IT: Chapter Two Movie Review

IT: Chapter Two Movie Review

IT: Chapter Two which is the sequel to the highest grossing horror movie of all time, IT, which had released in 2017 and taken the horror community by storm. Anyways, let’s begin the review! Okay so first let’s talk about Pennywise and I was really very surprised by how less he appeared throughout the almost 3 hour long film. And there were only like one or three good moments he had in the film because most of Pennywise’s appearances were just stupid jumpscares. And I have no problem with jumpscares….

IF they are creative! I wish this movie built up the anticipating for a jumpscare like the Conjuring movies instead of just having an incredibly loud noise while Pennywise appears or opens his mouth or something. However, I will have to say that the soundtrack of this movie was pretty creepy for most of the time.

My favorite Pennywise scenes probably was that scene in the trailer where he said “Hello” to that little girl because that was one of the few moments where he wasn’t used as a stupid uncreative jumpscare! I really loved the acting of Pennywise during that scene and overall, it was just one of my favorite scenes of this movie! Okay so now let’s talk about the Loser’s Club.

I actually thought that the original cast in the 2017 movie gave better performances than the cast of this movie and I guess they were also more interesting as characters too! My favorite performance of this film is of course Bill Skarsgard’s performance but my second favorite probably was Jessica Chastain’s performance because she was pretty awesome, especially near the end of the movie and in the scene with that creepy old lady.

IT: Chapter Two
IT: Chapter Two

Creepy Old Lady- Okay so now let’s talk about that scene which had that creepy old lady and it’s so sad that they showed all the good parts in the trailer. Yeah, all that was left in that scene was another stupid jumpscare, of course, as the trailer had teased but the jumpscare wasn’t even all that great since the 1990 IT Mini series made the monster in that scene look better so, yeah… That scene disappointed me the most, especially because of how much space it took up in the trailer which implied that the creators of the movie were telling that this would be one of the scariest scenes in the movie but at the end, it really wasn’t.

Overall, I would recommend this movie IF you are a fan of the first movie but this will be pretty disappointing, especially for the fans of the first movie. And now we are entering the half spoiler territory and I said “half” because it will only be a spoiler for you IF you are a fan of surprise cameos and references. So yeah, I am about to talk about the surprise cameos and references of this movie. Okay I really liked that “Here’s Johhny” line in the movie and that caught me off guard and that was a nice reference.

However, I liked the reference of The Thing more where there was a visual where some spider legs were coming out of a head which was of course taken straight from The Thing. And the Stephen King cameo was awesome and that caught me the most off guard and I really loved it! Anyways, now we are entering the full spoiler territory! Okay so I don’t have much spoiler-y stuff to talk about so I am going to straight jump into the Final Scene which was absolutely AWESOME! People might say that Pennywise turned into a CGI monstrosity or something at the end but I loved Spider Pennywise and this version of the Spider was way better than the cheesy 1990 version.

The same goes for the ending, honestly. It was pretty good and of course better than that cheesy 1990 IT ending but I really missed that iconic melted face pennywise because I really was expecting them to have that in this movie since they didn’t have it in the first one but sadly, they didn’t have it in this one too! And also the way pennywise died was good, I guess, but I really don’t like how Pennywise looked like a baby near the end.

I know that IS the point but it’s still not cool reducing one of the most terrifying horror icons into a stupid baby or something. Also, they defeated Pennywise almost the same exact way they defeated him in the first movie- by removing the fear of IT out of their hearts – so that was pretty cheap since I was expecting them to come up with a new way to defeat him. IT: Chapter Two



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