Ford v Ferrari Movie Review

This time it is Ford v Ferrari and before I start this review, I just want to say that I actually don’t know much about the real life events that this movie is based on. Like yeah, I had done some research on it when the trailer came out but I still don’t know a lot about it. So now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin the review! Okay so first let’s talk about the characters of this movie and most of them are absolutely awesome.

The best character is of course, Ken Miles, mainly thanks to the amazing performance given by Christian Bale. I really liked his performance in this movie but I also just like how he can play all these characters who are vastly different from each other. His character introduction was done in a pretty good way, just like most other character introductions in this movie, especially Carrol Shelby’s. Yeah, even though I didn’t find Carrol Shelby’s character as interesting as Ken Miles’, I still did think that his character introduction was awesome.

The rest of the characters were also great, especially Mollie Miles’ character, but all of them got outshone by Ken Miles and he stole every scene that he was in. Okay so this movie has many intense scenes, obviously, because it’s a racing movie but, I really liked how some of the scenes were both intense and funny which is pretty risky but they managed to pull it off which resulted in some amazing intense and funny scenes. My favorite one of these was a scene where someone was driving too fast on the road, not the race track but the road and the other person in the car was telling her to slow down. It’s just a great scene and probably my favorite scene out of this entire movie. Okay so now let’s talk about the races of this movie.

They are directed in an amazing way and the music that plays in the background during the races are also just amazing. And actually, ALL of the races were really intense and awesome in my opinion and that completely surprised me since I thought that only some of the races were going to be amazing but as it turns out, all of them were. And when I say “intense”, I don’t really mean that cliche racing movie type of intense which is kind of fake intense, if that makes any sense, I mean the actual type of intense.

Ford v Ferrari
Ford v Ferrari

Because most other race movies try to make a scene intense by having loud noises, explosions, bla bla bla, which is kind of cheating and basically the jumpscare of action movies, but this movie makes a scene intense just by facial expressions of a character. For example, the scene where the opponent and Ken look towards each other and tell each other that they are the one who is going to win is an intense scene, even though it doesn’t have any explosions or loud noises.

I would definitely recommend this movie to you and to be honest, this movie is absolutely worth seeing on the big screen. I saw the trailer once again after returning from the theaters and that just feels so small and miniscule compared to what I just saw. So yeah, it’s just awesome seeing it on the big screen and I would definitely recommend seeing it on the big screen. Anyways, now we are getting into the spoiler territory so, spoiler alert! The main reason that holds back this movie from becoming a 10/10 for me is it’s ending.

I knew that this unsatisfying and sad ending was coming and this movie tried it’s best to brighten it up and give this movie a good and happy ending but ehhh, it’s just really unsatisfying and sad. It’s just one blow after the other in the ending. But this is a movie based on real life events and real life isn’t so rainbows and sunshine as a Disney movie so, fair enough! Rating- 8.5/10 Best Moment- Mollie’s Fast Driving Okay so yeah guys, and that was it for the video, and I know many of you would give it a 9 or even 10 out of 10 but the ending, along with some other factors of this movie, hold it back for me. Ford v Ferrari


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