Door in the Woods

Door in the Woods

It’s delicious, it’s musty, it eats kids on its Door in the Woods, Hollywood has managed to make a decent horror movie, and I do not know how long it will take you to be online, and you’ll get some find really good shorts Here’s one that airs on Crypt TV, Oh my god, I love Crypt TV, but this one is the Door in the Woods.

It’s written by Joey Green and it’s pretty good that he starts with those three kids who look like coke. We’re going to the Little House on the Prairie clothes down a street and they’re going to this thing and say, no, there’s a reason they say we should not go there and then they come to that door in the Forest all kinds of marks have cautioned, whatever and this one poor kid decides well that he is fiddled in and he goes and you know, tries to open the door and it does not work, but he cuts his hand and then opens that Blood the lock Just three minutes later we open the door One and a half minutes we have our first kill and listen carefully. Horror movies are great except to let the kids survive. I hate that everyone is killed, but the children are inviolable and they are never hurt.

He eats the children, he eats the mothers, he eats the fathers, now one kid is eaten by the other to run a little boy, who runs into his house with the three surviving children, and then his father asks what’s going on. His mother asks what’s wrong and then they hear the growl and screams and he goes out with his gun and you hear more screams and then the monster comes in the house it’s a really good looking monster and this monster does something I do like it eats mom and then the two kids who are the stupidest kicks instead of running as fast as possible, stay around and then find that they were a bit slow and it eats it and it eats its sister Now is the little girl, who had her name at the beginning with the three children, Carrie. Now the actress playing Carrie is really good.

Door in the Woods -
Door in the Woods –

She comes home and you basically realize that her dad is different because everyone else is wearing blue clothes like Little House on the Prairie, but daddy wears a red shirt, and I know the name of the actor who plays the dad, though I just look at him and how he behaves, you know that he’s really an asshole I mean for the character I do not know what he’s like in real life, he could probably be the nicest guy in the world, well Dad and a little girl and mom try to get away, but here comes the monster and the monster eats mom, Daddy, and the little girl are running and Daddy tells the little girl that you stay here, you stay here and so he runs away and a little girl is scared and she goes to see what he’s doing and there he is at the green door, the door in the woods and he’s doing well with the chains what he’s up to when he’s dealing with the chains he becomes very, very important.

He begins to tie up his daughter and says you opened it. We should keep this creature here. We protect the world from the monster. He begins to shackle his daughter Screaming goes over him, because right behind daddy is the monster that is the bat, and he says go back into the hole, the bat does not do that, instead he eats dad and then come she somehow in the door. Carrie goes to close the door and she is torn off her arm, trying to get her out.

She closes the door and says a few words. She ends up with Carrie – one arm leans against the door and you know Carrie is going to die – this is a good movie that’s done in just over 13 minutes you want to see a good horror movie, that’s Door in the Woods, the link is in the description to see it, you’ll like it and if you do not like it, something is wrong with you and you should be examined if that’s true with one or the other big hit the door in the forest on Kripke b and go to tv you have a lot of good movies I will start to talk about.

The movies you can see on different channels – because there are many good and they should talk about hell if they talk about these Hollywood movies, they are all crap with CGI and no story and at least online we get people who make movies that are yay for it, so it’s back to Door in the Woods on tv.


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