New Video from the opening film The Dead Don’t Die of the 72th Cannes Film Festival

New Video from the opening film The Dead Don’t Die of the 72th Cannes Film Festival

The Dead Don’t Die directed by Jim Jarmusch, the opening film of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. The highly anticipated movie. The film is preparing to meet with the audience on June 14, 2019. Jim Jarmusch’s ambitious film takes place in the peaceful town of Centerville. However, this peace is beginning to rise from the graves of the dead and the town itself finds itself fighting with a zombie swarm of the latest invention.

We are here at the Can International Film Festival. The opening film. Jim Jarmusch. The Dead Don’t Die. I think it is awesome. You can not open with a zombie movie I thought that we would get something really interesting and clever from Jarmusch and the ingredients are there.

You have a driver. You have Bill Murray Tilda Swinton. They even have people like Selena Gomez, who always show a fantastic cast and a very self-assured script. This is a love letter to George Romero. You even have a Pontiac Images. The Pontiac Lavar from 1968 reflects Romero. You mention that this is a movie geek movie. There’s everything to love him, but without the comedy. We just felt a bit flat when we knew it was going to get dry and in his comedy, it was super quiet.

We saw that it happened again in many of his other films, but in this film, it just was not the way I wanted it to be.  There is not much suspense with which the movie plays. It’s the least dense Samba movie you’ll ever see, but since he’s playing again, he just feels so repetitive and the jokes fall a bit shallow, unfortunately, we get where he’s going, and if it does it will be okay someday. That was fun, but it’s not quite as deep as we’re used to.

Dead Don't Die 2019 –
Dead Don’t Die 2019 –

I think that’s awesome, this can be a chance. For a movie like this, this is not the kind of black, big intro opening you expect and that takes place on the opening night. It’s always a bit strange to have a person playing accordion during a French comedian’s kind of telling areally and so it was in some ways in the spirit of what that opening is.

It’s usually not a big company. It’s never a big competition movie, but it’s usually a bit more mainstream and more audience-friendly. I think all owners should be convinced of that, but in the end, they just did not do it. I can say that it’s worth watching because we all watch Jarmusch movies But this movie was absolutely a disappointment because I was hoping there were many other things to see here. There are some fantastic movies.


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