Kimi No Nawa – Your Name Movie Review

Kimi No Nawa – Your Name, The movie opens with a comet beautifully slicing through the amazingly animated clouds which instantly peaks your interest into this movie. And that is exactly the reason that this opening scene is absolutely brilliant. The use of dialogue in the opening after the comet scene is also very clever and that instantly makes you want to know what is going on, which is just what an opening should do. Okay so at first while the body swapping thing may seem confusing due to all the scenes with the body swamps being weirdly jumbled up and all, you understand what was going on by the end of the movie which means that this movie makes you confused for only the amount of time you need to be confused to be actually interested in the movie, which is a brilliant strategy.

They also cleverly show us the lifestyles of Mitsuha and Taki and how different they are while the body swapping is taking place which is again, a brilliant move since doing this doesn’t even waste a single minute of the audience. And while they were showing the main two characters lifestyles, you don’t really feel bored, which is weird, since often times I would be pretty bored by things like this. Anyways, the first act of this movie ends with Taki and Mitsuha both realizing that their souls had indeed been body swapping with each other’s bodies. And then it follows up with an excellently animated montage of what’s going on in their lifestyles.

This is probably the best end of a first act I have seen up until now. I love how they can even make the ending of the first act so satisfying. And writing stuff that happened on their mobiles was an excellent way to show the audience what happened in one of their “dreams” without having to show those dreams and unnecessarily waste the audience’s time. This is another one of the reasons I love this movie so much. This movie respects and values the time of the audience and that’s amazing! Also, we get a few funny scenes during this body swap and I was not expecting that so… that’s nice! Okay so I am praising this movie’s animation a lot so let’s talk about it’s most beautifully animated scene.

The Musubi Scene. In this scene Taki, who is currently in Mitsuha’s body, travels with Grandma and Yotsuha to a shrine and the scene where the Grandma explains what Musubi is, is just animated magnificently. And even the dialogue was so nice in this scene. The Grandma’s voice actor did a great job with this Musubi Explanation scene. Okay so now let’s talk about the part where the movie gets REALLY good. We see that Mitsuha and the other people in the Itomori Town are attending some sort of a festival but that is exactly when they see a comet splitting into two halves.

Kimi No Nawa - Your Name Movie Review
Kimi No Nawa – Your Name Movie Review

Mitsuha realizes that doom is looming upon them as she widens her eyes in shock or fear and then the scene just transitions back into Taki’s life. This was a great cliffhanger and this made me even more interested in the movie and I was just as excited as Taki to finally find Mitsuha who had been this mysterious body swapping person to him. However, all that excitement of mine turned into absolute sadness once I saw what that stupid STUPID comet had done to Itomori. It had… just completely destroyed it… This may not make me cry now because I have watched this movie like a hundred times but… When I first saw it, this scene just absolutely caught me so off guard and hit me so hard that it absolutely destroyed me.

I was expecting anything but this! After this scene, this movie slows down a little but then it turns good once again when Taki goes to the shrine that the Grandma had introduced to him and travels back in time with the help of the almighty Musubi. Taki successfully swaps back into Mitsuha’s body and is overjoyed at his success. He then warns everyone else about the danger that is impending upon them and forms sort of a team to evacuate everyone from the place. But before doing that he goes back to where he came from and tries to search for Mitsuha, who is currently in his body.

They finally find each other and return to their own bodies while the “Kataware Doki” or “Twilight” is going on and are extremely happy to see each other again. They chat for a while and Taki gives back Mitsuha the red string that she had given to him three years ago in a train which was really nice.

I also like how they technically first met in a train and how they got reunited at the end of the movie because of the glass on the train doors. Gives a kind of full circle feeling to it. Anyways, I actually thought that they would evacuate everyone together or something because I was dumb enough to think that the Kataware Doki would last forever or maybe they would still be able to see and remember each other after it’s over but nope, they became non-existent for each other once again. The scene where they evacuate everyone just feels so adventurous and such an intense scene like this in a Romance movie is a welcome addition.

Kimi No Nawa - Your Name
Kimi No Nawa – Your Name

The adventurous and mystery part of it is really makes this movie different from other generic romance movies. However, while they are able to evacuate a few people the comet still strikes and it still wipes out the town. Seriously, if this comet was a person, it would be the villain I would hate the most. This comet just makes me so angry. After all of that happens they do a timeskip and show us how Taki’s life currently is and it brings us back to the first scene of the movie which again, has a nice full circle feeling to it! The moment where Mitsuha and Taki see each other on the train after they were unable to recognize each other at the bridge thanks to them not turning their stupid lazy head gave me goosebumps. The Ending where they finally reunite with each other is just so satisfying.

The entire movie had built up to this and it sure did deliver upon it. This is the best and most satisfying ending in any movie for me. Even the music used in the ending is top notch and is the type of music I would listen to twenty times a day. And I did actually, for a couple of weeks. So yeah, everything about this ending was absolutely perfect and “perfect” is a word I often don’t use to describe scenes or movies, even if they are excellent. So yeah, I really liked this ending. Kimi No Nawa – Your Name Rating- 10/10


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