First Images from Johnny Depp’s New Film Minamata Shared

First Images from Johnny Depp’s New Film Minamata Shared

Johnny Depp has been cast as a war photographer Eugene Smith in the independent drama mini Matta, the Hollywood star will play the central role in the upcoming movie, which will tell the story of Smith’s work as a photographer for Life magazine and his involvement in the exposing, of the poisoning, of the people of Minamata.

Japan director Andrew La Veta said working with Johnny to give voice to those who have been silently suffering is a responsibility. we do not take, lightly much like Eugene Smith in 1971.

We could not feel more privileged or humbled to be tasked, with the mission of bringing this incredible story. the world the upcoming movie will tell the story of how Smith was convinced. Editor Ralph Graves to head to Japan to expose the devastation caused in the coastal community through mercury poisoning.

In an independent drama starring Johnny Depp as war photographer W. Eugene Smith, Depp is also a producer.

’Minamata“ in Japan and Serbia; He focuses on the life of war veteran W. Eugene Smith, who is trying to uncover the chemical waste scandal in Japan. The film focuses on Smith’s collaboration with Life magazine to reveal the poisoning of the Minamata people in Japan, together with Aileen Mioko Smith and W. Eugene Smith.

First Images from Johnny Depp's New Film Minamata Shared -
First Images from Johnny Depp’s New Film Minamata Shared –

David K. Kessler writes the screenplay of Minamata David, which will draw attention to his original subject. Director of the film ”The Box”, ”Holy Rollers“, “Lullaby and“ Friendly Fire “production Andrew Levitas is sitting.

Johnny Depp as W. Eugene Smith; Bill Nighy, Lilly Robinson, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano, and Jun Kunimura. The film, which is scheduled to be released in 2020, is currently in search of an investor in the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.


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