Million Dollar Arm

Million Dollar Arm

Support for what has just been seen comes from Fandor, who is dedicated to supporting independent films and filmmakers. Films from around the world are available at van door calm. PTV van door all. A successful sports agent is closing his business. Not to say that you’re signing a contract with these guys, it’s just a matter that he decides to hold an international contest to find the next big pitching feeling. As soon as we get there, we find the boys who bring them back here.

We train them in LA and we have them signed with a professional franchise. Two teenage winners emerge and have to learn to adapt to US life in a Million Dollar Arm. I’m here with Liz and sean and we’re here to recommend Million Dollar Arm with Jon Hamm it’s based on a true story and we all saw it, Liz, what do you think? It reminded me a bit of Jerry Maguire, without the real acuity Jerry Maguire had. I just thought it was a good movie. They were good performances. The story was interesting at the end of the film.

It was inspiring, but I thought it took a long time to get there, it’s a Disney sports movie, and I think if you want to watch a Disney sports movie or not, you know we’re in front of you and you get everything you want the end is a mile away, but I still enjoyed it, although I’ve seen that it’s a problem with the movie. So this is Jon Hamm’s first big feature film that he’s been wearing this movie he’s never done before we saw him in Bridesmaids we saw him in town we saw him live hysterically on Saturday night but if he can carry a crazy movie that’s ending and there’s a potential future movie career, he’s a leading man I did not think.

Million Dollar Arm -
Million Dollar Arm –

It was necessarily the best way for him to move outside of Madman. I mean, Madman is that juicy role, and I hear he was fine. He is the one who produces the most arcs of television and this one that I do not think will catapult him to that, yes. I do not know if this was the best vehicle for him, but I think it’s certainly a good vehicle. I’m not sure if he’s a movie star, but that’s definitely a first step in the right direction, depending on how he decides to move on. yes, my problems with the film were not its actual performance of one of the leads.

I think it’s the treatment of India and these Indian characters that it gets a bit ridiculous when you go to India and that you’re k Now the land turns into Jon Hamm and it’s almost like the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel where It looks like we’re in this fantasy land and my heart is warming up, and then the treatment of the Indian characters who do not know how to operate an elevator but to operate a car stereo, there are only those disagreements in dealing with culture in the movie that you know was interfering with my enjoyment. But the equipment we have sent over the impact cages is all he has here.

I am happy to confirm that they are all here in India, but you have not Here, no, there are the customs. I think we should work on it. I think the whole movie is an American production. Yes, I mean, we have some interruptions who are really the main characters of the movie, or at least they should be great, they are there in the story, and yet we have to see them through the eyes of American agent Jon Hamm see. JB Bernstein is, even so, crowded that we have actors who could recognize the American audience, that we have our summer. From life, we ​​met them. Mattel from the Slumdog millionaire.

They are amazing. I think they are great actors, but to some extent, it’s okay that you’ve found the two Indian actors who’ve been in movies for the last five years, but as an actor I think they loved it Not to be deterred by the lack of development of the screenplay from stopping in every scene. Rinku always looks Dinesh and Dinesh never look back on Rinko. It’s like that tiny little moment, but every time they pop up you can see it’s al. It’s a bit unsure if anyone is in their own world and that tells me all about the characters. More than 18 dialog lines.

We may have to make this movie a bit crazy Gillespie, and I’m intrigued by his career choices because I do not seem to find a consistent line between his previous work and this movie he did in Lars in the real girl I do Love, cool India Ryan Gosling, then he has Mr. Woodcock with billy bob Thornton and Sean William Scott and then he scared the night off with colin Farrell hey night yeah i forgot that you’re Friday night so now he’s doing this all American Disney feel-good movie, so I’m giving this one now C and me did not want it at all and it was a nightmare, man.

Let’s see that there is no correlation, not that I can not find a correlation and I always like to find a correlation between the current work of the director and his previous work and I can not find it here, so maybe you can help, there are steaks in both movies and frankly they use someone and then here they are their steaks for them who become ballplayers. Okay, okay, I think he did a great job.

I thought he did a great job of capturing India. It was wonderful. It feels good and you are inspired. They are learning a lesson and there are two cultures just getting along. But all these things could be problems as well. I do not think they are going to be problems because I think that’s what that movie is, you’re going to see a Disney sports movie, those are the things you want to see, if it gets different, you’ll be disappointed by it Although it’s a bit too predictable, it’s a feel-good movie that’s really inspiring.

It’s always a good reason to go to the movies, so I say it’s a decent movie and it will convince you in the end, though it feels a bit too over without developing its own charm, so I’ll say, streaming it Million Dollar Arm is a long way from a home run, but his goodwill makes this a solid rule.



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