Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Anime Review

Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Anime Review

Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl, Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension, Diamond and Pearl Galactic Battles and Diamond and Pearl Sinnoh League Victors. Let’s begin the review! Brock stays as a companion in this region too and thankfully, it’s the last region he stays in because he was really getting boring at this point.

We needed a breath of fresh air and him going away gave that fresh air a little bit to us. Dawn was pretty good and her Pokemon Contests were way better and way more interesting than May’s contests. Sinnoh actually showed us the beauty of a Pokemon Contest, unlike Hoenn, where they just portrayed contests as a few Pokemon dancing on the stage and fooling around. Dawn was actually one of the better Companions till now and she was way better than May and Misty. She actually felt like a real person and not a robot who is meant to act like the same way over and over again. I also like how she helps Ash from time to time since that’s what a companion should do. I really didn’t like her cheering during the Pokemon League though.

That was just straight up awful and if they wanted to cheer, they should have cheered like Misty and Brock did during the Johto league and not with those pink bushes of cringiness. Okay so now let’s talk about the Rival of this region- Paul. Best rival ever. I really like how emotionless he seems as if he just doesn’t care about anything. Just think how devastating it would be for you if you defeat your rival with such hard work after losing many times and after you win, that rival just doesn’t care about your win and his loss like you cared about his win and your loss. Him not caring about anything made his character as a rival much more effective.

I wish he was a little taller though. He just seems so short for some reason. And why do so many people tell he has purple hair? His hair is clearly grey in color. Anyways, I really hated how he lost to one of the Battle Frontiers in the middle of the anime since come on, he was built up to be this invincible strategical mastermind of a rival and this anime made him lose to somebody who had got defeated by Ash? Really awful decision right there, Diamond and Pearl. Also, this is the first rival who is as intelligent as Ash and it’s not only his attitude that makes him great but also his strategies. His strategies are very similar to Ash’s strategies and he straight up copies Ash’s strategy in the Pokemon League and that’s what makes Paul so overpowered. Paul is basically Ash if Ash only cared about power and didn’t care about the feelings of Pokemons.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

There are also a few other rivals in this region so let’s talk about them. Barry was funny and I absolutely loved his “I am going to fine you!” dialogue and I liked how this anime used him in the Pokemon League to make Paul look more powerful. Nando is nice, I guess but he is really forgettable. Conway is okay but he really got to shine in the Dusknoir episode where that creepy little girl invited him to another dimension which is presumably Hell. Okay so now let’s talk about Ash’s pokemons. Aipom was annoying so I am glad that it left. Staraptor had to be one of the best bird Pokemon that Ash caught and Buizel was super cool.

Torterra was also super annoying because it was heavy and couldn’t do anything and also because I hate Pokemon which have a design like Venusaur or Torterra and are heavy and are difficulty to even move. Gliscor was basically Charizard done right and I would actually get emotional at Charizard’s farewell if they made Charizard’s character similar to Gliscor’s character instead of making him a super annoying character. I know that I loved Ash-Greninja’s character arc and I love XYZ way more than DP but I will have to say that Infernape had the best character arc that any of Ash’s pokemons has ever had.

The moment it defeats Paul’s electivire- absolute chills… absolute goosebumps… absolute awesomeness…. Paul getting defeated by the very Chimchar he mistreated and abandoned was so ironic and poetic and I loved it. Okay so let’s talk about Gible. I don’t know why so many people like it because it sucks. It’s basically an annoying Pokemon which has a hard time walking properly, forget battling. I wish it evolved into a Garchomp. How awesome would it be to see Ash’s Garchomp and Cynthia’s Garchomp clash. Okay so now let’s talk about the Pokemon League and this league is probably my second favorite Pokemon league. I loved how it started with Ash vs Nando and that’s when we knew that this League was not here to fool around and this league wouldn’t start off with a battle with a random guy.

I really liked Heracross’ Sleep Talk in this match since this match just reminded us that Heracross did know that move and prepared us for the Sleep talk scene in the Tobias battle. Okay so now let’s talk about Paul vs. Barry- the Emotionless Rival vs. The Bubbly Rival filled with tons of Energy. Of course, the main rival wins but this was a fun battle nonetheless. It was still pretty scary to see how Paul’s Magmortar defeated Barry’s Skarmory, his first Pokemon with one shot! This battle really made Paul seem much more intimidating. It was absolutely amazing to see Conway and his annoying Shuckle getting destroyed but I was actually scared when he took out his Dusknoir since I thought Ash’s Noctowl was going to lose. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and we got to see the final battle between Paul and Ash! Paul’s Aggron gets destroyed but then his Gastrodon comes and uses the same strategy that Ash had used against him in a previous battle in Lake Acuity.

That means Paul knows that he is not an invincible god and even he has to learn from his rival and that’s what makes him so dangerous. He has an attitude but he is not overconfident. Always calm minded and thinking of new strategies. Anyways, after Gastrodon gets knocked out Paul’s most effective and most powerful Pokemon comes to the field- Drapion. Drapion Toxic Spikes the whole field and it is revealed that Paul intentionally lost his first two Pokemons to Ash and now he would finish his entire team with Drapion. Drapion actually does manage to cause a lot of trouble and I was pretty surprised by how much trouble it was causing to Ash. However, Gliscor hardly manages to take it out with it’s awesome Fire Fang.

The anime’s version of Fire Fang is just so awesome for some reason. Next came Electivire and it just destroyed the rest of Ash’s team except for Infernape so now it was just Electivire vs Infernape- the Pokemon which Paul had chosen over his Chimchar vs. The Chimchar which Paul had abandoned.

This battle was awesome and while it was epic how Paul’s abandoned Chimchar made him lose in the league, it’s also pretty implausible since Paul seemed so much more powerful. Overall, this was a great battle. But the league is not over yet since Ash has to lose and you know what’s the best way to make him lose?- Making him lose to a trainer with a Darkrai and a Latios and presumably lots of other legendary Pokemon. Yeah, people may hate on Tobias because he brought in legendaries, but if Ash was going to lose, why not make him lose in a… legendary way… I really liked this battle and I especially liked how Ash’s Sceptile defeated Darkrai. I still wish Darkrai just defeated Ash’s entire team, though since I don’t want to see one of my favorite Pokemons lose. Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Rating- 8.5/10


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