New Enemy Mandarin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

New Enemy Mandarin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Marvel Studios manager Kevin Feige hinted that the new enemy could be Mandarin in the question-answer event over the Internet. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man, known for his film “Ten Rings”, was perhaps the most important to have been Tony Stark’s Iron Man. Mandarin, the leader of this group, turned out to be a fraud in Iron Man 3. Later Marvel’s fans were a real Mandarin and the organization understood his governing.

Marvel’s short film All Hail The King, published 5 years ago, had clues suggesting the existence of the real Mandarin. For the last 5 years, there was no voice from Mandarin and Ten Rings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Kevin Feige did not deny the possibility that Mandarin and his group could reappear. Feige’e a question-answer event carried out through Reddit ” Mandarin and Ten Rings to have plans for the future? ” When asked the question asked Feige to answer the question briefly ” Yes ​​”.

Although it doesn’t seem like a very clear development, Feige is quite clearly known about the issues that are not included in the plans. That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised if moviegoers meet Mandarin on the big screen!

How are you, Warren? We have to talk about something very big that happened yesterday night by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. He asked me for a question on Reddit. It was Kevin Feige’s official confirmation of Reddit and last night on Reddit he answered a few questions for about an hour and a half, including the mention that some of his favorite characters he did not name came to the MCU very soon, but perhaps the biggest question he asked I answered yesterday about the Mandarin and the Ten Rings and now I’m not talking about the Mandarin of Iron Man 3. I’m talking about the real Mandarin, so I’ll break down the question, the answer and the meaning for the future of the MCU in this video Do not forget, however.

New Enemy Mandarin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? -
New Enemy Mandarin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? –

I select three winners and anyone can select an article from the Marvel L. So, as I mentioned earlier, Kevin Feige answered many questions on Reddit yesterday, but one of the questions he answered, which made everyone freak out, concerned the 10 rings and the tangerine, but not the fake tangerine for which we got an Iron Man 3 The real Mandarin A Reddit user asked Kevin Feige, without going into more detail on the development of projects. Are there any plans to include the 10 Rings of the First Iron Man or the True Mandarin, the King’s talk, into the future and answer that question? was yes and again the question was very specific, as far as the real Mandarin is concerned, not the wrong one we got in Iron Man 3.

Tony Stark is dead. He will not come back. However, Iron Man does not mean that we will not get a new Iron Man into the MCU was actually already annoyed in the MCU in the Spider-Man, away from home. You will be the next Iron Man now. No, I have no time. I’m too busy doing your jobs that the world needs Marvel seems to have plans for a new Iron Man in the MCU, not to mention that Mandarin is the arch-enemy of Iron Man.

They are super connected in the comics, which is why they put the pewter rings in the first iron man and the wrong mandarn in iron man many people can not imagine a mandarn in the That does not mean that the Mandarn without an Iron Man not in the MCU can come because he can be sure, but the Mandarin is known to be the Iron Man’s nemesis and the way in the MCU has been prepared for a new Iron Man, like Harley Kiner, whom we end up with Avengers Seeing Tony Stark’s funeral in the game and knowing that maybe even a little Morgan launch might someday take over the Iron Man coat, though she probably would. Instead, Mandarin is supposed to be a version of the Iron Heart. Now he’s a villain who fought comics against many different heroes.

It would not be so hard to imagine him in another movie. In fact, there’s been quite a bit of speculation that the Mandarin might appear in Shang-chi and replace the characters of Zhang’s Ooh, but of course this is just a speculation and many people have already stated that they do not envision the Mandarin without Iron Man and since Kevin Feige confirmed this, Marv has plans to reintroduce the ten rings, and the real Mandarin in the MCU means that we’ll get a new Iron Man that many people can not handle and the not ready to start a new Iron Man Enter the MCU mainly because we saw our beloved Tony Stark die in Avengers in-game, but it would still be weird to see the Mandarin without Iron Man, especially because the pewter rings and Mandarin have already been featured in the Iron Man films, but let me know your thoughts on that and the comments below are upset that the Mandarin the real mandarin and the ten rings return to the MCU. Do you think we will get a new Iron Man?


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