Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death

Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death

I won’t have that trash in my house. We’re looking at Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death I won’t watch That’s wise. This one is, irredeemably dreadful. That is the most grotesque, the most obscene thing I’ve seen in my life Dr Henry Jekyll is the great grandson of Dr Henry Jekyll. You are a fiend, Jekyll, just like your infamous great grandfather, a fiend! and is continuing his research into the inherent violence of man by kidnapping people, injecting them with a serum and watching them fight… whilst incessantly narrating.

In the continuing viewing of my experiments filmed here in my lab, it is interesting see how the subjects react under serum. He seems to have confined his kidnap victims to people with martial arts training. insistently they are both trained in the oriental martial arts. At the end of the fight. Knock them out Well I think we all learnt something there. Perhaps even contribute something to humanity I sort of doubt it. At the same time there seem to be some problems in Jekyll’s marriage.

My only real comfort is the sensual and enchanting Julia I bet she doesn’t say similarly nice things about you. So, still you reject me I wonder why. And now her father is coming It’s always awkward meeting the in-laws; You’re not good enough for my daughter, how are you going to support her, why have you hung her from the wall. I told him you were dead I guess that’s one way to sidestep the awkwardness.

I can’t believe my daughter is dead Forgive me that emotional display. Naturally, Julia’s father, professor Atkinson, wants to see his poor daughter’s body, but when Jekyll refuses he’s happy enough to talk about other things. Some of the finest beef cattle I’ve ever laid eyes on And I thought this was going to be a sad trip. Well yes I suppose there wouldn’t be any harm in seeing your films Despite watching some of the doctor’s home movies.

Dr. Jekylls Dungeon of Death
Dr. Jekylls Dungeon of Death

My God this is awful, revolting It takes Atkinson half the film to think that maybe something weird is going on. I fear Jekyll has changed for the worst It was the death matches that first aroused my suspicion. My God, there is madness in this house And on discovering that his daughter is still alive but a captive, his reaction is as lacking in genuine emotion as when he thought she was dead. Julia, you’re alive From a practical standpoint… Jekyll, do you always keep your house so dark?

This film is shot in near total darkness and despite a cunning excuse… My eyes are extremely sensitive to sunlight it’s hard to shake the feeling this is to hide the settings. Can you find your way in the dark? The film never leaves Jekyll’s home and only 4 people speak in the entire movie, 2 of them only briefly. Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death

I won’t take up any more of your time Making this essentially a 90 minute duologue. At great length Interspersed with fights… and creepy scenes between Jekyll and his insane sister. You’re just like mother – that’s why I hate you. You even make me want you like her Although Jekyll himself isn’t exactly stable. Ice! Ice! Baby. The poor actress playing the sister, by the way is required to do nothing but stand in the corner, gurning at whatever is going on.

The subjects, they’re coming to. I was wondering how this got made and I found myself starting to equate writer/director/producer James Wood with Jekyll himself. My genius might be flawed That level of arrogant self-belief in the face of everything going to shit. All has gone wrong and the stubborn refusal call it a day and not inflict this monstrosity on the world, Failure… But I will continue In the end, this is a film in which the lead character has a love scene with a dru*ged woman suspended from the wall, while his lobotomised sister watches and touches herself. Why would you do this with her father in the house? I need your help I have to think there were better ways to ask. may you rot in hell Henry Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death


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