Godzilla King of the Monsters Movie Review

The topic for today’s discussion: We’re going to say goodbye to a few video games because I want to talk to you about a movie that I saw recently. I think that was the last movie I saw in the cinema almost a month ago, ironically. Apart from a few movies that I saw in May, I did not really go to the cinemas this summer, which is ironically one of the biggest blockbuster years for movies, and yes, it’s just a kind of intoxication, but apparently Toy Story 4 is good, so yes, I’m a grown man who’s curious about Toy Story anyway, today I’ll be talking to you about a movie that’s interesting, really interesting, and I like it hard to really classify this movie because it’s a movie that I was incredibly satisfied with, but at the same time a movie that I’m very happy with I think it could have been better and the movie I talk to today speak, is nothing else than not, I’m not allowed to stand still copyright hits on this channel but yes, ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking Godzilla or G today ojira, the king of the monsters, and as you could see here, on the day I saw it in IMAX, I had to make a big contribution to my native Godzilla.

Me and my girlfriend just came back from the hope that we were just going Not so long ago, and the second we landed at JFK, I said, baby, what do you want to do and she’s like we’re going to see Godzilla and I’m like, are you sure that we just came back from another country it’s like yes, let’s go like that call my girl, so you know you have a real one right there, because I know a lot of people would be like you to preorder the tickets to be able to do as it was, just no, we drive so directly from the airport to the cinema we visited but yeah so Godzilla king of the monsters very very interesting movie as I said in the intro and of course as you can see this will be one more So, sit back and relax your favorite drink of your choice Grab popcorn as you can see here.

My drink for tonight will be vintage seltzer water. I literally drink this stuff since I was a kid I do not like anymore. Even normal water. I love it. I love sauce water. I’m a bit disgusted, but I do not like chilling and doing things in person, even though I’m a bit of a pastime anyway. Godzilla, the king of the monsters, is the direct sequel to Scott Zilla in 2014, which was actually a reboot for America’s Godzilla. Basically, America had a second try.

Hollywood was like knowing what we were doing again. because you know that Hollywood is just what they mostly miss with a few exceptions. So they think, all right, what can we do, what can we bring Brack? Oh yes, Godzilla, let’s try it, so excuse me, as you can see here.

I love Seltzer, but sometimes that has the tendency to come back out there no no I will not do that yes after the catastrophe Godzilla was 19 and I would not think of Godzilla 98 99 I think it was not yet I can not remember Because I’ve erased that memory from the deep wells of my brain and even think about it now, only yikes they were just alright let’s do it again and I was very excited about it being one of my favorite actor Bryan Cranston in the lead role I’m sure every one of Malcolm knows in the midst of fame and he could have been in another show, which is called bad braking or what you want a lot of honors, so there was a lot to be happy about, because finally It looked like every single Godzilla fan would love every single fan.

The Kaiju movies have long wanted to give the movies an epic dimension Because even though we are so big fans of Japanese cinema and were such big fans of these huge monster movies, in Japan, you really do not know any theory about life.

Godzilla King of the Monsters 2019 - rapiddrama.com
Godzilla King of the Monsters 2019 – rapiddrama.com

For a second they never gave us a movie that really looks like it’s going to be In the budget of the film, as I can describe it best compared to Hollywood, which means that the visual effects for the most part and this has nothing to do with the fact that they use men in suits to the scenes too to portray. I do not do that at all, it’s just some of the special effects and everything for this.

There’s a reason why the huge monster movies have a very tough fanbase, and it’s hard to bring in new fans because if you did not really grow up with them When growing up with you as a kid, it’s hard to really make new people feel like you need a certain way of thinking, or you have to be a person who grew up like watching things like Power Rangers Godzilla was very similar in many ways when it came down to the show’s productions being another Japanese property, but Godzilla 2014 had a lot to do with it, and as we saw with this movie, it was definitely filled with a lot of respects and in some other areas, it has not really satisfied people, so you think about what they do with the sequel that you know The first movie has earned decent money, so you have to take in the sequel only the criticism and make it a better movie.

This is a movie about the monsters and less about the humans, and that’s what they did with Godzilla King of the Monsters. The biggest complaint about Godzilla in 2014 was that Godzilla had a total of twelve. It’s a screen time in a two-hour movie, which is just great. Godzilla, the king of the monsters, doubles, and triples all of that to give you so many and I get so many epic shots of not only Gogeta but also Mothra Rodin and the kinky Dora, you get so many epic bouts and this was one of the Movies in which I thought they would literally spoil. because that’s a tendency for one. Nowadays there are many movies, especially for Warner Brothers, as we’ve seen in movies like Batman vs. Superman.

These include, for example, the awesome beast movies that spoil a lot of things that are known in most DC productions in general spoil many of the cool scenes there, but for these they showed a lot of money, but there was more in the film and in context The movie was awesome, just like watching King Ghidorah, and everything there looked like it was straight out of a horror movie, Dora messed up, and this movie was scary.

Obviously, these films were filmed in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, so you can not compare them to anything from 2019 but just look at some of the stuff I know here. I’ll definitely come back and ACK o A better term is Godzilla movie, it’s a huge monster movie, in that sense, a lot of the stuff you’re used to The genre exists in this area, which means that you have really boring and downright stupid human protagonists. This should not be a shock to anyone, and indeed, I would even say that you are a fan of the genre and complain about it. In this film, you give films like Shin Godzilla and all the other films a past that makes them just as stupid human protagonists are.

