I Am Mother : Netflix

I Am Mother : Netflix

Well, I look at that. I Am Mother and it’s a fascinating movie that’s a cross between Saturn 3 and The Terminator. The interesting thing is that this is actually a direction.

The Terminator movies could have a problem with them turning around the same characters, just different in the same situation; if I’m a mom, you get a different take on the Terminator Myth and I do not know if that’s the intention or not But that’s what it feels like and it’s a really interesting movie in which I Am Mother basically turns to a girl who’s being educated by a robot mother who is in a Environment that is very protective and fearful of the outside world that needs to be contaminated Due to some bacteria from an unknown plague we learn in the course of the film that the earth has been devastated and the mother is essentially bringing about the rebirth of humanity.

It’s fascinating A story, if only because it turns out that all the tired idea of ​​the machines is evil and they’re there to destroy us.

Think of it now, as far as I can tell. To bring about a better human groaning about the embryo and bring it back into the world, it’s very similar to Skynet, except without the whole sinister aspect, which in turn is very interesting. With a few exceptions, the movie stays pretty good for most of its runtime. The last third, the biggest problem I Am Mother of, is that motivating certain characters like Hilary Swank’s character does not really make sense.

I Am Mother : Movie Review "Netflix" – RapidDrama.com
I Am Mother : Movie Review “Netflix” – RapidDrama.com

The film assumes that humanity has almost disappeared and what people are left over, gathered in these minds and afterwards they became violent against each other and essentially annihilated each other’s problem with it not telling you why This happened, of course, Hilary Swank’s character mentioned something about the effect that they were just so murderous, but you never know why that happens and mother Who also has all kinds of expansions in the world drones military drones, so that they are capable of violence when they need it and their intent is clear to eliminate humanity, no, that’s not quite fair, their intent is not necessarily To eliminate mankind more than it is to eliminate the old Mankind and they want to reintroduce man into this world, a new world generously shaped by it.

So it’s an interesting puzzle in the sense that Mother is not necessarily a villain of this piece. In fact, everyone is gray and that’s not a bad thing, it’s interesting again. As I’ve already mentioned, the Terminator moves earlier, usually based on the idea that the machines have destroyed humanity. In fact, I’ve never really considered that, but the entire mode behind the Terminator movies makes no sense that Skynet is trying to destroy humanity, why are they trying to destroy humanity? It literally makes no sense while I’m mother of the machine mother, which is essentially this collective intelligence, or I sh. I could say that AI, whatever she does, though unpleasant, is absolutely meaningful to men in the world who she is just restored, Eden if you like.

That’s logical, and I’ve already said that Hilary Swank’s character does not make any sense in that regard of taking the girl who raised her mother, but what I mean, if she were male, I could see she was but they and the girl together eventually would not die out clearly the same is clearly not the same as on earth machines, yet their motivation in it was actually quite pure and you just have to look at the world around you to Knowing that people are a little bit crazy and that they will wipe away.

The slate From the madness of restoring a balance between us and the world around us, which is not a crazy idea, I do not want to be part of the whites, but the concept does actually a lot of sense, but as I said especially Due to the motivation of Hilary Swank, but I would pretty much include the entire third act Well, it’s just not good to question, which is a pity, since the first two acts are really solid, if a mother is an example of the dystopian genre and sticks very well, you’ll like it, it’s not the fastest running movie, but oh yes, and I can not mention the CGI here.

This is a remarkable reason because I’m pretty sure Mother is not a real robot. There are certain scenes in which Mother is I believe a three-dimensional object and the actress interacts with her, but for most parts of this movie, I Am Mother is currently running. I’m convinced that Mother is not an actual object and not a CGI, but to be honest, I can not say it. The difference is that it really looks very, very good, I Am Mother, when all is said and done, very much Well. Dystopian science fiction. It keeps very well. The third act is a bit weak and stumbles, but that’s no reason not to see it.


  1. I feel this film is gonna be a slow grower. Blown away by Clara Rugaard…. at first I thought who is this budget Alicia Vikander, but after 30 minutes I thought, hang on… this girl is gonna be huge! Great actress


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