Doraemon Birthday Special Doraemon’s Long Day Movie Review

Doraemon Birthday Special Doraemon’s Long Day, Okay so hey guys and today we are finally back with another Doraemon video and I am doing a Doraemon video after such a long time. It’s kind of unbelievable that I had not made a Doraemon video for such a long time since I just love Doraemon so much! Anyways, today we are going to review another one of those Doraemon birthday specials and this time it is Doraemon’s Long Day which is the 2009 Doraemon Birthday Special and in my opinion, the best and most Doraemon birthday special there ever is and probably will be.

Doraemon Birthday Special Doraemon's Long Day
Doraemon Birthday Special Doraemon’s Long Day

Anyways, let’s begin the review! Okay so this Birthday Special itself starts off with a Denja scene so we are also going to start off this review by talking about Denja. His introduction is “meh” but what we get after that from this villain is so good! Denja is obviously my favorite Doraemon Birthday Special villain because he is not only very evil and intelligent but we also see the good side of him and can sympathize with him.

Although I didn’t sympathize with him because I of course started to hate him in the middle but at the end, he was just okay. And sympathetic villains can be a pretty big risk because if the audience does not sympathize with the villain, the villain is not only not a good sympathetic villain but not a good villain in itself but here, they successfully pulled off making a sympathetic villain and that’s great! I really like Denja in Doraemon’s body and how evil he looks in Doraemon’s body, especially near the end of the movie at night, where his red eyes were glowing and all. I was also surprised when he said “Die!” to the real Doraemon who was in his red body not just once but two times.

That caught me so off guard because Doraemon is a kid’s show and the villain telling the main character to die is a bit too dark for a kid’s show. I did enjoy both of the Doraemon vs. Denja fights though. Okay so Denja had cunningly used the Substitution Rope which was hanging out of Doraemon’s pocket at the time in the hospital and had successfully managed to swap bodies with Doraemon which led to some really bad moments for Doraemon. And after seeing this Birthday Special, I think we can all see why it was named “Doraemon’s Long Day” because it surely was a long day. It was just so sad to see the innocent Doraemon run from the Future Police for the crimes he didn’t even commit. I felt so bad for him. And I like how he transported back into the past.

While he was escaping from the police, he stumbled upon a Time Belt which was unfortunately not working at the time. Then he also found a red marble which was just laying on the ground and that red marble encourage him to repair the Time Belt so that he could go back to Nobita, who desired that Red Marble for building a clay doll of Doraemon but before he could do that, the police arrived and attacked Doraemon and before the police could finish him once and for all, the Time Belt got activated and transported him into the future.

Doraemon Birthday Special Doraemon's Long Day Movie Review
Doraemon Birthday Special Doraemon’s Long Day Movie Review

Now many people say that the gadget “conveniently turned on” but they are SO wrong. The police actually attacked Doraemon who was in Denja’s body with some electrical gadget and shocked him and that electrical gadget was the thing that made the Time Belt charge up again and get activated. Okay so in the final scene Doraemon takes away Nobita to the Hill Behind School and gives him that red marble that he had wanted.

But unfortunately, Denja found both of them and starts firing at them with his Triple Air Cannon which was both awesome and terrifying at the same time! It was so powerful that I was genuinely scared for Doraemon. Doraemon quickly threw a tree towards Denja to show the power of nature and that was even successful and it hit him and he was about to fall when Dorami saved him. Yes, now Dorami and the Future Police had come to the 21st Century just to get Doraemon who still was being mistaken for Denja.

The future police was about to shoot Doraemon and finish him once and for all when suddenly Nobita rushed into the scene and ran towards Doraemon and then asked “Are You Okay, Doraemon?” dialogue was so emotional that it instantly broke me and shattered my heart.

This is another example of the unbreakable friendship between Doraemon and Nobita and this moment was just so great. That dialogue itself was enough to make this Birthday Special 10 out of 10 material. Anyways, now, Denja finally gives him and tells the police that he is in fact, Denja and not Doraemon and then they swap each other’s bodies once again and everything goes back to normal. I wish Denja returns someday in some episode just to teach Nobita baseball or something like that because he truly was not only a great villain but also, a great character. Rating- 10/10



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