Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Movie Review

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Movie Review

If you do not know a big Harry Potter fan, I love the movies. I love the books even more. I read all the books in less than two weeks from the basics were fantastic animals the crimes of Grindelwald are chapter 2 of the Harry Potter prequel series first are fantastic animals and where you can now find fantastic animals crime from Grindelwald but not many animals what they are not We will always refer to them as fantastic beasts, because the beasts seem too important in this point where Johnny Depp plays.

Grindelwald follows Ezra Miller’s character Creedence. We know that a lot of people actually tell you that in this way you only find a room full of people who vomit, nothing is more organic than a bunch of people just telling you the plot.

Now Newt Scamander and his friends are trying to stop Grindelwald and Grindelwald is trying to c talk for some of the Clearwater revival and this movie is mostly and mostly aimless like. I could barely tell you the plot of this movie, except that good guys are chasing after bad guys, chasing bad guys that are full of them Characters that are not really important to me I wanted to take care of them in fantastic beasts and where to find them and I somehow clung to him, but then some of her stories ended and in that story they return to the dialogue. This explanation is that I thought we had wiped out her memories as if you had tried, but it did not work. Yes, it did not work.

Where this film is the most interesting is also one of the most frustrating elements of his film, if this film is the most interesting you will see the ties and Easter eggs to the Harry Potter story that you know is always fun in a movie like this one but I should spice up the cake, which should have a solid structure, but it is asked upside down no icing on the cake of the cake is on the icing! you use these easter eggs the icing on the cake and it is only one muddy mess you know I love my food metaphor Jude Law is great as younger Dumbledore Johnny Depp is as great as Grindelwald He is the best part of this movie we’ve already seen.

Fantastic Beasts 2 –
Fantastic Beasts 2 –

The bad guy who’s going to outdo this guy who said when this guy is here he’s damn good. Oh, really, this movie looks boring and lifeless. It’s a boring, lifeless spectacle of spells are cool, the creatures are cool, but that’s the point of this movie, it’s just a showcase of Wizarding World’s shed.

The entire storyline of this film may be summed up in a half-hour episode of a Harry Potter show that lacks the focus of the Harry Potter stories. Maybe it’s because Harry Potter was mostly confined to a school, but that certainly helps That you are in a place where you reach the end of the year, as the end of the year is approaching, as you know. He resents that their threats are becoming ever more real at the end of the school year. The threats they have to deal with here are to be found everywhere, where this person is looking for the person who is looking for her, and to whom she goes.

This country over there has many motives, it lacks the focus and so much as some of the easter eggs are cool, the other easter eggs are there to expand the Laura. Nagini is a person. Yes, Voldemort’s serpent was a person who turns the person into a snake and then there is a snake. I do not need to know I do not care why Nagini can not just be his pet. No one is as loyal as a pet like Voldemort, who trusts a Guinea more than anyone around him That’s what I like about it.

Nagini is a person, which means it gets a little darker when Guinea eats people when it’s somehow blatant. Did another Longbottom know that he beheads a person? Just as I did not know these people Le’s connection to the forest was due to bacteria in their cells New Guinea in this movie is a kind of point I’m trying to make here New Guinea in this movie is not interesting, has no development at all There’s no real character at all The coolest thing about her character is that she’s an animal from the original Harry Potter movies that we know is the only reason you’ll ever see Nagini if ​​Nagini does not Nagini would be if Nagini was an original character as you would be, why this generic feature is here, why is it important to us and where it stops, it stops where the third movie could be a really interesting story, an interesting story that could make the first two useless.

I do not know that I just did not feel that. I did not feel the magic, just a series of easter eggs and throwbacks that are supposed to appease fans in the end. I feel fans just want a better story if you can not imagine a better story. Maybe we should not go back to the wizarding world where the characters were eroded.

The relationships between them were light and the actions confused, as if they just wanted to fill in the time when it would be enough to see easter eggs and links to things you did Magic World, then I think I’ll probably have a good time with his memory, if you need more, you probably will not end it. I just will not remember this at t-minus one day. Yeah, I’ve already forgotten in his movie that you see a lot of spells, but you put on some clothes I do not feel magic, do not hesitate to put that on the Blu-ray box In the Harry Potter movies we could not care , alright, so fantastic that you have seen the filth of the basics.


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