Lolita 1962

Lolita 1962

Lolita was published in 1962 under the direction of Stanley Kubrick and written and adapted according to his own book by Vladimir Nabokov. A middle-aged man played here by James Mason, falls in love with a fourteen-year-old girl, and that infatuation finally breaks down, that’s what this film really is about, it’s about desire, and more importantly, that destructive side craving is not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s good to have certain desires that force you to do things that can change the world, but what’s that? At the heart of the film is the destructive form of desire, when you’re good at striving for something so completely that it takes on every aspect of your life and destroys you from inside Mason. That’s really good, as Professor Humbert Humbert’s name cracked. Yes, he’s really good in that role, though he’s a very unlikely character.

I think it’s quite a skill to take a character like this, who honestly knows better and should somehow do better. You almost root for it. I would not say that I go all the way and root for you, but sometimes you find yourself somehow hoping that he’ll come here I’ll get there I’ll get through that and you’ll be nice if he gets caught or whatever, but no way I’ve ever felt sorry for this guy on any moral level.

LOLITA 1962 Movie Review –
LOLITA 1962 Movie Review –

I mean, he’s doing some pretty horrible things in this movie just because he’s getting Lalita’s mother to get closer to Lolita, so yeah, right there is the awful awful behavior that Shelley Winters plays, Mother said and I have to say that she finds it a bit annoying. I think there are times when she brings me sympathy for her and I think that depends on the performance of winter, but only the character and the way she is written sometimes gets a bit affectionate, a little annoying, Sue Lion, because Lolita is fantastic in this movie, too. Really good.

I think I do not know if I did it. I’ve seen her in something else since then, but yes, really. In the next round, she’s doing a really great balancing act by introducing someone to believe that he is is in love with someone, but also shows that she is really immature. Often, this film is shown to be just a teenager and not fully grown woman, she is not mature and so it is in these times when I find it hard to understand why Mason’s character is such a thing she loves about her but that’s the whole point in that desire makes you blind to the truth you end it with tunnel vision and you can not see the mistakes in what you want because you just want it so much.

It is a moment towards the end of this film, a defining moment when Humbert realizes how little Elise is. Actually, he takes care of him and he collapses, he starts to sob and he realizes that I think his own Wishes have brought him to a place he can not really return from and I think he feels ashamed at that moment. There are a lot of other negative emotions, like a mirror, so to speak, and he realizes how wretched and weak Peter Sellers is, who also plays multiple roles in this kind of movie, but by the same character he is a bit of a cheater, so he plays the same character.

This is a guy who realizes what is going on with Lolita and Humbert, and he begins to manipulate the situation because he himself is attracted to Lolita, whom he would like to have as well, so he is so twisted the knife with that you start manipulating Humbert and yes, he does it pretending that he’s a lot of different people, so you know that everyone who seems to be Dr. Strangelove will find that this is something Peter Sellers can do very well. I’ll say that I could confuse him a bit in this movie, whereas he talks to Dr. Strangely, he was an absolute eye-catcher. You know that the three personalities he has played are really gray.

I find it irritating that I wanted to beat that guy several times, and I think you know I know he plays a despicable character. He is not someone we should laugh with. He is certainly someone who is just as despicable as our main character.



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