I’m talking about the movie Poms, a comedy dance movie with a really nice cast featuring Diane Keaton. Jacki Weaver Pam Grier, it was amazing to see Pam Grier, to be honest, I always loved her in the 70’s. She was Foxy Brown and all that and she was playing Jackie Brown and Tarantino is a kind of sting in the blaxploitation in this story, which Martha has played by Diane Keaton, who moves into a retirement home community at Senior Citizens’ Center in Georgia called Sun Springs, where we find out that she has an illness and she wants to spend the rest of her time in peace and quiet and just wants to avoid that she never had children.

She just wants to relax and be free from anything that ends up turning on her head when she meets Cheryl, played by Jackie Weaver, who wants to become her friend who she wants to introduce to all these people, all those things The things that happened at the beginning of the film make a pretty good friends and they decide to start a true team that will make you look like Martha’s past potential cheerleader.

Poms - rapiddrama.com
Poms – rapiddrama.com

This group of eight other older women has two seniors. The center is to join a tree-loading troupe to attend the so-called Senior Showcase, which is basically just a talent show for all their people, and then the story goes on from there to see what happens when others train and what happens overall. The film has done a really good job of showing everything it takes to spend enough time with all the characters. The performances were great. I mean, Pam Grier was really funny. Diane Keaton was really good.

Jacki Weaver was funny and they worked really well job the comedy has landed almost all the time it was nothing really weird it’s not like rolling on the floor laughing jokes but they are all nice of you know giggling laugh every now and then jokes so ended up there the performance was really good but otherwise it was a kind of man movie but it should not be big it was a lot more restrained a lot down to earth and it was seriously what needs to be seriously meant as I said that Diane King’s character is a disease and she’s struggling with it throughout the movie, but for the most part it was a pretty solid movie and I would definitely recommend him for all of that.

I’ll give Poms two out of three stars. It was not great. It was a novel way of being in the middle of the road, but it could make things worse and as I said, I did it, I enjoyed it so characters in a movie like this one can not ask for much more, so thanks for watching. I appreciate the support and see you later goodbye.


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