Pokémon: Black and White Anime Review

Pokémon: Black and White Anime Review

Pokemon: Black and White and… You will probably not like this review very much if you hate this part of the Pokemon anime because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Let’s begin the review. Okay so let’s talk about the rebooted Ash and his companions. While I didn’t like how Ash returned to being a stupid clueless trainer just like he was back in Kanto, I did love his new companions- Iris and Cilan. Iris is basically Misty but just not as annoying and Cilan is a way more entertaining version of Brock.

I really like his Connesuire stuff since that is always funny and entertaining and I also liked how Cilan got his own connesuire rival- Burgundy. While she was annoying, it was pretty nice to see how their are respected professions in the Pokemon world other than that same old Pokemon trainer thing. Okay so after Hoenn and Sinnoh destroys the charm of Gym Battles, Unova brings them back in a glorious way! I really love how there are training camps and all in Unova since seeing Ash and his Pokémon train in those training centers really pumps you up for the gym battle.

The Gym Battles didn’t start off great with that awful battle with cilan, chili and cress but once we get to Lenora’s gym battle, it just gets so good! Lenora defeated Ash the first time because she was a strong gym leader but the surprising thing is that I was just so pumped up for the rematch. I have NEVER been so pumped up for a rematch in the anime but this battle right here managed to do it. And Burgh’s Gym Battle was even better.

I loved his Dwebble because of how it managed to protect itself and Whirlipede was just so cool. I loved it the first time I saw it in the anime. Leavanny, however, really got overshadowed by the previous two pokemons and I was expecting something better for Burgh’s final Pokemon, keeping in mind how powerful and cool Pokemon he was sending up until now. Leavanny just got defeated so easily compared to Dwebble and Whirlipede. However, Leavanny still couldn’t ruin this battle and it still couldn’t stop this battle from becoming my favorite battle from the Black and White series. Overall, The Gym Battles in Unova were great! Okay so let’s talk about Trip. And no, he is not a Paul ripoff.

Pokémon Black and White
Pokémon Black and White

Just because both of them have the same type of appearance doesn’t mean one has ripped off the other one. Trip’s personality is WAY different than Paul’s and I don’t know why people make fun of the Snivy battle. Do they forget that Pikachu actually couldn’t use it’s most important moves in that battle? Sure, it defeated a Latios and a Regice but it needed it’s electric moves to do it, right? Of course Tackle won’t make you win, not even in front of a Snivy. And no, I am not going to call it a “Level 1” snivy since levels aren’t really a thing in the anime.

Pikachu lost to a normal Snivy because it couldn’t use some of it’s moves and if it could, it definitely would defeat Snivy. Anyone who has actually seen the first episode will understand why Pikachu lost to Snivy. Okay so let’s talk about Team Rocket. THIS is the closest Team Rocket has ever come to being the evil trio I wanted them to be! Looks like working with a mad scientist really made them way better. I also loved the way they escaped with their jetpacks and didn’t blast off in a stupid way. I just really love this version of Team Rocket and if it stayed like this in Kalos, I would love XY and Z even more! Too bad they removed this version for some reason.

However, while the Team Rocket Trio was upgraded to being super cool agents of an evil organization, Giovanni was downgraded from being a mysterious mastermind of an evil organization to being a stupid possessed person or something. I really hate those episodes where Tornadus and the other ugly Unova birds show up since of course, Giovanni got possessed and that was hilarious, I hate Tornadus, Landorus and Thundurus and that arc was stupidly bad overall. It was pretty cool seeing Ash face Giovanni though. Too bad Giovanni was just too overpowered for Ash and we didn’t even get an epic battle between them. Okay so now let’s talk about Ash’s Pokemon. Unfezant is horrible.

I was expecting Oshawott to be annoying but he actually turned out to be nice. Tepig would be better if they just didn’t rip off Charmander or Chimchar’s backstory. I know DP did the same thing but they did it with the rival so that made it more interesting but here it’s just a random person who left Tepig so, yeah, they ripped it off from the original series and added nothing. Snivy is one of my favorite Pokemon that Ash has and it also probably is my favorite starter. Probably. Scraggy is annoying. Leavanny is also annoying. Same with Palpitoed. Same with Roggenrola until it evolved.

Krookodile was awesome. I love the Black and White series, especially because of Emolga and the awesome filler episode, especially the horror themed ones with Litwick and Gothitelle, but even I will have to admit that this Pokemon League was absolute TRASH! It’s so bad I don’t even want to talk about it. Like, how could they make a league so bad? Sure, it might not be as boring as the Hoenn league but it’s just frustrating. Seeing Ash getting defeated by Cameron out of all people is FRUSTRATING! They should have just brought back Tobias in Unova or something. Losing to a trainer with legendaries is always better than losing to a fool. Rating- 7.5/10


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