Murder Mystery : Netflix

Murder Mystery : Netflix

Today we’re talking about the latest Adam Sandler movie released on Netflix, Murder Mystery . Granted, I was unbelievably unenthusiastic to watch this movie because I do not know what Sam has been doing for the past decade and a half, but I can tell you that he has produced a lot of class A as he has for many classics from my childhood, like your Water Boys happy Gilmore and a few others I’ve chosen, give him the benefit of the doubt, because I know he has that great potential for greatness and you know what I’m kind of happy That I did that because this movie was shockingly good and I was not shocking, as in one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, but shocking, as you know, I was deeply surprised that it was in the basics about Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston leave.

There is a couple that took 15 years to finally carry on their honeymoon to Europe and when they arrive there, they meet a rich Englishman who invites them to a party.

At this party, his uncle is stabbed to death and there are quite a few other characters who happen to be around, so they’re now getting involved in a thriller – a decent amount of the comedy parts in the movie that do not quite work for me, but me have to say that the balance they have chosen in this film by taking the very very bizarre dubious couple and then having it connected to an almost too serious At the point where it’s a ridiculous kind of thriller, they have found a way to play it off against each other until it worked so well, because some thriller movies tend to take themselves a bit too seriously, and Sandler and Aniston tend to a kind of thriller.

Murder Mystery : Movie Review "Netflix" –
Murder Mystery : Movie Review “Netflix” –

I do not know exactly how to endure without this comedic element But as for the third act or crescendo of the movie, I’m curious what the mystery really was, and even if you think you know what’s going on, more levels will be added so you can continue to guess and there are more things to discover, and admittedly there are some serious movie comforts, just a few astronomical ones-mm-things That’s just what the storyline demands, but that’s fine too, because many of the comedy parts did not work 100%, but they did a good job in terms of recalls they did with many one-liners and such you have tried to do a lot of different things.

The only thing they did not try was Adam Sandler, who struggled too hard to sound crazy and ridiculous. We saw him trying to do that. Jack and Jill and I do not remember It was going very well and this time I wrote that Adam Sandler is much more like himself because he’s just a naturally funny guy and does not really have to work hard and I think he has it Well done this time, but definitely guys Overall, this movie was just a pleasant surprise and although it is not perfect, I would say that four out of ten points are scored. I think I give eight points four.

I really hope that Adam Sandler is taking a few more steps in the right direction that he’s been through with this movie because he’s naturally funny y dude and I just hope he just wants him to be himself. I think that’s what I’m aiming for, but definitely guys, these are my thoughts. What are your thoughts? Have you seen the movie? Have you heard about it?


  1. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie! I didn’t think it was going to be good since it was an Adam Sandler movie, but I LOVE murder mysteries so I watched it anyway.
    I do think some of the clues could’ve been brought up better since we forget about them until they reintroduce them in the final act. Other than that (and some cringey scenes), for the most part the movie was great! Loved the story and characters and the beautiful European setting. 7/10.
    Great review!

  2. Not every great murder mystery is available to stream on Netflix, but the streamer does have some solid options for whodunit movies and TV series as of November 2019.


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