Take a moment to see how Batman and the penguin are back together in the circus. How many movies did Tim Burton make with a circus three that I can not say he hate circus guys so secretly does she love getting on Dumbo, so Dumbo is the newest movie in the sloop Disney live-action Adaptations of existing Disney features and of course Dumbo is all about the big-eared elephant that could fly.

Dumbo is a funny thing, the Dumbo has movies like an hour and 10 minutes, so fill them with much more action. His plot is about Colin Farrell or returning soldiers from the war. His children work in a circus. Danny DeVito leads the circus and there is Michael Keaton’s character who runs a bigger circus.

They are bigger and want to earn money. They do not care about the talent they have or the fans who just want to see them as legitimate in having people under their roof who are more talented than they, the beings they can be. Do you see how cool we all are? Do not join in, they’re a waste of our time, so in this version of Dumbo and me, there’s a lot more going on. I’ll talk about what I liked about Dumbo, which is good first of all. Dumbo is damn charming. I love Dumbo.

All that concerns Dumbo is just that I do not know that my heart is melting, Dumbo, I mean, the live-action cast was mostly okay, but the CGI baby elephant really did. I know sweet and sweet baby elephant does not make a good character or a good movie A pretty good foot to start with.

Dumbo 2 – RapidDrama.com
Dumbo 2 – RapidDrama.com

You are like me, Dumbo. So, what he still has at the end of the movie. Dumbo was the movement of the film that broke my heart every time I searched for a character, it was not the kids, it was not the adults, it was the CGI elephant baby, if I say well I mean well like most people in this movie are good Michael Keaton is actually my least favorite character unlike Danny DeVito. I thought he was really good for his character, he is an eccentric owner of a traveling circus he plays, as Danny DeVito would do for Michael Keaton’s character is a super corporate guy.

I have a feeling Michael Keaton played a role in a Tim Burton movie as Johnny Depp. When you look at it, think that it should definitely be Johnny Depp. Come on, let’s not lie here, if the movie wants it to bring the emotions home, you feel like a member of the audience when Dumbo flies as if you’re on a tower. Huh, the score goes up and pays off when it flies, and that’s it. If this movie remembers, it should give you the inspiring feeling that it does not change the fact that the movie comes out through the Transformers edition, Let me explain for a second here, I mean the original animation of Transformers was about Transformers. The humans were the secondary characters they did not need, but they were there to anchor the show in our world.

When the movie came out, the movie was about the human characters that make Dumbo that they are Disney animals that talk about Disney animals, even when they are in live-action adaptations of Disney films from Disney speak, but with dumbo animals the mouse character friend does not speak, he has a miniature, he sits in a cage, but he is not part of the movie and it really turns It does not change the fact that I am for the human characters I invested in it because the movie maybe wanted me to be even more invested than I thought I would even be fun if I had not seen.

Dumbo since I was four and the babysitter put it on the Laying a laser disk and showing me that he was shutting his mouth and only showing me that Dumbo was all the other kids in the school that I was too young to go to school, so the Dumbo animation is not fresh in my mind, but when I saw this movie, there were those recalls that were just loud.

I was like oh my god. Yes, I remember that kind of oh my god. I remember that this is like a strange subconscious mind that really makes me wake up, I clearly see it I do not think, I do not remember it because I was too young I just do not remember it because it is I was not in the animation as if I did not remember a super circus that was in direct competition The little circus and the super circus looked like some kind of Tim Burton Ste.


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