Halloween Movie Review

Halloween Movie Review

This movie plays and comes 40 years after the original Halloween, which is 20 years after Halloween h2o. Halloween h2o is the movie that took place 20 years after the original Halloween and came out The time between Halloween and H2O is the same time span between Halloween H2O and now I remember that I have seen Halloween H2O in theaters.

The time span between Halloween and H2O, when it came out, was the same as the one between Halloween H2O and mine now I’m not even high now, I just say a crazy thing I feel like the oldest hugs me Halloween that’s all it means this Halloween is the official and only episode of john carpenter Halloween that came Laurie Strode had a bumpy road 40 years ago since the Michael Meyers murders 40 years ago Michael Myers did not speak a word because he never did then he gets out and this is the night he came home and I really dug up this movie.

This was a celebration that made the original Halloween awesome. First, they treated Michael Myers when Michael Myers was originally treated like a serial killer who escaped and now kills humans. Actually, the first half of this movie is completely Ode to the original Halloween as it really is a Slasher movie the original Halloween hunts for that concept that phobia we all had because we went down a dark street, we in Look at the forest and you feel someone is watching you, but you do not know if it’s true or not. Halloween probably did not show us, yes, it’s true. Michael Myers looks at you, that was the scary part of the original Halloween, and where this movie really seems to be staring at a distance it’s the fooling around, it’s the scary breathing he does under his mask.

I love these shots, which are an outdoor shot of a house, and you only hear the breathing that you can not see Michael Myers Listen, Halloween has turned into Halloween, and that’s exactly what many have this Halloween -Sorts missing, but killers are not so expensive. Both people are sure to die in this movie, but for a long time it’s like slapping a bang on them, stabbing them, it’s not gored now, I mean, Gore is coming in second half of the movie, sure, I will not deny it, but because it only happened in the second half of the movie, when it happens, it’s really not that shocking I’ve seen it, whatever it is, it feels Simply more satisfying, when you see so many kills, you do not even see the kill happening. If the main fear and entertainment are to watch the kill, let’s just shock the main thing he was in this house and someone is dead now. It’s the fear of not knowing that I love the fact that this movie is that has done.

Halloween 2 RapidDrama.com
Halloween 2 RapidDrama.com

I also really liked Laurie Strode and Hollywood A strong character in general Laurie Strode is not perfect in all things she is not afraid of It is not strong in the sense of absence of weakness. She is fearless because she is scared to death to compete against Michael Myers. But she is strong because she decides to stand up to this boogeyman who in her eyes is the Boogey guy of that guy She has upset her. She is not immaculate. She has a lot of mistakes. She is agoraphobic. But with this fear that she still considers possible, she becomes a warrior who feels well when he comes back. I will chase after him.

I love the fact that Laurie Strode is flawed in this film, very human, very traumatized and yet very strong, shows us the psychological consequences of a serial killer killing and following your friends. The movie is not without flaws or horror film clichés in which people are still idiots movie I mean, there are some idiots like Hey, there’s a serial killer at large, we all know who he is and what he does with this Cop car that has just started up here is not going to the radio. Maybe I should go up to investigate it and there is this doctor here like not dr. Loomis, that could be his name, even here Jamie Lee Curtis is like you the next Loomis, the way you feel here, because you need a doctor here, because there was a doctor there and there is this weird one small side arc, which I think he should ask questions about insanity. After all, I just do not care that it’s not your filmmaker.

The questions that you have about Michael I do not care, Myers, I do not care that you are really fascinated by him, you return to Laurie. It was like her movie and her family movie, but we also had a bit of humor. I enjoyed the humor for the most part when the humor did not compromise. Especially the little kid from the movie was hysterical, it just made me laugh, but at some point I felt like he should be more scared now than one Making a joke a little kid and that’s a knife-wielding psychopath, it looks pretty good cary has not compromised the movie for the most part, as long as I’ve really dug up this Halloween movie at the end. If you do not like the original Halloween, you probably will not like this movie, it’s like this movie is for fans the original Halloween.

It’s the legitimate sequel to the original Halloween, which tries to show the audience that it knows and respect where it comes from and I say Halloween is worth watching on Blu-ray and being bought its sequel Halloween funny the original Michael Myers mask was actually a William Shatner mask that she painted white. You’ve learned that you’re like this real, so I think the masks should look like that 40 years later Tell yourself it’s not far off.


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