E.T. The Extra – Terrestrial

E.T. The Extra – Terrestrial

The alien of 2002 occupied Dee Wallace as Mary Henry Thomas as Eliot Peter Coyote as Keys. Robert McNaughton as Michael Drew Barrymore as Dirty Casey Martel as Gregg Sean Frye as Steve Tom Howell as Tyler, produced by Steven Spielberg.

Kathleen Kennedy, written by Melissa Mathison photographed by Alan Davis edited by Carol Littleton Music by John Williams Dear Raven and a meal Sunday, we sat on the big green couch and watched the Alien eat with your mom and dad, it was The first time any of you saw it Even though you knew a little what to expect because we were on the Universal Tour together, I had seen the E.T. The Extra movie many times since it first appeared in 1982, so I have one eye I wanted to see a boy react to the film on his fourth birthday and a girl who had just turned seven a week ago. It worked well for both of you, as we say in Grandpa Roger’s ratchet, that you never saw your eyes. E.T. The Extra

Not even when it looked as if he was dying and you had to jump next to me because you were scared of having a meal ‘You had to sit on your father’s knee a couple of times, but he never stopped looking, and also not in the bathroom or looking for lost toys do you watch this movie with all your attention the early scenes show a spaceship landing and you suggest that a small creature has lingered behind the ship, which escapes quickly after men and pickups come in search of their headlights and flashlights make visible rays through the foggy night and you remember the same effect during the night Ride in Universal, and the keys hanging on their belts rattle on the soundtrack, so a lost little alien would be born They bend their shots of a sort of suburban home, which they inhabit with a wide driveway in a large back yard. E.T. Extra

E.T. The Extra - Terrestrial Movie Review – RapidDrama.com
E.T. The Extra – Terrestrial Movie Review – RapidDrama.com

A little boy named Elliott Henry Thomas is in the yard when he thinks he sees or hears something that we already know.

Mera watches Elliott move and Raven, when you ask me, this is the vision of et and I said, yes, we see everything from et’s point of view now and I thought you had asked a very good question because the Most children of your age would not have noticed that the camera had the point of view that we saw everything from the bottom to the bottom, how a little creature would see it and experience what he or she would see after we hit a stranger Planets had wandered out of the forest as we watched you realize how right it was to ask that question. The whole movie is based on what filmmakers call viewpoint.

Almost every single important attitude is either seen as she would see it or as Elliot would see it and things are understood as they would Understand, there are no crucial moments when the camera falls behind and it looks like she’s grown up. E.T. Extra

Normally we look at things with the eyes of a child or an alien, when Elliot and et see each other for the first time, both jump back into shock and surprise we all see each other from the other when the camera is standing back and showing a whole scene. which she does not show with adult eyes For example, there is a moment when Elliot’s mother, Dee Wallace Stone, do the housework and never realizes that she is moving out of her line of sight. The camera stays away from her.

We do not see her seeing her way and that, because it does not matter which way she looks later, we get a great shot showing what she sees when she puts all his stuffed toys in Elliot’s closet looked at and did not notice that one of the toys is actually for all of us In this setting, we laughed, but it was an exception. E.T. Extra

Basically we looked through little eyes, not big ones, for example in the scene where they do tricks or treat with the sheet over their heads and we can see how he can do it through the holes on the sheet later in In the scenes that really troubled you, Raven return the men in the trucks they know are in Elliot’s house, and they are scientists who want to investigate the alien creature, but there is not a single moment in which they’ve grown to talk and explain what they’re doing.

We only hear small parts of their dialogue, as Elliot may know. Then we know that Elliot and et are spiritually connected so Elliot can feel that he’s giving the adults the Elliot prize to leave it, but the grown-ups do not take him seriously, a kid knows what that feels like, and then, when Elliot gets his big brother to drive the getaway car, and the brother says I’ve never driven forward before you can identify with the fact that kids always see their parents drive and we never did it ourselves.

We liked the scene where the bikes fly, which we suspected would come because we had taken Elliot on a private bike ride earlier, so we knew he could do that a bit too long, as if Steven Spielberg, who filmed the movie, wanted to build up too much unnecessary tension, but when these motorcycles left, I remember a horrible moment in which I saw the movie, even the audience there can see people who have watched thousands of films who were crying at that moment, then the scene is over and I phoned home and the spaceship came to get it. He’s in the woods with Elliot, the gangway on the ship comes down and in the door, we can see you see another creature like Et standing with a light behind a meal? You said that’s Et’s mom. E.T. Extra

Then you paused for a second and now said, how do I know we all laughed because you made it as funny as you often do? You’re a natural comedian, but when I remembered that, I wondered where the food was coming from, that it could have been Its father or sister, or the ship’s pilot, but I agree with you that it was probably his mother because she sounded like a mother when she made the noise and then I thought the fact that you knew that this is a sign of how well Steven Spielberg made his film because you are a little young to understand the point of view, but you were old enough to react to one for the whole movie.

‘I’ve seen almost everything the eyes of ETR Elliot in the final moments when you identified yourself with it and whom he most missed missing in the spaceship door, maybe for him, his mother, of course Steven Spielberg did not think so and thought he was just like a kid and was really 500 years old, which does not matter, because Spielberg left it open for all of us, that’s the sign of a great filmmaker he just explains what he does has to explain, and with a great movie that lasts longer, the less it needs to be explained that another filmmaker who was not so good had subtitles and said that you’re out there, it’s mom, but that would have been stupid and you would have taken the joy of knowing it lets mom and the joy of being able to tell the rest of us well, that was it for this letter, we had a great weekend, kids. I was proud of how brave you both were during your first pony rides and proud of what good movie critics you are.


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