Midsommar – Best Horror Movie of 2019

Midsommar – Best Horror Movie of 2019

I had to watch the premiere of this new movie titled Midsommar, and I just had it for you before I finish the other video you’ve probably heard about Midsommar, but if you do not have it, it’s the new movie by a guy named Ari Astor, whom you might know from last year.

I wonder, what a horror movie it is that is in line with other things that basically puts out like the witch, if you had to put it under a genre, it would be the full core. The main character in Midsommar is a girl named Annie, who has a relationship with a guy named Christian, and it’s clear from the beginning that they have to split up the way they need to split up seriously.

It’s also clear that Christian is definitely aware of this, but just when he comes to his breaking point where his friends have convinced him that Danny is the right one to do something really bad, Danny passes and he decides to endure it just to be there for them. The real problem is that Christian has planned a trip with his friends Mark Josh and Christian. Pelé goes to the Swedish countryside, where Pelé grew up about a month and a half this summer.

The reason for this is that the village celebrates a summer solstice and a festival that takes place only every 90 years. It is called Midsommar. I do not know if I have to say that, but this movie had a lot to offer. It’s a similar situation to Jordan’s, which came out earlier this year because he and Ari Esther both had to turn the turnpike to their first movie, and then they both undertook the monumental task of pursuing it for some reason in a meaningful way, though he was 94 percent at Rotten Tomatoes at the time of this recording Summer is already described as a split, which I do not really understand.

Midsommar 2 – RapidDrama.com
Midsommar 2 – RapidDrama.com

I think it’s related to the fact that it’s a daytime horror movie, as nothing in this movie that really happens at night bothers much harder than Jordan, if you’re wondering what kind of structure this movie actually has, is it very similar in hereditary sense to falling on you for two hours and forty minutes and then throwing in just a few handy details and disturbing pictures here and there to keep you informed, and there’s one phenomenal actress in the main role in “Hereditary”.

We had the grieving mother Toni Collette and this time we have the much younger Florence bank, but she only wears her just as much grief, though not a bit more on her shoulders throughout the movie, but for me personally, Pew is more reliable this time Not only because she is closer to my age, but she too.

I am also clinging to a dying relationship in a really difficult time of her life, and what I particularly noticed when comparing her accomplishments is like What you really need to know is that she’s phenomenal, which Astor essentially does. Based on the same recipe he used to hereditary, this film adds a few new ingredients to make the taste a little better.

First, of course, is the relativity of Danny, who was on the verge of utter and mental collapse combined with the isolation that results from traveling in a foreign land in the middle of nowhere people you can rely on, dropping the ball all the time and then disappearing the people you can count on just to the left and right. Actually, it is scary that there are very few people in the world who can deal with this kind of pressure and the helplessness that crawls everything under the skin, it is really worrying that this is the best word that I can imagine for this film pictorial material and hereditary disturbed this time, and what you will see on the screen will make you nervous.

I mean, not only do you have a close-up that’s handy and shown in broad daylight, it looks absolutely incredible, but then you have to commit a uniform injury to this Texas Chainsaw Massacre and then it increases the quotient on the number of naked old people this one Times many times over. Admittedly, it felt like a lot of process for me, admittedly, but asking her if she does a great job in getting a lot of anchor points for Josh is particularly important because he does his Ph.D. on this summer trip and especially on this trip village in the middle of nowhere.

When things get a bit confusing, Ari asks her if he asks the right questions, so you can get the important information from the villagers and then remember who it is y’all by want Poulter and he’s basically the douchey American tourist. If you’re one of my viewers who hates the jokes in Halloween 2018, you might get a little kicked here, but he’s basically there to provide the humor when things get a little too dark for you to feel sensory overload and I think it works really well, folks, I dig really deep here. My only hit against Midsommar is that the storyline is a bit predicted as if you somehow knew what’s going on from the beginning.

Once you get to Sweden, you know what’s going to happen in the story, but the story is Well, you will not do it if you play your favorite game a second time, like Resident Evil 4 or The Witcher 3 It’s really important that you’re there to experience it, even though you know what’s going to happen and under This amazing movie from start to finish is a formidable score stemming from the hacks and the cloak. I think his name is Bobby Kerlick. I do not know exactly, Now I have to say his last name, so I call him the Witches Club. It’s full of brave, strange, sharp breaths and loud screams and honestly, this guy has to do more movies like this.

I’d like to see him shoot something like a Blum House movie in the future because I know we like to see Bear McCreary, but he’s like every horror movie this year we’ll have to pause this guy, so he turns more horror movies. Well, people I definitely can not recommend Since it’s enough in Midsommar that it’s coming to the cinemas next week, and you should check it out in the cinemas. I know what kinds of movies people generally like to wait for a DVD or see on a red box or something, but this is a movie you should see on the big screen, it’s really well received. The environments are great. They are definitely worth seeing.

Just a big, bright picture right in front of your eyes. I think this experience will make it a bit scary for you, I’ve seen hereditary theaters last year and that was something that I warmly recommended to many people and everyone I told them to do was come back to me and said that they liked it. So if you’re thinking about seeing Midsommar, do not wait for it to be on DVD and watch it in the cinema, if you want to sell a little more then you have great performances, a great score, practical effects, a level of fear which is comparable to that of the original Halloween, and for that alone, I just loved it. I think it’s my favorite 2019 movie yet, but I’ll definitely have to see it again if you try it next week.


  1. I’m going to go see this because it looks really good but I’m a little disappointed because I kind of thought this was going to be like a Jordan Peele film and then I was like well now we’ll see is probably different in a way cool but from this review it sounds like it is 100% going to be a Jordan Peele type movie but I’m still down for that


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