Pokémon XY Anime Review

Pokémon XY Anime Review

Today we are reviewing Pokemon XY. I will review XYZ in a separate article and I know I told that the reviews will be region wise and not season wise but I loved the Kalos seasons way more than the other seasons and have much more to talk about them so yeah, extra love for Kalos! And I also know that Kalos Quest is also a season, apparently but ehhh, I don’t think it really counts. So yeah, I will just review XY and XYZ. So let’s begin the review! Okay so first let’s talk about Mega Evolution in the anime.

I really like how it is introduced as such a mysterious thing because that just instantly makes you interested in learning more about Mega Evolution. Professor Sycamore is my personal favorite professor in the anime. Yeah, I like him more than Professor Oak because being iconic doesn’t make you the best professor and I also like him more than Professor Kukui because having more screen time doesn’t make you the best professor either.

My favorite non legendary Mega Evolution that was introduced in X and Y is Shiny Mega Gengar while the legendary one that was introduced in X and Y is Mega Mewtwo Y. My favorite non legendary Mega Evolution that was introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is Mega Steelix while the legendary one that was introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is, of course, SHINY MEGA RAYQUAZA! Okay so let’s talk about the Companions on this region.

Serena is just the best companion and I was sooo surprised by how much character development she was getting. I liked how she never gives up and even after failing in one of the Pokemon Contests that she worked so hard for, she again decided to participate to accomplish her goal. I also loved the ending to her character in XYZ because that was the best character arc in the history of the Pokemon Anime! I loved the ending to her character and overall, she was just great. Clemont is also there but honestly, I prefer Cilan over him. I know that his gadgets are fun and all and the gym battle with him was amazing but… as a companion, he is not that great.

Pokémon XY
Pokémon XY

I would say that he is as good as Brock but not as good as Cilan. I miss Cilan’s connoisseur stuff. Bonnie is basically Max done right. However, Dedenne was there to fill in that “annoying” role because it was just so annoyinggg! I wish Dedenne was never a part of this anime. Okay so now let’s talk about Ash’s Pokemons in Kalos. Talonflame was great. Hawlucha was nice. Noibat was cute and Noivern was cool. Goodra was powerful but basically another version of Beleaf. Greninja was okay but Ash-Greninja was awesome. Okay so let’s talk about the rivals. Sawyer was great but I liked his Pokemons more than him, which is not necessarily a good thing since a rival should be able to shine on their own and should not depend on their cool Pokemon to look intimidating.

However, I will have to accept that he is the first friendly rival done right. Now many people say that Alain is a friendly rival too but I don’t think so. He doesn’t seem to care about anything but battles for most of the time so I don’t think that really makes him friendly. Hau, Sawyer and even Gladion can be counted as friendly rivals but not Alain. I really liked how he wore an outfit that matched with the colors of his signature Pokemon, Mega Charizard X since that made it look way cooler, I guess. Many people say that he was overpowered and yeah, I agree, but I am really surprised by how people don’t say the same thing about Gladion. Just because Ash defeated Gladion in the league doesn’t mean Gladion WASN’T overpowered! Okay so I hated how they made Tea Rocket devolve into the joke they once were.

I wish they still had their Unova persona in XY and XYZ, because their mature persona would go well along with the maturity of XY and XYZ! I really don’t understand why they devolved Team Rocket. Ash Ketchum- Speaking of maturity, let’s talk about the mature version of Ash Ketchum. I loved the character dynamic between Ash and Serena anyways but Ash was great even on his own! And I am just talking about XY Ash, by the way, because in XYZ he was not just great but excellent with his Ash-Greninja thing! Okay so let’s talk about the animation and art style.

This art style is probably the best art style for Pokemon. I guess they just spoiled us with this amazing art style so they could devastate us with the monstrosity that is the awful Sun and Moon art style. The animation is also amazing but it really gets to shine in XYZ since the animation just goes all out with the battles in XYZ and not XY. But it was great nonetheless. A huge step up from Black and White’s animation and a great response to those who say that Pokemon has garbage animation. Rating- 9/10


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