Pokémon Anime Review

Pokémon anime and I am obviously not going to review every arc of this anime but I am just going to review things such as the companions, the rivals and the league! And also, this is just the review of the episodes in the Kanto region and I will make different Anime Reviews for each region. Not each season, but regions since reviewing all the Seasons would be a little bit too much for me. Anyways, let’s begin the review! Okay so let’s talk about the beginning of this anime. It has some of the best episodes in the entire Pokemon series.

I especially loved the first one where Pikachu saved Ash from the Spearows who were introduced to us as very fearsome and dangerous with his Thunder move. Okay so at first Team Rocket were introduced as a very dangerous threat to the Pokemon World and I actually got excited of getting really good villains and I thought that they were going to be good because of how much the anime was building them up but at the end, they turned out to be terrible villains and now, I am not sure if they even are villains anymore. I wish Jessie, James and Meowth actually succeeded in capturing Pikachu at least once because if they did that we would finally get to see how powerful they were and also we could get a fun arc where Ash has to find and rescue Pikachu because of them.

But this anime decided to take the wrong direction and made Jessie, James and Meowth absolute fools. And maybe they should have always defeated Ash in every Pokemon battle in the first season and maybe the first season should have ended with Ash finally overcoming his fear of these three Team Rocket members and defeating them once and for all. If that happened then Team Rocket blasting off would seem epic and not stupid. And also maybe the Final Episode of the first season could end with Jessie, James and Meowth reporting their loss to Giovanni which would alert Giovanni about this trainer named Ash which could set up a bigger battle between Ash and his friends and the entire Team Rocket gang.

Wouldn’t that be epic? Team Rocket had great potential but they completely ruined it! Okay so let’s talk about Ash’s companions. To be honest, I really don’t like Misty and she was even introduced in an annoying way. And the Gym Battle with her also wasn’t all that great and overall, I just don’t like her that much. Brock, however, was a way better character than Misty with a way better backstory and a way better Gym battle. And I don’t know why people get upset at that sprinkler thing in the Gym Battle since I thought it was actually pretty clever. That was also the first example of Ash turning a disadvantageous situation into an advantageous one.


I really liked that Gym Battle and overall, the companions were pretty good but they really get to shine in the Johto seasons! Okay so the rival of this region is Gary who is also the rival of the Johto region. Now I really liked how Gary had such an arrogant attitude because that was perfect for a rival but they completely ruined him in Johto. Why did they make Gary act like a non-arrogant person in Johto? He is the rival! Anyways, he is pretty good in this region but we really didn’t get much of him and I was really frustrated when we didn’t get Ash vs. Gary near the end of this Season.

I know that they were saving their battle for Johto but wouldn’t it be much more impactful if Gary was the one to make Ash lose in the Indigo or Kanto League? Then we could root for Ash a little more in their battle in Johto because then we would remember that this guy was the one who made Ash lose the first time so it would have been so much more satisfying when Ash would finally win against him in Johto. Ash’s Pokemons- Okay so now let’s talk about Ash’s pokemons! Pikachu is obviously great because of its character arc in Episode 1 and also because Kanto Pikachu was super cute because it was much chubbier than how it is now.

Now I didn’t cry when Butterfree left but yeah, it was sad and I was not expecting that! Also, I thought that the pink butterfree was actually a shiny one and that this episode had been hinting shinies in Gen 2 all along, just like the first one hinted Ho-oh but obviously I was wrong. It’s pretty interesting though how a butterfree can be pink even without being a shiny. Pidgeot was one of the most powerful and yet the most boring Pokemon ash had and I loved Charmander’s backstory. I actually felt really bad for it and the Charmander episodes were more emotional to me than the Butterfree episodes, probably because I like Charmander more than Butterfree, who has been completely overshadowed to me by Beedrill.

Pokémon Anime Review
Pokémon Anime Review

Squirtle was also good and I liked the Squirtle gang episodes and Bulbasaur was pretty average. Surprisingly, Bulbasaur was probably one of the strongest Pokemon Ash had. I still love Bulbasaur’s vine whip since it seems like those vine whips can literally do everything, from carrying stuff to wrapping stuff to attacking stuff. Kingler was also a pretty powerful Pokemon but I wish it got more screen time and Muk was pretty annoying but I did love some of it’s battles. Okay so let’s talk about the first Pokemon League that we get to see in the anime, the Indigo League or the Kanto League! I really loved how Moltres appeared near the beginning of this League and I also liked how Ash couldn’t sleep the night before the league began out of pure excitement.

It’s kind of a parallel to the first episode where he couldn’t sleep in excitement of getting his first Pokemon and I loved it. I also liked how Ash sent a Crabby against an Exeggutor in the first match and still won because that is exactly what I like about Ash! He doesn’t depend on advantages or switching pokemons. He actually faces his opponents with whatever Pokemon he would like to use, whether it be an advantage or disadvantage, and still win at the end! People who say Ash to use advantages are basically talking like Ash’s rivals who just care about power and not the fun and joy you get out of a Pokemon battle.

Ash has always depended on his strategy which he makes up after the battle has already started instead of depending on type advantages and even after that he manages to win! THAT is Ash Ketchum. Anyways, the Bellsprout battle was absolutely hilarious and just think how funny it would be if this Bellsprout actually won the Pokemon league. However, of course it didn’t and Muk defeated it for good. I would love to see this Bellsprout battle against Paul since this would annoy Paul so much and I would love to see that battle just to see Paul’s annoyed face. Ash vs. Ritchie has to be one of the worst battles in Pokemon History and definitely my least favorite loss of Ash and also my least favorite league battle.

This battle was so bad and I really started to hate Charizard for this. And this episode is the reason why Charizard downgraded from being one of my favorite Pokemon to one that I didn’t care much about. Talking about Charizard, not Mega Charizard X, by the way. I wish it ended by Gary beating Ash like I mentioned earlier because like that they would still be able to continue the anime with Ash without giving us such a bad ending to one of the most anticipated tournaments in all of anime! Rating- 7.5/10


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