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Welcome to a movie review, and tonight or tonight, I actually review the glass of M Night Shyamalan with Samuel Jackson Bruce Willis and James McAvoy. For me, this surprise was the end of a trilogy, because it was obviously a surprise when you saw how you parted. That’s exactly what I’m talking about at the end of this movie. I think it’s a very balanced ending for this whole year in the rotation trilogy, which was very unexpected since I said that was unbreakable for me.

It’s a great movie. It is a superhero movie. Hancock was very surprised that I really loved Hancock I think they said that decent eight out of ten are in the glass, and I’m late for the party, so there’ll be spoilers, so if you have not seen it, do it Go on this review but for me back glasses, I have no real problem, we are down to earth, I think two floors, me, David Dunn and now, Glass is under you underused, so the title of the film called glass. I feel fine until the third act.

It’s not really glass. It’s more of a beast for me, the beast. If the movie is called the beast, I could fully support it.

I think the title of the film is why it’s called glass, a google story about free movies, and for twenty years it was finally determined that he had to find his archenemy, which he considered unbreakable more like him, but the exact opposite of him, someone who was strong and did not break, is easy and in this case he has been working in the background to basically find the beast James McAvoy, which is a lot of obvious There were a lot of mental problems based on what happened to spoilers, where you did not find out that his father was sitting on the same train years ago as David David Dunn, and I guess he had to include that to give you a clue why the beast the reason was why you follow Lord.

When he killed your dad, I found that interesting and that’s really my only drawback to the movie itself.

Overall, I liked the psychology of the movie, which was basically about this whole group of people or behind it – scene people, the big ones and the whole do not want gods walking the earth, do not want a superman running around in their daily surroundings, just like everyone else, they do not want anyone to be above the lord I do not want. A vigilante doing that What the police are paid for stops it at all costs and erases any signs that these events are happening to the public.

That was an interesting hotline that I somehow did not see coming and which I have seen in one respect, it ties everything together and it was just a nice touch that all three baddies are two bad guys and one hero died. There is no future. This franchise was somehow fitting and sad at the same time and we learn who is really the villain of the movie and the mastermind at the end of the day and the villain of the movie is the psychologist and this group of people who simply do not want people know that they exist and me.

Glass, which plays stupid all the time, during the first two accidents, just in the background, to get out of his room to go through the hospital and stream everything that happened to the private server I’m not hiding the truth anymore and find out that I am doing very well as a comic book lover, especially Batman and Spider-Man, whom I sometimes wanted to have as a kid, so that these characters exist in my world enjoy these movies.

I enjoy unbreakable separation was not on my radar because it’s not unbreakable in my mind. I heard it in the grapevine and fought well. OK. I’ll take a look at it now and overall I’m glad I saw the trilogy of old movies. The cinematography of this film is fine. It’s great that he plays in the real world. So there is no massive man who has exaggerated CGI special effects.

Glass Movie Review –
Glass Movie Review –

The beast climbs onto the wors, obviously, it could be a CGI doll or it’s probably a military climbing gear, and they’ve just cut out the music score after production. It’s okay. It suits the presence of the movie itself. The Beast’s Sacrifice I saw in these movie elements of the Hulk where the Hulk is. We bet that Ross will be grounded when Betty Ross is there. That’s exactly what happened in his movie. She is the beast, Betty Ross. He was the hulk to which he was really led towards the building.

We show that we exist, and we will bring a new day and a new lease on you, villains and superheroes, into the world. We will no longer hide and see the element of our Betty Ross that we have The hope scenario Superman is mentioned several times in this movie, which fits perfectly with the film, because who else, except Superman, is Superman, an alien who lives in living in a metropolis that in hindsight is modeled after the guest New York and he is I Guess a god he has I would turn on a coin toss, he might get angry, but I – he just wants to stay fine like me said – I really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed this movie, for what it’s worth, the sound effects were great battles between the woman David June in and David Dunn, and when they hit the van and all the punches in the face, I just felt fantastic for myself. It’s Not That It’s Not Exaggerated But it felt good by nature that David’s presence could do the damage he could do, and the beasts, if they came out and caused the mess on the streets, Do much more damage if this was a big budget superhero movie and they got into a crowded street in New York City, climbed onto buildings and crashed just like Man of Steel would. I think you would be afraid you would feel absolutely scared, but when his blow happened and the action happened, I actually felt it. I could not imagine being hit by this guy.

He broke through the psychology behind the film and also the idea that she tried it when she had him in the room all three, especially with David Dunn’s character and she says you know, do you believe you touch people and see what happens? Do not you think you put the pieces together by seeing, you know red soundtracks and someone who behaves childishly?

You just stumble automatically that you accidentally stumbled upon this particular crime, and you could help the police in this way, and the idea that they might have let him go if he just said yes I found it really interesting that she’s been trying to get into the heads of all those who know that superheroes do not really have the idea that a user blinded by something believes in something that is not really there in this world just never happens because there is a hidden agenda on her and half of the company she works for knows that God can not exist among men, so I think, oh, we are all people. I’m happy with the movie I’m doing.

Actually, it would be sad that I do not have any of them that I wanted to break and break in the film someday, and I think, overall, this is probably going to be one of those trilogies that I will someday in Maya owning and assembling collection, because I finally enjoyed it, I had no real problem, so I probably had at least seven and a half out of ten films altogether their mistakes for the trilogy and the overall review and whatever and this movie altogether for me It’s back to what I think is seven out of ten. I just do not have a ruin.

It’s not a masterpiece that you know is prepared for superhero movies, but I just like the fact that it’s based on more real reality. It reminds me of what Christopher Nolan has been working with the Dark Knight trilogy back in when he was still in the group ended Batman inner reality and that’s exactly what in my movie, in fact, he was there that he made a trilogy created by input superheroes in a grounded reality, no exaggerated CGI feast and massive explosions of transformers or bad guys that are just fantasy, so guys this is my overall review of a pleasant movie that I really enjoyed. I mean, if you’re a fan of it, that’s great, if you’re not a fan of the movie, let me know well in the comment section, why not especially glass, or why you may not like the trilogy.



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