Point Blank Movie Review

Point Blank Movie Review

Point Blank is an original Netflix movie by Everly’s director Joe Lynch and is in the lead role in this thriller starring Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie.

This is joined by Marcia Gay Harden’s Christian cook and Tiana Paris, an emergency room nurse. When his pregnant wife is taken hostage, she becomes involved in a dangerous criminal conspiracy.

Mackey and Grillo have good chemistry on screen and this might have something to do with their previous collaboration in the MCU, the plot is fairly general and does not really make sense in terms of the tone of these films, ranging from drama and suspense Goofy slapstick comedy is enough.

Some of these characters feel like they are in a different movie. The movie was pretty quick in the beginning, but it stopped during the climax and it seems like it would run out of gas in the end.

POINT BLANK 2019 - rapiddrama.com
POINT BLANK 2019 – rapiddrama.com

It’s not exactly what you want to do in this kind of movie picky, but there are some really distracting weird song choices that are used throughout the movie, especially during the last sequence. Overall, Point Blank is an action-thriller in the middle of the road that has some strengths, but in the end, there’s nothing special about it, but it’s worth seeing, and that’s why I’m getting close to THREE!


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