Mission Impossible: Fallout Movie Review

Mission Impossible: Fallout Movie Review

There is no other authentic experience like Mission Impossible: Fallout and I would go as far as saying that this is now the best action film ever made. Why? Not only because the action sequences are bloody epic but because they happen organically with the story, everything feels like a natural progression.

I’d say Ghost Protocol introduced the spectacle of authentic stunts, i.e. the hotel scene but it was Rogue Nation that raised the bar but could have been seen as being crowbarred in i.e. what was the reason behind the plane scene other than Tom Cruise riding the outside of a plane? In Fallout, we have authentic stunts at the highest level of spectacle. Where do they go from here? There are about three set pieces in that movie that could have been used as climatic pieces, yet they are all in one movie.

We go from a Halo Jump, Motorcycle chases, running chases, a bathroom brawl, a helicopter chase, a cliff scene. All that is left to top that is Tom Cruise doing a real freefall from space! In Rogue Nation, it felt like they had filled it with action and then towards the end they felt like they hadn’t done enough espionage stuff, so they did a massage spy dump at the end.

Whereas in Fallout, the mix of espionage and action blends together beautifully. Tom Cruise is the definition of dedication. No-one is doing it like him and I think a lot of actors, especially action stars have a lot to learn from him. This man is pretty much putting himself in danger for entertainment. But he is also a wonderful actor, the Tom Cruise fan in me gleamed at the full Jerry Maguire moment.

Mission Impossible Fallout
Mission Impossible Fallout

I have missed that side of Tom Cruise. This instalment is pretty emotional when it comes to the interactions between the characters and as we know these characters from previous instalment I think it gives the audience a bigger investment – we have history with these characters. New to the film is Henry Cavil featuring his arm guns. Something he is never going to escape from – just imagine if in all of his career, he gets to Kirk Douglas age and his most iconic moment is arm guns.

Cavil was great casting – a great actor with a flare for action but he is like a mini-Tom Cruise. Willing to do anything and you can see how much the two thrive of each other and as an audience member, I just eat all that up.

I could also eat up Rebecca Ferguson. How amazing is this woman! Not only is she beautiful, intelligent (you just need to watch her acting in White Queen to easily fall in love with her) but she can also kick ass whilst being pregnant. She shines. I love the fact that her character always makes time to take off her shoes before she kicks into action. #BringBackIlsa. If they were to change the definition of action in the dictionary it would have the words: Mission Impossible: Fallout next to it.


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