Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Hello, Film lover today is another review that I have not reviewed too often this month, as I am very busy focusing on my movie Oracle before I can start focusing on watching new TV shows and new films To make reviews like this, I managed to sneak into at least one new movie because I wanted to see that and I was pleasantly surprised and felt that it was so important to really make sure I got one as soon as possible Receive a review because I have not heard anyone talk about it and I really think that people are a bit nervous, especially people who like the genre that I think they should be made aware of this movie because I really do Well, but that’s just my opinion.

Sorry, let’s just go. The extracurricular activities are an American comedy-thriller from 2019 directed by JLo II and written by Bob Accidental death of fellow students Parents A police officer notices that this student is associated with all the children of dead parents, but whoever wins the faceoff is not so romantic.

This was another movie that I knew nothing about when I went to the title and poster I remembered in 2017, Tragedy Girl, so I thought it might be that a male high school student was killing his classmates. I enjoy tragedy girls, so I was very open to giving that a chance I loved what I got immediately. We see characters die, but it does not look like a murder. That’s why I was immediately curious how he does it and why in the course of the movie you understand what’s going on and who’s behind it. The motivation of the characters is very interesting. Colin Ford plays our serial killer Regan Collins and I have to say his performance is pretty fast and Lori Reagan sets himself apart from other serial killers in the cinema he is not.

Whether psychotic or sadistic, he does not come from an abusive family or has one To do trauma. He is not even someone who enjoys his killings and to a certain extent never has to get his hands dirty, which makes it fascinating for me overall. Rankin As a first-class student, he is polite and good-natured, has a great relationship with his parents and all teachers love him for his wonderful attitude and healing values. Reagan has ambitions to make the world a better place, but in his mind, this means making the world a better place by murdering the parents of his classmates on demand.

If you can add something, why not get paid? Reagan has rules that will only kill you if you can provide enough evidence that your parents meet the criteria of the deadbeat. Parents who cause emotional or physical harm to their children and their fellow human beings if they feel they have the necessary Having provided evidence that he can work on his public service skills are well planned and proven to be an incredibly methodical person who is quite impressive, no kills are the same it’s fascinating to see him planning these killings and being so precise that he behaves the other way round. Columbo Columbo is a character from an old crime series about a detective who explains crimes.

What is special about this character is that at the beginning of the investigation he always knows who did it, that he only has to prove it, and how he tells his employers in Reagan Case, Andrew BIOS, gives an envelope and instructs her not to open it before the act is done. The envelope contains paper with a date and method for the killings. Those who order his services are unbelievably impressed by how well he can do this, as he always keeps his deadline and never deviates from his method, which I love.

Extracurricular Activities - rapiddrama.com
Extracurricular Activities – rapiddrama.com

This movie is as intelligent as it is, there is humor to the movie, but not an in-your-face comedy. It’s all very subtle, which makes him more appealing and consistent with the movie that this movie does not have violence or boredom, which makes it unique. Reagan never has to be present for death or even perform it himself. He gets things moving and lets the universe do the rest. It’s incredibly refreshing and amplifies everything I’ve talked about films that make you want to throw a lot of blood and courage on the screen, which has the opposite effect. It is unimaginative, it repeats itself and has little purpose.

It does not even have much of a shock anymore, but a movie that has an absence of all these things and is still effective is probably more shocking and also far more appealing than in Europe this movie has the traditional cat and mouse dynamics between murderer and policeman but it is not a good job as embarrassed cop cliff Dawkins he wins no awards for father or husband of the year and he slowly drives off the cliff to prove that Reagan is a killer rea goose and calm Respectful demeanor makes Dawkins angry again and makes him madder, because it’s all pretty real that he’s calm and confident in his ability and relationship with the adults in the community, so he does not have to worry, but Dawkins will stop nothing to save his men and his reputation, even if the danger of his mental health, In the end, this film has only two surprising twists, and as someone who can see a twist that is a mile away, I am incredibly impressed that I have not seen them.

I love the joy that the revelations are so unexpected were and made the whole movie even more impressive than it already was. This takes Reagan’s cunning and intelligence to a whole new level, giving you a whole new perspective on the movie and then providing you with another revelation that is not very common to do more than one, but it was again good and gave the previous events in the movie even more levels. All in all I love this movie, it was unique and it stands I have been interested in other films of the genre from beginning to end, especially in this day and age, and I felt that the style in which The movie was shot, which felt bad or cheap for other films. I think he worked perfectly for this movie.

It almost gave it the Pleasantville tone at times when the juxtaposition of people killed in everything made it somehow more entertaining when high-ranking people gave this one o’clock and I would definitely see them again. I can say I loved her and could not find any fault with it unless I ended up on a really expensive top ten list this year, which I think she probably will not find in this movie. Definitely, It has a place on my list of top ten movies for 2019. I think that’s absolutely great.

I did not expect to see much more lately, namely movies that are not very popular. We have been promoting all the films that are under scrutiny because they are not big budget or big studio films, as I enjoy her much more lately. I think they are much more original. I find them quite a few of them refreshing, you know that I’ve got ched, which of course are a bit cheaper, you’ll come up with some stinkers, but that also happens with blockbusters. I just find it interesting that there are more films that only people do not really talk about, that it’s me that I find it so entertaining that I’ll soon have some of them on my list that I have to watch.

I guess I’ll work through some of them in April, based on the fact that I’ve written down the list and need to go down the list. I probably will not get some of them for a few months, but I’m curious how It will turn out that some of them will hopefully be as good as I dare not Maybe, but it would be really interesting if most of my top 10 for 2019 you know that nothing has been publicly released in the cinemas, at least not in my country. I would find that very interesting. Remember, if you’ve seen this commentary below tell me what you thought about it or if you did not hear it and now I’m the f the first person to tell you, do you think you’re interested in to watch this movie? Let me know in the comments below. I love you, see you next time.


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