Jurassic World: Battle At Big Rock Movie Review

Jurassic World: Battle at Big Rock which shows us the consequences of that stupid clone girl’s decisions in the second Jurassic World movie. Anyways, let’s begin the review! Okay so this short film begins off with a happy family spending their time camping in the forest and they are just having their dinner and all when the little girl in that family reveals that she has been playing with crossbows so her dad, knowing who the corssbow’s owner was, tries to yell at him for letting her use his crossbow.

That is when he does not reply and that is when everyone starts to get a little uncomfortable and right then a Triceratops and it’s baby pop out of nowhere. I really liked how the little girl had her dinosaur knowledge I like people who have dinosaur knowledge and surprisingly, they don’t overdo it. She isn’t that type of character who can solve literally every problem with her intelligence because those types of characters are super annoying. Anyways, the Triceratops play around a little bit, I guess, but then the T-Rex arrives and I am actually not really happy with this decision? Why? Because it cheapens the presence of the T-Rex on the screen.

They didn’t overdo that intelligent character trope but they sure are overdoing showing the T-Rex and sure, the T-Rex is definitely awesome but when you show it too much, you get used to it.

That was literally the plot of Jurassic World! Are they not learning from their own movies? Anyways, the T-rex kills the baby Triceratops and it’s mom because that’s how nature works and then it seems like the humans are safe but right as you think that, the annoying baby starts screaming. And I know, it isn’t the baby’s fault for screaming after seeing a terrifyingly awesome Dinosaur but come on, this baby was super annoying! And the T-Rex of course flips the entire thing that they were in because of that and they faint because of that.

Jurassic World Battle At Big Rock Movie Review
Jurassic World Battle At Big Rock Movie Review

But when they awaken, they see that the annoying baby is about to be eaten by the T-Rex which is stupid because the T-rex had all this time to eat it but it decided to eat it right when the family regained their consciousness. Anyways, of course, it didn’t eat the baby since the Jurassic franchise isn’t R-rated, nor is it an immoral franchise, and so the baby survives and at the end, the girl uses the crossbow which she had played with to defeat the T-rex, proving that to survive in the world filled with dinosaurs, everyone must learn how to use weapons, I guess.

I don’t know what the message exactly is but this sure was a cool short film. Rating- 7.5/10 Best Moment- Crossbow Scene Okay so yeah guys, that was it for the video and I would actually give this short film 8/10


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