Nine Reasons Why Game Of Thrones Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment

Nine Reasons Why Game Of Thrones Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment

Game of Thrones has come to an end and many people, including myself, are quite angry at the way they unfolded. In this video, I will detail the main reasons why fans remained so disappointed with what was supposed to be an appropriate conclusion of one of the biggest TV series of all time.

No. 1, it was rushed.

In season eight, everything seemed to be happening too fast and it would often feel like three episodes of information would be piled up in one episode. One of the side effects of this situation is that we have not been able to take advantage of the great benefits that have resulted, as we did before. For example, in episode one of season eight, Jon was riding Rhaegal. It’s something that has a huge meaning, but it did not feel like an important event. The reason is that it occurred halfway through an episode in which many other really important things happened.

Jon found Bran and Arya, Theon saved Yara, the Golden Company arrived in Westeros, Ned Umber was killed by the White Walkers, Jaime Lannister presented himself without warning to Winterfell and looked at Bran, and Jon actually learned that he was Aegon Targaryen, heir to the iron throne and nephew of his lover, Dany. Yes, a lot of things happened in this episode.

When you compare that moment with Daenerys driving for the first time with Drogon, it does not matter. It was the climax of season five, episode nine, and was part of a tense, nine-and-a-half-minute scene where Daenerys was ambushed by the Sons of the Harpy in the Meereen fights. Drogon, who had already disappeared, lowered himself to protect Dany before she climbed onto her back and flew away. The first seasons of “Game of Thrones” were rich in dialogues, character builds, and there was not much action on the screen. Season eight, and to a certain extent six and seven, was not alike at all.

Nine Reasons Why 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –
Nine Reasons Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –

No.2, character development.

What seemed to be a direct consequence of the hasty nature of season eight was the discordant development of the character, which left the audience shocked, confused and even betrayed. Many will say that the series went astray from season five. It was from this moment that Benioff and Weiss began to make the biggest deviations from the books of George R.R. Martin, but season eight was by far the most violent. Here’s why. Each character had been painted so vividly so far and in six episodes, some had changed to the point of no longer being recognized, and the best example is agrarian Daenerys. Daenerys Targaryen was built for seven seasons as one of the main heroes of the series. It has been demolished and destroyed in the last three episodes.

Many fans of the series felt betrayed. I just want to say that I do not criticize the art of history. If it was necessary for Dany to become the crazy queen, then that’s fine, but it should not have happened so quickly.

I think I could have accepted his loss if I had suffered at least three episodes of his decline following the death of Missandei. I feel we need to see her not eating, not sleeping and becoming more paranoid and revengeful. Instead, we had some pictures of her looking a bit tired with bags under her eyes and her hair in battle. That was not enough.

When the bells rang around King’s Landing and Dany decided to burn the city anyway, killing thousands of people like that, it did not feel like the Daenerys we had been following for eight seasons was taking. OK, let’s move on to Jon.

Jon has spent the most time on the screen throughout the series and is probably the most interesting character of anyone, the secret son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, the man who is a real ice cream mix and of fire.

What was Jon’s interest in being a Targaryen? The great revelation of this information was a huge part of the story, but it was only used as a tool to partly justify Daenerys’ descent into madness. Finally, on character development, let’s take a look at Jaime Lannister, the regicide.

Season’s most disgusted character has been transformed into eight seasons as we learn more about his past and see him perform noble and selfless acts.

All this culminated when he deserted Cersei to fight at Winterfell to save Westeros from the king of the night and the army of the dead.

After that, he abandons again a lover, Brienne, this time, to save Cersei, but this movement is not quite as disinterested as the previous one and reduces a lot of hard work that was devoted to his construction. Were we supposed to think that this commitment to his brother was noble? It certainly did not seem so.

Nine Reasons Why 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –
Nine Reasons Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –

No.3, anticlimactic moments.

By far, the biggest anticlimactic moment for me in season eight was the death of the king of the night. Yes, the battle was huge and cinematically beautiful, when you cleared it up a bit, but it was not what some “Game of Thrones” fans expected.

Here’s why. The opening scenes of Season 1, Episode 1, showed members of Night’s Watch standing outside the wall and meeting face to face with a White Walker. Throughout the series, the story said that the wars between the kings of Westeros were, in reality, nothing compared to the threat that threatened beyond the wall. When we discovered the King of the night, he immediately became the supreme villain, incredibly powerful and seemingly invincible. So, when this enemy was defeated in the middle of season eight, it seemed a bit anti-climatic, not to mention how it went. First of all, we were not allowed to see any of the skilled swordsmen fighting the Night King nor his henchmen.

I just want it to be clear, I have no problem with Arya as being the person who killed the king of the night, I liked that, but we were teased of this main event that resulted in a battle between Jon and the king of the night.

He did not have to fight it in Hardhome. He did not have time to fight him on the lake, and we just felt like the battle of Winterfell was where it was going to be. Yet what we had was that Jon chased and blocked him by an undead dragon, and the king of the night. do not fight, then be killed without a fight by Arya. It seemed a bit anti-climatic. Another anticlimax for me was the death of Cersei and Jaime.

The story of the brothers and sisters lovers threatened more than once to end with betrayal or murder, but in the end, they were killed by falling rocks as they tried to flee Daenerys and the frenzy of Drogon fire on the red dungeon. A little disappointment. Another anticlimax was that Jon was at Night’s Watch.

