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Fast Color 2019

You know how people complain about the current status of superhero films and how these films are all the same and they are all interchangeable and we only want something new and interesting and at least something original with this genre, but then somebody nobody looks at it, that’s weird. That’s why we’re going to repeat a little movie from this year titled “Fast Color Movie” today. It’s like a rapid drama in the racing style of the Channel guys, so we can, as I said, check Fast Color The second kind of second directorial work by director Julia Hart. It is a movie.Fast Color

It’s like a lot of buzz from people who saw it and tried to scream from the rooftops how good it is, but almost nobody has seen it. I think I think it cost less than a hundred thousand dollars or something. Now the Fast Color is no longer in theaters Some time ago it had appeared on VOD, so it was available when you bought it for streams, and so on. I missed it when I heard about the movie for the first time, was not it very widespread? The release was not heavily marketed just to underline how difficult it was for people to shoot this movie. This movie had a one-week run in a theater that’s two blocks away from my apartment that I could have.

I saw it so easily, except that only two days before the end of the run did I find out that it was being played there, and that I had to work on both nights as if I could have walked to this movie and I’m like the person it would be. As the person who wants to see that kind of movie, you know that it means that I mean how are the core audience playing this week.Fast Color

Fast Color 2019 Movie Review -
Fast Color 2019 Movie Review –

I saw Toy Story earlier in the week because I did not think about making a video about it, because as if I did not know if you wanted to see the second video of me saying Toy Story is great, there’s nothing to it and I had no more included video that I wanted to do for this week, which I’m going to do just as a bonus video next week, because it’s kind of forgiving and a little stray, so look out for that, probably like on Wednesday, but yes For a moment, when the color is.

The Fast Color is technically a kind of superhero movie, but like not really fast color is that family of black women who all have supernatural abilities and it’s just the keys of the three generations of women and how they use their skills and gifts and how they relate to the world.

It’s not like a super movie in the sense that most people think about super movies that you know about now. Like a mega, you know a million dollar budget like a bunch of big effects, huge sets, and action, and it’s not like that It’s more about deeds, much more about lo-fi and more about meditation, more about quieter M Her first introduction to Julia Hart was when she saw her first movie “Missy” because I was curious and so on It looks like it’s going to be the performance of Lily Rabe I loved in Outcross Perry.

It is a cold night. It also has a still younger Timothy Salome showing up his Timothy. It’s a sweet little movie. I was a lot tenderer than I expected, and I was even more excited for fast color because I was good at what she did with this type of Insular, a bit of an indie drama, which they do with this slightly higher concept will, uh and spoiler alert, which I really enjoyed the movie I think it is very well done. I think it’s damn good. It’s different in a sometimes frustrating way, and I think it’s very necessary too.

I sometimes become frustrated in the sense that many people will see this mon. Compete and think it’s boring because they are somehow set to work out stories about superpowers and things like a particular paradigm, and because of that if that’s all Paradigm that they may unfairly slander in this film and regard it as smaller than that, and that’s not really fair, but even within that, even as a person who likes calmer movies and likes things that are more about human drama than big one Even if there are small passages in the middle of this movie that are a bit too close to.

The indie navel of their debut for my money, as if I was somehow, huh, they’re pulling a bit As you know, the movie takes an hour and minutes, which is a decent track, but there are definitely parts that I was bored with, and I’m someone who has more patience for this kind of movie, the movie stars Gugu mbatha -raw as Ruth who is a Woman Fleeing from someone probably had some evil, secretive government members sitting around for special skills in the future and it’s when the place in the future is accurate looks like our world now, but a little poorer and sadder, very slight, because already quite poor and sad and in this world it has not rained so long because it is a severe drought.

This is a great scene that sets us up, or Ruth tries to hide, as I should know, somewhere along the roadside and they tell her that like the room is $ 1 night, but that’s about half a pint of water like that same price as water-scarce and stuff very crazy to get Max to explain, see in lay terms and terms of mood, it feels a bit like a wiser version of similar heroes in terms of these things.

This is a world where superpowers exist, but it’s just like normal clothing, not like it is in mythology, and much more like hey, it’s people, it’s the normal people, because when we first manifest Ruth’s powers you see has a seizure that causes an earthquake, okay, I understand, she has power, she will direct Yada Yada, and the general thrust of her narrative is that she grew up with these forces.

Her mother plays brother, and her son has those powers, as well as her name Bo Ruth’s daughter also has t Those powers and when we were younger, she had a bad run of bad luck, with her addiction and her stuff and her powers so uncontrollable was like her mother could, and she ran away and left her mother with her daughter to raise her, and now she has no need to go home to reunite with her mother and daughter that you know she probably thinks she’s dead, and that becomes a big family affair and a bit like.

This generation trauma of having those skills and how that means they can not function in the real world and themselves hide, that they are always being persecuted, and things that somehow remind me of something like good x -men stories are as if we had when I had another video Well, talking about how the cinematic version of the X-Men captures a lot about the basic outer aspects of how the comics work, but not about the inner that’s actually important that’s cool.

Reminds me that if you’re enough superhero Reading comics and not just watching the movies every year, there’s a sort of tonal variety in the world of cape comics, just like any superhero The comic is not an annual event book.

