and we finally get a good upclose shot of her to see the makeup work they’ve been doing on her. Zhane is nearby…. With a fire and a kettle? And he doesn’t have his helmet on, and her staff is away. She wakes up, only to pretend to be asleep again. Zhane comes over to her, and she wakes up, freaking out. He made her some sort of drink, saying it’s good for her. Zhane, what the fuck is all of this. Astronema says “yuck!”, and Zhane says maybe it needs more salt, going over to the pot. He takes the cup, saying it needs more salt. He puts it in as she creeps up behind him with her staff. She says that she could kill him right now, and Zhane says “ya could, but I don’t think you will”.

Then, he puts a fucking marshmellow on the end of her staff?? Zhane really trying to fuck. He then roasts the marshmallow, and she takes it back, tasting it. How does he know about this? He’s from KO-35. She then gets pissed, saying that they’re enemies now and forever, but then she gets quiet, saying “thanks for saving me”, teleporting away. On the Megaship, everyone is hanging out in the lounge, and Cassie is reading the paper, seeing a movie ad for Star Crossed Lovers, and Ashley immediately freaks out about how it’s about a lover story.

They grab Andros, and TJ and Carlos say no way, but Cassie says “come on, now”, like punching her own fist. I love Cassie. TJ asks about Zhane, and Ashley says they’ll go ask, freaking out as she drags Cassie away. On the Dark Fortress, Astronema is looking out the window, and Elgar in the background tells Ecliptor how she’s been sitting there all day. Ecliptor walks over, saying that the monster named Horror Bull was destroyed, they got good data on the Rangers’ weapons. Astronema is not paying attention as he asks if they’re still proceeding with the plan to disable the Rangers’ weapon with the Information Crystal, the piece that disappeared before from the Horror Bull. She tells him to not bother her with this now, and Ecliptor agrees, walking away. Also, Zhane is looking at a photo of Astronema in his bed?? Cassie and Ashley walk in, lucky that he’s not spanking it. They grab him, running out. Also, Astronema has a helmetless press photo of him??

This episode is surreal. Ecliptor brings Astronema her favorite meal, and she says that she’s not hungry. Ecliptor asks if something is wrong, and she says no, and Ecliptor calls her out, saying that he’s known her since she was a little child, and he basically raised her. He wants to know what he can do to help her. Astronema insists that nothing is wrong, and she wants to be alone. Ecliptor says that oh by the way, the Rangers are at a movie theater. Want me to send down the Horror Bull? Bitch, why are you guys so creepy? Astronema says no, take no action until she gives the order. She then looks at herself in the mirror, using perfume. She then teleports out. At the theater, the Rangers are leaving, talking about how romantic the film was, and Zhane seems to be all messed up a bit. Astronema teleports in behind the building, and she transforms into regular clothes, which is cool to see. Power Rangers in Space

Then, Zhane imagines the movie poster being him and Astronema, and he gets this dumb look on his face. He then walks into a woman, helping her with her items. It’s Astronema is disguise, and Zhane is freaked out a bit by her. He says he has to catch up with his friends, saying “see ya”, running away, and Astronema looks after him. She starts to tell him that he dropped something, and she opens it, revealing that it is her photo. She’s pleased by this, leaving. Zhane catches up with the others, but then explosions go off all around them. Then, an arrow with a note flies through the air, hitting the tree next to Zhane. Also, Astronema has a novelty size bow and arrow now.

What the actual fuck is this episode. The note says “meet me at the campfire at 5:00” – Astronema, with a totally different photo of her. Zhane checks his watch, getting spooked? I guess it’s almost 5? Ecliptor puts the information crystal back into Horror Bull, and he calls for Elgar, who says “word up!” I love him. Ecliptor says to inform Astronema that they’re ready to attack, and Elgar says that she’s not there, and Ecliptor is sure she’d want them to proceed, so he sends Horror Bull down. Power Rangers in Space

The others are eating, talking about the movie, when their communicators go off. They run off, and Alpha explains that another Horror Bull is attacking. The morphed five Rangers flip into the scene, facing Horror Bull. They try to hit him with their individual weapons, but they’re blocked by invisible shields, it seems. Also, Astronema has the campfire ripe for fucking. Zhane gets home, getting changed and ready while he puts clothes over his DigiMorpher. Also, the others are still failing at this fight against Horror Bull. Their weapons are useless.

Then, Ecliptor shows up, confirming this. They make the QuadroBlaster and the Spiral Saber + Astro Blaster combo, and nope. Alpha sees this as Zhane is walking by ready for his date. He tries to sneak by, and Zhane is so pissed. Alpha wants him to come along and look for himself at the others. They’re getting their asses kicked. Zhane looks at his watch, asking if he’s sure they need him, and yeah, they’re like dying. He realizes that he lost his DigiMorpher, telling him to hurry. Zhane is now scavenging his room, finding his DigiMorpher. Let’s Rocket! Zhane then zooms in, hitting Horror Bull and Ecliptor down from his cycle.

He regroups with the others, and there’s a weird bit where TJ falls down again? Astronema is also wondering where Zhane is, pissed. Zhane then says he’ll take it from here, taking out his Super Silverizer, as he beats the crap out of Horror Bull. Clearly that data was missing. Ecliptor says he’ll pay for that, but Andros comes in with a 01 button from his Battlizer, and Ecliptor retreats. Zhane then hits the horns off of Horror Bull, which makes him grow giant somehow? When he’s giant, Zhane just gets on his cycle, leaving, telling the others to handle it from here. Astronema is wondering what’s taking him so long.

The others call out their Astro Megazord, and they’re hit down pretty quickly. Zhane hopes he’s not too long. Andros calls out the Delta Megazord, forming the Astro Delta Megazord. Now, they use the Flying Power Punch, which hits Horror Bull, killing him. RIP weird thing. At the campsite, Zhane rides in on his motorcycle, powering down with flowers in tow, which Astronema blows up and everything around him, hitting him down in the mud. She says that no one stands her up, and he says he didn’t stand her up.

She says he’s late, and he says he wouldn’t have been if she didn’t send a monster, and she says she didn’t. There’s nothing to talk about. She never wants to see Zhane again, teleporting away. Feel like that would’ve been a good moment to kill him. On the Megaship, the Rangers are trying to push the other forward to have to go talk to Zhane, who is clearly super depressed. Ashley gets pushed forward, and she asks if he’s okay, but he doesn’t answer. She returns, and they send Andros, who says he looks bummed. No answer.

They send Cassie who tries to come back, but they send her again. I love this bit. Cassie says that he can talk to them about anything, and she’s trying to look happy. All Zhane says is “thank you”, getting up and leaving, head down low. This is the only good acting bit we’ve seen from Zhane. Astronema crumbles up Zhane’s photo in anger, but then she unfolds it, looking at it again, smiling to herself a bit. This episode is super, super weird, but honestly, it’s fun. I mean, yeah, logistically, it makes like zero season, and it’s pretty weird. But I love it because we get to see some real good stuff from Zhane, like how he’s pretty much a careless dick who doesn’t care if the Rangers are dying. He wants to get some poon.

This is so different from anything we’ve ever seen before, and I love it. Also, this episode really makes Astronema (and a bit Ecliptor) sympathetic characters. We now know for sure that Ecliptor raised her, which really puts into perspective their father/daughter relationship. Good stuff all around, if not quite a bit silly. Next time, the episode title is misleading. Until then, may the power protect you! Power Rangers in Space


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