Mandy Movie Review

Mandy Movie Review

Mandy actually the name of my childhood dog, but this guy needs a movie with Nicolas Cage. One can describe this very long Psychedelic Acid trip into the eighties and his wife or girlfriend, no matter how they live in the middle of nowhere in the forest, which is always a bad recipe in a movie.

Something bad will happen to you, if this is your living conditions, then a scary evil cult will take possession of them and then kill them and then Nicolas Cage is back for revenge, very long LSD excursion, in short, and this movie benefits from the 1980s nostalgia movie that hits the world Go back to a time when it was not funny enough that people always sucked. You will not find a decade or any time in which you have not said that I always have 80’s nostalgia, Films are actually quite complex.

It’s fun to think about after the movie ends If you go down the rabbit hole and you’re like oh yes, apparently, but really, that’s Nicolas Cage in the bag. Here he seems because the movie is absurd. Nicolas Cage is absurd. It just totally worked. His absurdity only reinforces the absurd film and symbiotic This absurd film only reinforces Nicolas Cage, which really works if this film was made for others.

I would be totally surprised and this movie is a bloodbath that absolutely meets your expectations and Jack had a lot of people to see Mandy, you have to see that, so I finally saw Mandy and I was fine. So it’s not exactly what it’s a journey for most of the movie, but the revenge garbage you could come for does not. ‘I will not come into play until the second half of the movie when there are some people out there who like the artistic fart that slows the creep and the moments when somebody is looking at someone else in the music and this tear comes out and I’m damned so I do not watch a lot of indies because I just screw my eyes. I just do it. I can not help it.

Mandy 2 –
Mandy 2 –

I am like a stop. It just seems like I’ll treat to the directors like oh yeah like all over my face I really like it but it has it slaughter it has it sick ass twisted baddies also not just the cult leader because he’s a madman it’s funny What’s the damn Thomas Wayne of Batman Begins like? Those evil biker demons threw that thing in here, where I was pretty sure this movie did not really tell them a story about people. I mean, Nicolas Cage human, but they’re not human, so I’ll go ahead and say that they’re demons, or at least because Demon is someone who does not really have a budget to tell the story, which is basically Mad Max is when he album cover of an 80s death metal band.

It’s always fun to see her biting madder Nicolas Cage back in the second half of the second half of the movement I just want people coming back in my comment section I said it was like Mad Max’s rage, it was superstar all the time it’s like the first Mad Max Original Mad Max was a unique experience in the first half of this movie. I was like what the hell is going on. In the second half, I fell for it. It was fine. I understand that I fell for it. Just have a good time, people. In the end, I liked this movie. I want to say what many people have not told me The movie is not for everyone, sometimes the tempo does not always increase, sometimes it seems they live forever.

I love nuance. I love the sound. I love the fact that Nic Cage goes down the precipice of madness in the course of the film. Neon colors become clearer at the end of the film you are in. And neon lights. In this movie I have committed a great transgression that I did not know she’s going to be a transgression, and that was that I watch this movie soberly, which I’m talking about grass, you gotta be damned high I have a rule, when I watch a movie, because they only affect my judgment, unless I reviewed a movie in which you hated the review and in which case you disagree Yes, sure, go ahead and release some movies than me she looked at me.


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