There are tons of comics in which supercharged characters perform and explore what their world looks like and what their struggles look like. On a much slower scale, this is acceptable for the genre that tons of people in this room have played and especially in the x-men where you know someone, any random person could be a mutant who has a power, and then you could follow their story and deal with their suffering and not stuff any of the films that make up all those movies comics and superheroes and and and things do not do that anymore. They think they just do not do it.

It’s not cheap, but it’s so much smaller than what we’re used to, it’s not like this big, drastic thing, it’s very good-natured and gorgeous, it’s as if it undermines the fact that this woman It’s just not like a story, it’s like understanding why people are chasing after her, the government would clearly want to have someone who could do those things but it looks like that’s not what it’s about, and it reminds me that you know it Anyone who has someone who has great skills does not have to be like you know that person is just a bomb and someone will use them to destroy a city.

Then we’ll see how the city is destroyed and someone has to kill them and be sad about that, you know, li I guess I did not really think about it, just that I was sick of this paradigm until I looked at this movie and myself It reminded me that I’ve read comics since I was four, and how you can do different things with superpowers. You just do not always have to do the same thing as some big movie tropics that keep coming up. It is very clear that Julie Hart did not take this step because she wanted to make a superhero movie, right, it is interesting because she wanted it.

The entire story feature is almost allegorical throughout the day, as the attraction of the X-Men comics was really great metaphors and allegories and it undercuts how different it is when like the same three or four white guy stories tell stories that are metaphors for other nurses who use superpowers, as opposed to a woman who does it. The differences in budget, aesthetics and technical style and things like superpowers as a story concept as a factor or feature in a narrative are really just as interesting as the way they are applied to the story and how they help to track themes and the way they are presented and for many people who watch fast color, it may not be like bored.

There are whole chunks as if nothing would happen. I knew her parts were like nothing. But the emotional beats are interesting, and then there are the illegitimate scenes in which, if nothing happens, this is not only important because of the diversity of the past the presentation’s nice to see a story about black women, because the two main characters are fantastic chemistry-fantastic achievements that you know, considering that it’s like MCU movies and all the black people who are not in the black panther I’m not going to lie, but that’s not it.

I think it’s interesting because it’s necessary to remind people that the genre is incredibly close to metastasis and we need to be able to see other ways forward as if we would not stop making films Based on comics or the use of superheroes or supernatural abilities or whatever, but there are other ways to do that, and I do not expect you to know anything.

I do not expect the x-men MCU movie to hire them to get the movie right I do not think that’s going to happen, but I hope the movie is now available on VOD, hopefully, find an audience that is not in the cinemas, that more people will see this and that. Maybe they are thirsting for something they did not know they were missing. I think more people want more humanity and more structure and wealth in their stories that people have with supernatural abilities that they believe they do because they get a new Marvel movie every three months and they’re just happy to.

I think, even if you’re not a superhero, like fats, color is pretty intriguing and interesting and pleasing to ordinary people – there might be someone who considers superheroes childish, like teenage power fantasies or whatever but I still think that you to see and enjoy this movie because it is less about power than about these women in these actual people. Some parts of the film are less original and exciting than others.

There are definitely parts of the movie that feel like Jett Nichols retreads is a midnight special, which is something of a carpenter-Spielberg hybrid movie he made a little over a small board with Michael Shannon a few years ago had powers and look alien invasion, what you know sort of Close Encounters vibes this stuff I thought it was a bit shallow but the depth once we actually start spending time with Ruth and her mother and daughter says that stuff really is really powerful and it’s just very strong, as if it’s something I’d like to stay in you.

That does not mean that this could easily be like a series or a series of films, and that’s not to the point that it’s not so much that has something to be serious in your franchise or to have sequels it’s the notion that they actually got me to take care of the characters, enough that I would even want that for myself, which is more important than if you actually get a sequel or not. I just think it’s one that’s just something that used to be a hallmark of a good story, tell them that you like people so much and take care of them.

You want to see what happens to them next, but not that you have to go to do it that Fast Color. I do not call it a perfect movie I’m not saying you should drop every single thing to watch it, but I think it’s something you should put at the top of your watch list when you’re cute You will see, it is a beautiful movie, it has really good performances, because very good photography, like the actual visual presentation, is captivating. The music is pretty good. The score is fantastic and it just works.

In recent months, there has been a violent movement, and you know that everyone should have the chance, it Now, actually, and you know, I hope that it has some impact on the industry as a whole, as if it were not as you know it suddenly, like a big sequel go-ahead or a lot more money for it or something but I think the movie is interesting enough and powerful enough to make at least producers and other people and the development look and go, hey we do not have to end everything with a doomsday laser like we did with it to do other things.

Because I think the more diverse the genre and the more diverse the films in general, the better it is for everyone Everyone wants to see different things and as if there were tons by viewers who are satisfied with the same old stuff, because there are no alternatives.

I think alternatives are important and I think fast color are a definite proof of that, hopefully you actually have this movie chance if you have seen it and you have any thoughts please tell me in the comments below what your favorite parts were or if it was you For some reason, do not let me know about it, unless it’s because I do not like seeing black women on the screen when people just go by themselves when


  1. Who’s here after seeing the post about it on Twitter? Honestly, I’m baffled I haven’t heard of it. “Didn’t know how to market it.” Like the description doesn’t practically sell itself, lmao.


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