I know it’s a circular story and George R.R. Martin likes it, but we did not get the impression it was what his character deserved. Jon had an epic tale with his real legacy revealed as Aegon Targaryen, but all that came to nothing and he found himself at Castle Black spinning with the wildlings. Even though Arya killed the king of the night, I feel that she was underused in this series. Since the Freys were killed, we have never seen her use her faceless training, which could have been more interesting than seeing her riding a white horse at random.

It was quite anti-climatic for me that the Unsullied and the Dothraki had just left. The last episode shows the Unsullied and Dothraki armies ready for more wars at first, but end up leaving them in boats, watching the person who killed their queen go by without doing anything. They say time is a healer, but I’m not sure it works like this.

Nine Reasons Why 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –
Nine Reasons Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –

No.4, plot holes.

With season eight being the last season of “Game of Thrones“, all the details should be linked and the audience should not be left asking questions, right? False. Here are some who hold me back at night. So, what about Bran becoming the king?

Although I like this turn, it was a bit incredible because of the way it happened, especially when all the people who decide seem to have a much more obvious choice. Tyrion loves stories, right? And who had a better story than Bran Stark? And for Jon? Jon went from Stark to Lord Commander and King to the North.

He was killed and resurrected. He was the promised prince who had slaughtered his lover for the good of the kingdom. Now, let’s send this guy to the Night Watch where he can watch what, exactly? Nobody even mentioned him as a possibility when they chose the next leader of Westeros.

The reason: It was part of an agreement to please Unsullied and Yara Greyjoy, who felt that Jon should be punished for killing Daenerys. While this is understandable to a certain extent, it seems hollow because we see the Unsullied a few minutes later boarding a ship for Naath Island, and the Greyjoys were not a house powerful enough to require that kind of respect for the other lords of Westeros. Sansa and Arya both had beautiful stories worthy of becoming queen, but again, none of them were mentioned. So Bran became king, but how can the three-eyed crow become king anyway?

Bran moved away from that strange, unemotional person who was staring at her before saying something that made others uncomfortable for the King of Westeros, and none of the characters even blinked.

The last three-eyed raven lived north of the wall and blended into a tree. Why is Bran so different? It’s just another thing that is not explained. Who is the Prince of Dorne, how did he come to power and why are the Martells so suddenly so unimportant in season eight when they have been at the heart of previous seasons? And finally, why does the Eve of the night still exist? The White Walkers are annihilated, the savages are allies, the wall is destroyed near East Watch and various castles the wall are unmanned. Is it worth it to restore them?

Nine Reasons Why 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –
Nine Reasons Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –

No.5, forgotten characters.

It has become very clear over the last few seasons that some characters were useless to the final result of the series. Where is Jaqen H’ghar? The Faceless Man is one of the characters who formed Arya Stark. At the end of season 6, he let her go back to Westeros and we have not heard from her since.

What about Daario Naharis? The former lover of Daenerys was left at Meereen at the end of season six to monitor the city. We have never heard of him again. His men would surely have been used in the battle against the dead, apparently not. And what about Ellaria Sand? At the end of season seven, There remained to Ellaria Sand the death of her daughter before her in the red dungeon. We never saw or heard about her.

Nine Reasons Why 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –
Nine Reasons Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –

No.6, unrealistic events.

Yes, I will go there. In a show about dragons, magic and the undead, I will tell some unrealistic events. Do not worry, the irony is not lost for me. First, let’s talk about the distance Arya had to jump to kill the Night King.

Yes, it seems like a long way. I know she has skills, but that sounds silly. Why not when Dany did not see Euron’s ships more than one kilometer high? This improbable ambush resulted in Rhaegal’s death and a reduction in Dany’s chances of taking King’s Landing. One of the pluses about a dragon should be that you can see things happen, apparently not.

During this ambush, Drogon and Dany fled Euron ships, but when they took King’s Landing, they destroyed their entire fleet with ease, as well as all the scorpions on the King’s Landing Wall. Why did not they do it before? Do you remember when Bronn aggressively threatened Tyrion and Jaime with a crossbow?

Well, it was forgiven quite easily after the fire of the king’s landing. What about the Viserion undead? Viserion burned the wall, protecting the Seven Kingdoms for years, but he could not burn a mountain of stones to kill Jon Snow.

Nine Reasons Why 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –
Nine Reasons Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –

No.7, the changing of the main villain.

From episode three to episode six, we saw three main villains: the king of the night at the Battle of Winterfell, Cersei in episodes four and five and finally Daenerys in episode six. This quick passage between the antagonists was a little confusing, and the lack of time for all these events did not help her.

Nine Reasons Why 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –
Nine Reasons Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –

No.8, character deaths.

Okay, so I think this show would have been better with the death of more main characters. “Game of Thrones” lost a lot of its unpredictability when it came to an end. The series did it over and over again by killing the main characters, but it seemed pretty obvious that the key characters were going to survive the Battle of Winterfell because it was clear that their scenarios were still to be played out.

I never felt that Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Sansa or Arya were at risk of dying in battle, which would have never happened in previous seasons.

Nine Reasons Why 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –
Nine Reasons Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment –

No.9, continuity mistakes.

Yes, this season has had many. The most memorable was the prominent cup of coffee on the table after the Battle of Winterfell. There are also two modern water bottles before Bran was named king.

Many fans have noticed an inconsistency in the way King’s Landing was represented. All these are apparently the same city, but they are not alike. And finally, eagle-eyed spectators noticed that Daenerys wore different wigs when she arrived at Winterfell in season eight, first episode. Let me know in the comments if you think I missed something or if you totally disagree.


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