Pokémon Johto Anime Review

Pokémon Johto, I just wanted to say that they improved the Gym Battles so much in Johto and I was so happy to see Gym Badges getting the respect they deserve. In a few episodes, Ash was showing off his badges with pride and that made me really happy since Gym Badges are prestigious things but it felt that from the end of the first season, they started losing the respect that they and the Gym leaders deserves. However, they gained their respect back in Johto.

Some of my favorite Gym Battles of the Johto regions had to be the ones with Morty and his Ghost Pokemon, the one with Claire and her gracious dragon types and the one with Jasmine and her awesome Steelix. Seeing Onix’s evolution just blew my mind since Onix was awesome in itself and I never thought that it would evolve so when I first saw Steelix I was really surprised.

I have always loved Steelix ever since just because of this battle and I also liked the strategy that Jasmine and her Steelix were using since that was a pretty annoying, yet clever strategy. Seeing what I like to call the “Steelix Tornado” was awesome, too! However, there was one Pokemon in a gym battle which was even more annoying than Steelix’s strategy and what’s worse- It itself wasn’t even as awesome as Steelix. You know which one I am talking about- Miltank. I hate Whitney and her Miltank so much only because of these episodes where they were being SO annoying! However, I will have to say that them being annoying made Ash’s win much more satisfying which was the goal, I guess? I still hate Whitney and her stupid Miltank though.

Both of them are annoying, especially Miltank. I wish Miltank had a design like Tauros, that would make it less annoying and a little more awesome. Okay so let’s talk about Ash’s pokemons. I was not sad when Charizard left because I never liked his Charizard after it evolved from a Charmander in the first place. And also, it was pretty satisfying to see Charizard getting absolutely wrecked by the other Charizards at the Charizard Valley or the Charicific Valley.

Pokémon Johto Anime Review
Pokémon Johto Anime Review

Charicific just sounds so weird. Anyways, the new pokemons which Ash caught had to be some of my favorite Pokemon from Ash since these Pokemon got way more character development than Ash’s Kanto or Orange Island pokemons. Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil was great and they were so great that I liked all of them equally. Still, maybe I liked Totodile a bit more because of how excited it was in doing everything. I loved Totodile jumping in excitement. Heracross was powerful but boring and I was not a big fan of it and I wish Ash got a Pinsir.

Pinsirs are so much more awesome than a boring Heracross. Noctowl had to be my favorite Pokemon that Ash had in Johto because I just LOVED it! First of all, it was the first and only shiny Pokemon that Ash caught, second of all, it looked awesome and third of all, I absolutely loved it’s moves! I really didn’t like it when Chikorita evolved into a Bayleef though. Bayleef just seems so annoying. Phanpy was also good, I guess? I don’t really have much to say about it.

It was just… there… Okay so this was the region where we got introduced to Team Rocket’s awesome Wobbufett. I actually thought that with this Pokemon, Team Rocket would finally defeat Ash since in the episode where Team Rocket battled Ash’s Johto Pokemon with this Wobbuffet, it seemed like it. It just kept deflecting every move since the anime’s version of Counter works as both Counter and Protect so that made anime Wobbufett pretty overpowered but even with this overpowered Pokemon on Team Rocket’s side, Ash managed to defeat them with the power of Pokemon unity, I guess? I really wish Team Rocket actually defeated Ash with their new Wobbuffet.

Pokémon Johto
Pokémon Johto

Okay so now let’s talk about the Pokemon League and here, we get introduced to a new Gary who has completely changed from what he was in Kanto. Why… Just why. I really don’t like this Gary and this version of Gary is the only reason why I would prefer Alain as a rival more than Gary. Also, I found it really stupid how a Bulbasaur defeated a Meganium. What’s next? A Piplup defeating Ash-Greninja? I really don’t get a Bulbasaur defeated Meganium even though Meganium’s Solar Beam is clearly supposed to be more powerful.

Okay so now let’s finally get to the highlight of the league, Ash vs. Gary. Now I didn’t really care about this match anymore since now, Gary has changed into being a nicer person which completely ruins his rival persona but this battle was entertaining nonetheless. Not intense though. I knew that Ash would win because come on, they showed us Gary defeating Ash’s pokemons easily in the first half of the battle which told that they wanted us to think that Gary was going to win which told that the exact opposite was going to happen. And so yeah, Ash won and instead of making Ash vs.

Gary the finals and ending it right there, they decided to drag it on and on. I wish they just stopped there. In the next match, Ash faces Harrison who has brought pokemons from Hoenn? Umm, doesn’t Hoenn have a league of its own? Why doesn’t Harrison go there? Is he too scared to meet people who are equivalent to him and are familiar with the Pokemon he uses? Well, it’s kind of unfair that he battled Ash with such Pokemons that Ash never knew about. And because of this win, I hated Blaziken at first but of course, I started to like it more and more later on in the Pokemon Advanced series when May’s Torchic evolved into one and also because of it’s awesome Mega Evolution.

Anyways, I was so happy when Harrison’s stupid unfamiliar pokemon strategy finally didn’t work and he lost in the Johto League. I wish he was one of the companions in Hoenn instead of annoying Max. Overall, this was a good league and obviously better than the Kanto one but still very frustrating. Rating- 8/10


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