Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Pokemon Detective Pikachu plays Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu and Justice Smith as the son of a detective who recently disappeared in Rhyme City, and Tim, who is played by Smith, moves to Rhyme City to relent with the help of a Pikachu For some reason, Tim understands everything he says, and he understands what Pikachu says. You start a puzzle to find out what happened to Tim’s dad and to find out why Pikachu and he can understand each other when my wife and I left for the show.

I looked at her and said, “Are you ready to play a pokemon?” Seeing film as strange as the fact that we are in 2019 at a point where there is a live-action Pokemon movie and in which we had spirits? Shell and Alita Battle Angel and all that craziness now Pokemon has always been an anime for me because I’ve never been as interested in the games as some people I know are actually a video game, even though Pokemon is as famous as an anime and a card game.

It is a gigantic media conglomerate. Pokemon has been huge since I was a kid on the school bus and people were fighting for pokemon cards as if they were $ 100 notes I like in this franchise, but I’ve never been a diehard fan You know how I mean last year, I saw the power of us in the cinemas just for fun. I did not even review it.

I just saw it as a joke, as if I was excited to see this movie, and I was hoping it would not be horrible, thank goodness, it’s not terrible that this is an entertaining movie , and that’s really all I wanted from him, because the source material is it’s not Shakespeare for me Pokemon has never been a story full of depth and nuanced emotions, it’s just Pokemon, as if it were cool little things and you can collect them and it’s fun and the main theme of Pokemon was hope and self-confidence, and little kids can see and be entertained by it, and you’ll also learn valuable lessons for each episode. It was never intended to be this incredible story.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu – rapiddrama.com
Pokemon Detective Pikachu – rapiddrama.com

I just hoped the movie would entertain it. It was the best part of this film, which is easily from Ryan Reynolds because he delivers Pikachu with all the best humor. Pikachu, the character, is also the most entertaining character in the film when you see her fighting the things that Pikachu does in the movie.

I mean, it’s the way I wanted to see it, and Rhyme City felt like a place I lived in. I like the idea that Pokemon and people in this place interact and work together. You’ve seen Squirtle put out fires and only you could see the practical use of every pokemon in town, so they did their best to try to make sense of it as well. The film also plucks quite successfully in some places which I did not expect to be involved in the storyline of the action sequences, if Pokemon fights or something else is going on Pokemon is great fun Rob Letterman directed, he also made the first movie about goosebumps, so he had now two 90’s features that he could adapt to the big screen, and he did a pretty consistent job with both of them, which I can. Pokemon detective

I did not really complain that I played a lot of the 3ds game. I did not play the game There are certain parts of this movie that are similar to the game. Some decisions in the film are made in terms of the order in which things happen as well as the game and I like that they at least have tried to wink at the fans of the game a bit.

You notice that the people behind the movie actually said a bit about the fanbase and did not just want to profit from the fanbase, as with some previous Dragonball Evolution customizations. You can really say that they were filming and trying to make a movie that the fans could enjoy. However, this is by no means a flawless movie if you really want to be fussy about the Pokémon. It’s really stupid when the human characters all suck. Not a single one of them was important to me. There were even times when I looked at the main character of Justice Smith and got over it, Age just overcomes, man.

you’re a wet blanket you’re annoying and boring you have to stop being like that and it’s not quite fair Smith the actor it’s the way the characters were written because Pokemon has always been a very hopeful experience in you you can just relax and watch and have a good time, but the first 20 minutes of this movie are rightly sad and, moreover, it’s really depressing because it’s not just about this kid not knowing where his father is or believing that his father could be dead, somehow he does not care, and so I understand that the part of his bow is that you have to show a figure in one place and have it, and in another place not to mention that it’s just a vast majority of this movie The main character does not state what causes us not to tell you what I mean.

He cares a bit more when he meets an intern for a news company run by Kathryn Newton and she’s interested in the story of this missing detective and he obviously thinks she’s kind of cute and now he wants to be on that mission and Pikachus over there and there’s a lot of humor that easily rescues the whole movie when it goes back to the human characters, though I’m like my goodness, these guys are under contract and I just do not care that the Pokémon are the stars in this Movie are.

To be honest, Pokémon is not necessarily about the show because you really love Ash Ketchum and watch the show because you want to see the new Pokémon and see how they compete against each other. I mean, the Pokémon Stadium was like it was back then and that was another problem I had with the movie. There were not enough Pokémon battles that I wanted more, that you did not hear much about Pokemon, and there was only one scene. Pokemon detective

Aside from being a very different film than you would expect if you were a fan of Pokemon, it’s more of a film investigation, but when they find information for their case, it’s through these holograms that are exposed Telling stories, being thrown at them, and it just felt as if they had not really revealed anything, in summary, the human characters are flat and boring, but the movie was entertaining and thoroughly funny because Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu has saved the entire movie and thankful that many of him are there. They seem to understand the core of Pokemon and are able to communicate it as well as possible. In this movie, it’s about as good as in a live-action Pokemon movie, though I want them to do more focus on people who are looking for Pokémon fighting Pokemon tournaments.

Such things I give Pokemon detective Pikachu guys if you see Pokemon detective Pikachu this weekend, let me know what you think about it. Do not expect much. It’s about as good as it could be funny, and they’ve done a pretty good job of recreating Pokemon for the big screen.


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