Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

I have to be honest with you, is a bit guilty, and this is also the very first movie I ever went to the cinema to see that I remember him in the year 93 The first time I went to the movies to see this movie, you knew that he had changed my world. Before, I was always in the cinema, but going to the movies to watch a movie instead of watching it on TV just changed everything for me. Here comes my love for movies and the love of cinema in every way, leaving Hocus Pocus Released in 1993, Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler starred in a movie that I can not really call myself in this movie.

I like this movie in general. It’s a very fat family fun movie. I always watch him on Halloween or when he’s on TV, I always look at him. It’s just very entertaining in every way and so comedic factor in this one that’s going on I’m still laughing to this day, I mean, this is just a movie that will never bore me because it’s so strong in my heart’s tale that he is in no way absolutely fantastic.

I have to be honest With you it is very predictable that you can have a movie that will finish soon, but it does not matter that the details here are not so bad for this time and for a low budget movie like this one or films like these on a lower budget, but even now I know that there are many people who are close friends of mine, but I absolutely like this movie.

Did you know that I’m also a bit involved in the paranormal world and people in such a world I still love this movie, it’s just a very entertaining movie it’s not for everyone I’m putting together and I really do, really For me, this film just keeps it as a very special place in my heart because it is a very enjoyable watch that I generally do. Ike Bette Midler is an actress and I like Sarah Jessica Parker in general and she just never can say her name. It’s just great entertainment for the whole family. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus Movie Review – RapidDrama.com
Hocus Pocus Movie Review – RapidDrama.com

It’s a very simple family movie that works really well with some great comedic points that Bette Midler finds here. Like the grumpy leader of those with three witches and all the stuff, but it did some damn good comedy exactly the same Time with Sarah Jessica Parker, as you know a very diminutive kind of funny-blond way.

I apologize for insulting someone, but you know that’s what she’s revealing, and in this movie, I travel like her Factory nearby. It’s absolutely awesome and I can never remember the woman bearing the woman’s name, but once again she’s living another side of a comic element, which is actually very funny. All in all, as I said, when I rate this movie, which always gets ten out of ten, it’s a guilty pleasure that it’s something that I’ve enjoyed watching Ealing I get that it’s not for everyone but for me it is a bit more meaningful, because it is the very first movie I have ever gone to the cinema and since that day is one of The great love of movies came from sitting in a cinema and watching a big movie Screen instead of on the TV saw.

That makes it very different for me and so much more fun. In that sense, I’m glad I said that. A very strong ten out of ten sitting because it was fun for the family. A funny feeling. It’s a conversation for me. I still love to see it myself and Halloween, even when it’s on TV. In the comments below, you’ll see this movie as usual. What do you think about this movie?


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