I think that’s very hypocritical. However, the human characters in this film did not necessarily bother me. We’ve come to a point where we can come out with stronger human protagonists in these films, if we do not want to record them anymore, the days we really are not We’re looking forward to seeing what happens to people so we can get to the huge monsters I’ve got with all the superhero films we have today, and how they do more than that only man in tights running around to save the day there is deep meaning If we attach to them, we can do the same for the Godzilla movies.

We can have the scale and scale and the epic spectacle. At the same time, we can have these great human characters on one side. As a Godzilla fan, I’m alright considering that you know why I choose this movie, all the other movies that came out in yesterday’s movie stayed the same I feel they could have done better this is my only criticism and criticism of the movie you have there. If you look at this, I’m a Godzilla fan.

I think you get sad, if you look at this person who has never really seen any of the movies and you do not know what to expect, you’ll probably think that this is just another stupid Cheyenne Hollywood Michael bay orgasm festival that honestly looks like that on paper, but in this case in scale and the scope and the spectacle and how you can I can actually say who against who in this movie is so much better than a Michael Bay movie. Basically, you play Michael Bay movies as an idiot. This is not just a wild huge rollercoaster, to say the least, okay, Let’s talk about damn about this movie.

Okay, Michael Dougherty, you, my brother, have a permanent invitation to a cookout. Okay, this movie was made by a Godzilla fan for Godzilla fans. This movie should never have happened, frankly, it should not happen, because the more and more I think about this movie, the more I look at it a $ 200 million Godzilla movie and actually it feels like a Godzilla movie, so there’s so much attention to detail and tender love and care that went into this movie that I’m honestly a fan of the giant monster movies I cried seriously, because there is so much in here, that if you only like fan service These people would think that it is so dumb and it does not matter, but there were so many people in my theater on the opening night who just started clapping because they had only the slightest clues to the older movies and if they like stuff like that have made the inclusion of the classic Godzilla theme The classic theme from 1964 in a film from the year 2019, which is directed to Michael Dougherty and the composer Bear McCreary. Maybe you know him, he was the composer of the latest God Award guy he found to somehow modernize, but implement, that track.

It feels so real and alive while the roots are preserved, and as they do in the Movie playing, it just felt so natural that it just felt right, and it’s not like we’re just taking another Warner Brothers production of the Justice League that they just happened to get out of nowhere Music theme by Danny Elfman Batman: Why are you doing this, which makes no sense at all, as if you had the score of Hans Zimmer from the last movie and now you take that as a kind of homage to the powerlessness No, it does not make sense, it gets not, but here, oh man, given some time to think about a mantra.

There was, for example, a scene in the movie in which I forgot, I think it was Chen I’m not sure the exact name, but in this universe dr. Chen has an identical twin sister and there was one of the settings in the movie as we climaxed to where it showed someone who looked just like dr. Chen, but on the other side of the world and you wanted yourself, as is possible, it turns out that dr. Chen had a twin sister, both of whom had a connection to Mothra, who is interesting a few days after the film premiere. Someone asked Michael Dougherty about the movie and some of the deleted scenes and stuff he would have liked to keep in the movie. He said: Yes, we will expand a bit.

I loved it. I loved it, like a huge monster fan, this movie exceeded my expectations. Some then hate it for all those involved in this production, now that it’s said, let’s talk about the future of the monster verse, what it’s called and where it’s going It should not shock anyone That Godzilla, the king of monsters, did not fare well in the cinema is less than the 2014 film, and if things are to be believed, it will lose money for the legendary and Warner brothers, and what does that mean for the future of King Kong? Warner Brothers is a bit skeptical now that God is against Godzilla next year because Godzilla was OK in 2014. Kong was OK.

This film should be the one I am supposed to have exceeded 700,800 million, and that was the way the visual effects and everything that was billed should be honest, but The fact that it will probably earn less than its predecessor is not a good sign, especially if Godzilla and Kong come out next year, it means that Warner The Brothers will make some last-minute course corrections, as they did with the Justice League , It remains to be seen, but apparently they have said they are not against pushing them back to make sure this is the movie.

That’s what the fans want, which is very ironic, considering most fans love this movie. This is not a case of BVS, where it is as if all the critics do not know the fans. No, no, no, it’s not just a select group of outspoken people.

I’m going to be nice today when people say that BBS Castelli Kubrick does not understand Zack Snyder or anything like that, but honestly, if this movie bombards the critics I thought I had stuck to the original vision, but I would not be surprised if they had changed it, but maybe it could be better, maybe they’ll go ahead and actually make some new shots But to make human characters more bearable and believable again, again in this situation you will be replenishing a lot of the film and how much can you do in such a short span of less than a year, and if you postpone it, you have a whole year, that’s the way it can be creepy, to say the least, but yes, that this movie is not the acknowledgment g that he deserves, for that matter, maybe, if they choose another time, I would have thought we had a lot of movies in May that we had to revise from the Avengers final.

As Latin Americans, we had a couple of movies, where basically only God intervenes, and you know that many people did not fare as well as people had expected, but regardless of the man I love, Godzilla loves the monster king I thought it a damn good giant monster movie is.

I think they should have done better when it comes to the human side of things and to make some of these protagonists. I mean, they are not bad, but I mean, I hear them, they are literally just there to push the plot and get us to the huge monsters. You’ll end up doing stupid things to get us into a huge monster fight, make it right again, and the musical score is literally it’s breathtaking anyway what you think of Godzilla, the king of monsters below, and let me know and for me.


  1. I loved the action and visuals of this film. Easily the most beautiful way we’ve seen these monsters on screen before. With that said, the narrative and human elements were lackluster. I was very happy about the monster stuff though, I just hope they have daylight fights in the future. I really enjoyed hearing your take on it! I actually just uploaded my own review for this. Great review!


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