Jacob’s Ladder 1990 Horror Movie

Jacob’s Ladder 1990 Horror Movie

Jacob’s Ladder follows a Vietnam war veteran mourning for his dead child And at the same time. That happened to him and his unit in Vietnam, So I’m giving a spoiler alert and normally I would not give any warning for such an old movie, but it does have a super-surprising ending definitely should not have spoilers for you before you watch this movie for the first time.

So if you want to see him, stop this review, because I’m going to talk about the end and not even want to look for summaries for the movie I’ve seen, such as an IMDB mailbox, which is actually a kind of corruption are. If you want to look at them, but please do not look at what I thought about the movie. What kind of movie was it a rollercoaster ride? I know that’s a great cliche, but it really was like I was immediately involved in Jacob’s Ladder story and desperately trying to figure out what the hell is going on in the movie.

Jacobs Ladder 1 – RapidDrama.com
Jacobs Ladder 1 – RapidDrama.com

You barely have time to breathe the way you go from a nightmare scenario to a nightmare scenario and it’s like Jacob’s Ladder, like jumping back and forth and you do not have time to breathe and you’re trying to figure out what’s going on, As you are literally stuck in Jacob suit shoes, I saw some reviews after watching the movie, in which we complained that Jacob is not really a sympathetic character, and although I respect everyone’s different opinions I somehow disagree, as if I was hurting one with Jacobs, as if I would definitely empathize with him, which is a huge thing for a movie, since I am neither a parent nor a parent who has lost a child and I am not a veteran, so there is really something other than the fact that we are both human, there is no reason why I should really refer to his situation, but I was able to empathize with him so easily even though I no longer go to church.

I think the movie takes the interpretation in the most literal version, the latter being used as a vehicle for your soul’s ascent to heaven and that’s a bit of the biggest thing about the movie. So, if you understand what the title means, you understand the movie as if you did not understand how we got there and with whom I gave away the whole end, so I have to say as if I was all deep in the story like eyeballs glued to the screen.

I wanted to see it again as soon as it was over and I also saw some reviews after watching the movie that they did not like such a definite end and they wished it was more open, but I think damn, I love it How serious it ended. I was like a perfect shock when I knew he was dead. I thought he must have been dead all the time. I just did not realize that it was like you knew. Overall, I was so glad that I finally found this movie exciting and that I did not know the end before watching the movie and I like once it’s over, I already know it’s one of those movies, of which I wish I could not romp around in my head and watch it again and again for the first time.

I’ll give him a 5 out of 5 I loved it on IMDB it has a 7.5 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes it has a 71 percent review of 62 reviews and an 84 percent audience rating of 52 thousand nine hundred and fifty-six ratings online box it has a three point seven and there are usually three fours and a few five of you and maybe 2.5, so it’s really very varied, so take it the way you will hopefully do it you’ve made it to the end of the video because it’s you I’ve already seen it and I’ll be so mad at you when you look at it and you have not seen it again unless you let me know at the bottom of the comment section If you have what you thought about it, please give me a spoiler warning if you want to talk about the end, because I am firmly convinced that you should first look at it, did not know I hope you have enjoyed this review when you did it.



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