Hush Movie Review

Hush Movie Review

Hush which was an amazing movie released in 2016 which is my favorite home invasion movie of all time and also my second favorite horror movie right after Halloween. So let’s begin the review! Okay so this movie opens with a jump scare title card but don’t be fooled by that, since this film completely depends on tension for the scares and does NOT depend on any jumpscares, since it doesn’t have any.

The opening also has an amazing shot were we get to see Maddie, the main character’s point of view and this shot very cleverly tells us that she is deaf and cannot hear. I really like this film for stuff like this. It is just so creative with it’s execution and I love it. We also get introduced to Maddie’s friend who is so nice for a friend that she learns and tries to get better at sign language than she already is, just for Maddie.

This really makes you feel bad for her when she gets murdered. While Maddie is talking to Sarah, some annoying emergency light thingy goes off and I really like how they make it this annoying since they are making us experience the annoyance that this stupid light causes beforehand so that we are familiar with the experience the killer is having near the end of this movie. Okay so night comes over and Maddie is just peacefully doing some work with her laptop and that is exactly when we see Sarah screaming to Maddie for letting her in the house but unfortunately, Maddie can’t hear and Sarah gets brutally murdered by the killer. Not only does this scene remind you that Maddie can’t hear and would have a major disadvantage fighting with the killer but it also shows you what will happen to Maddie once she gets in the hands of the killer.

Now I guess they were going for a Michael Myers type emotionless thing with the killer’s mask but it just doesn’t work for some reason. Maybe it’s because the killer’s eyes are visible? I don’t know. This mask wasn’t very effective so I liked the decision of the killer not wearing it for most of the movie since the maskless version of the killer is more intimidating than the masked one.


The eyes of a bloodthirsty person obviously is scarier than a slightly disturbing but somewhat cartoonish mask, after all. Okay so after Maddie discovers that there’s a killer waiting to kill her with a crossbow, this movie suddenly turns better than it already was! The scene where Maddie barely manages to close the doors and windows of her house before the killer is intense in the first place, but even after she does close all of them the intensity somehow doesn’t end. Instead, the intensity gets replaced by claustrophobia. And I have noticed that this movie does this thing where when Maddie is trying to escape from her house it decides to turn intense and when she is in her house it decides to turn claustrophobic. A perfect recipe for a home invasion movie. Hush

The scene where Maddie opens her window and the killer discovers that and rushes towards her is so intense that it just completely freaked me out and just when you think this movie couldn’t get more intense, we get a scene where Maddie tries to escape from her house and barely misses a shot from the killer’s crossbow, and then decides to go back in.

This scene was super intense but it also did another thing, it made Maddie feel like a human. A human who can make mistakes and a human who can make wrong decisions. Maddie is a very resourceful and intelligent horror movie victim and she is better than the main character of Your Next in my opinion, but I got really angry on her in one scene and that is… of course the scene where she decided to slam on the door when John was trying to knock out the killer with a rock. Like, couldn’t she see John trying to sneak up on the killer or something? Couldn’t she understand that by his expressions? His death was just so unnecessary and just… so sad.

Hush Movie Review
Hush Movie Review

One of the saddest horror movie deaths, to be honest. Okay so at the end Maddie thinks of all the possibilities and their outcomes that can happen and comes to the conclusion that there is only one ending to every possibility. She gathers up all the courage to fight this heartless killer who I now hate since he wanted to kill a cat…. Yeah… A CATTTTT! I absolutely hated this killer for wanting to do such an absolutely evil, heartless and horrible thing and that’s why I cheered for Maddie when she crossbowed this stupid killer.

Maddie is an absolutely superhero at this point because people who save cats from getting killer of course are superheroes. Anyways, she challenges the killer to come in the house and get her and he does do exactly that in a scene where we have to painfully watch as he gets in the house by breaking the glass behind Maddie while she doesn’t even know that the glass is being broken. The killer foolishly tries that stupid horror movie thing where the killer plays around with the victim and that’s why he gets stabbed by the observant and alert Maddie. Hush

I don’t know why this killer was trying to play with his victim when she is clearly more intelligent and resourceful than him. When it’s something like Pennywise, I can still understand where he gets the overconfidence of playing with his victims and he has the right to get that overconfidence since he is a godly being and even after being a godly being, that overconfidence cost him real bad and this killer is just a normal human being… So I don’t know where he is getting all his overconfidence from. So yeah, he gets defeated and while I know that the annoying emergency light thingy was helpful to defeat him, I really didn’t like how he got defeated that way.

First of all, that annoying sound and the stupid lights completely ruin the atmosphere this movie has built up and that’s why the scenes where there’s just the sounds of heartbeats is more intense than the rest of the ending and second of all, I found it really stupid how the sound of a stupid emergency thingy defeated the killer. Like sure, he got annoyed by it, but for how long? It seemed like the emergency thing was sucking the soul out of him and that was absolutely hilarious. And the police comes at the end right after everything has already ended because of course they do and the movie ends right there with some super peaceful music playing in the background. Rating- 10/10. Hush


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