I Trapped the Devil

I Trapped the Devil

I Trapped the Devil captive and directed by Joshua Lobo. It was broadcast by the IFC at midnight last weekend when Avengers End Game came out. This is unfortunate for a little indie horror movie and this movie tells the story of a man named Steve by Scott Poythress, who locked himself up in his house during the holidays and when his brother unexpectedly arrives at his house, he starts Steve after his paranoia ask, because he behaves very strangely, he holds a revolver in his hand, he seems to have a secret about something in his cellar and finally he admits that he believes he caught I Trapped the Devil himself down there, and most of it The film plays in this house and Lobo tries his best to use all the spaces in the area to increase so much paranoia and reading.

Since he can now work on a very limited budget, I have to be in advance, before I get into that Review continues. I know some members of this production personally and this will not affect this review Overall, I told them that I’m completely honest and that most artists do not want you to paint things just because you know them.

They do not want you to pretend that something they have done is perfect than it was not. Do not they want you to be honest? I saw the movie twice, and when I saw it for the first time, I appreciated most that it depended heavily on Dredd. They did not have much available when it came to budgeting This is a very small indie horror movie and they are doing their best to build as much tension as possible. This is a very actor friendly movie.

This is an opportunity for actors to really shine, since the movie has been acting like a play ever since it almost only happens in a house, and it is these three characters that move from room to room, leading paranoid conversations about the other person and whether he is crazy or not, the devil is really trapped down in this basement by a cross or does he have some abducted poor man off the street this gives the actors a real shot here, and Scott Poythress as lead actor Steve takes advantage of this opportunity, he said is by far the best aspect of this film, and I think it’s a true finding that he did things before his IMDB listed him as supporting characters on various TV shows and films, but this film is at the heart of Scott Poythress and I thought he was notable in the movie, and Poythress is really good at delivering exposure and feeling realistic because he has a few Just to explain things has just a few things to keep us up to date, and he does it with such ease that he has that nervous excitement that has just sold his character setting.

I Trapped the Devil 2 – RapidDrama.com
I Trapped the Devil 2 – RapidDrama.com

He’s just my favorite part of the movie. The score of Ben Lovett is pretty frightening What makes Josh Lobo very good with this film is to keep him as restrained as possible, and I know the stress he was under when he did it. I’m aware of his budget constraints We had and did, and I also know that he had nine days to shoot this movie, which is crazy.

Everyone will tell you that nine days to shoot a feature film are just terrible to give you a perspective that I shot in my short film auditorium 6. It took about half an hour in about five and a half days, and even then we had the feeling that we had just enough time to give you an idea of ​​the kind of stress they were under When they made this movie, which unfortunately influenced the tempo and some of the scenes, because some aspects feel very rushed, there are scenes that all take place in a recording where sometimes that can be really great and you realize that that’s what the director wanted here, sometimes it feels like it’s done. It’s necessary that we all have to do it all in one shot and you guys, please nail your lines and we’ll do that and go on so that yourself The movie sometimes feels rushed because you know when it’s time to go out.

There are also performances that are not always as good as Lobo might have wished for, because you can only take so many takes and you have to go on with it There is not really much scope here for a movie like that This could really have benefited from a 15 to 16 day shoot to extend that and give them more freedom, because you can say that it was made very fast, which does not always work for the movie, but what the viewers are up to The most important thing is that this is a very slow-burning movie, and the phrase I’ve mentioned in the past can be an insult to boring, and there are scenes in the movie that just do not work so well as you wanted to realize, sometimes the payoff for things that were set up at the same time was just not right.

It seems like they’ve been trying to make a movie with as little exposure as possible, which is Noble, but sometimes you do that too. When you need it, it’s always a balance. It’s how much you put into your film and how much you do to trust your audience, and Lobo trusts the audience completely, which can be difficult because a lot of people go into horror movies that expect to be shocked to expect excited his and this film is not interested in the fact that this film just wants to be exciting but raises a riddle of which I do not see enough. I do not see enough of this kind of filmmaking when you have a story that sounds cool, but there’s not much else to do except that characters sit in the house and talk about it over Christmas.

It puts you automatically in this niche subgenre of horror, where there is a rare, but at the same time also interesting Christmas theme Let’s get started Let’s see what else can happen and the audience can sometimes be disappointed if not much happens. You may call this psychological horror, but for me it’s more of a contemplative horror, presenting people with a scenario and then figuring out what they’re going to do and watching them find out. Hopefully, they will do it in a way that is entertaining to an audience, even though it is said that this movie is not intended to entertain an audience that I really do not do it’s that this movie tries and sometimes too hard is to be drastically different from anything else in the market.

There are many risks involved, it does not pay much and many questions are purposely left unanswered and that gets angry. I think this could be one of those horror movies that critics definitely value more than an average audience. Whether you like this movie or not depends on what you’re watching a horror movie. In many ways, this movie is not a horror movie, but rather a dark drama. The original title listed on IMDB is a man in the dark, but he was later changed to catch the devil.

No doubt, for marketing purposes, the original title is a lot better, this title speaks the movie that is actually played much better in front of your eyes than I do with the devil, because that prepares you for that terrible visceral experience of intensity and that is not the movie that Lobo made The drama of Scott Poythress was strengthened by an incredible performance. Josephine Donaghy was also very short in the movie. So do not go into the movie if you just expect to see her if you’re a fan of her, because she’s brilliant too, but in the short time she’s in the movie, she’s excellent she is usually now. Some people have drawn comparisons to the Twilight Zone episode “The Howling Man,” and you should feel very much alike as if this idea were to take on the themes of this episode, and really.

While this episode was only about 25 to 30 minutes long, this is one Feature film, and sometimes for me, it’s the performances that have saved the film from the cinematography and Lobo’s sense of fear that he knows how to create. A series of scenes that make one uncomfortable, and that’s the kind of horror that sometimes scares off the public when you watch a movie, and it just sounds funny when you look at it. It’s not like a fun comedy Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you just feel uncomfortable with the movie and it’s really cool.

I feel fine right now, but this movie is deliberately uncomfortable, and for some, it will not work. I like a filmmaker who makes a horror movie that is absolutely unlike the general horror movie you see, and this movie has no interest in being like the other things on the market, and that has me I like it I give I Trapped the Devil ab- minus, it’s just on VOD and in selected theaters I suggest trying it, especially Filmmakers who try to make things out of the norm that are intentionally subversive are the types of filmmakers that I really want to support, because they are usually buried by the big movies, like Avengers Endgame, about which I love, but still no one really spoke I think it’s important to support filmmakers who are trying to make things different.



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