DJ Cinderella Netflix Movie Review

DJ Cinderella Netflix
I’m sure some of you are probably sitting there and scratching your head wondering why someone like me would sit down and take the time to watch a movie called DJ Cinderella, or I think his name is Cinderella Pop About This To answer the question.

I want to do all that movie review someday and like any other job I have to sit down and look at a few things that really do not interest me, but on the other hand the example I tell everyone is that you sometimes get a movie like The Incredibles and that this is a very rare movie for which he was marketed for children and should be seen by families, but basically it is actually a man going through a mid-life crisis Increases the relativity of the movie and adds more depth and layers to a movie in my opinion.

But it’s not surprising that I did not see much of it in this movie, but at the same time, I do not think this movie would catch the opinion of the people I In my demographic group, I did not put the film completely in the bin.

Just because I’m not the target, but as the title implies, is essentially an updated version of the Cinderella story that we all know, but I give thanks for not just trying it, I have also trying to distort the myth a bit. In this case, Cinderella‘s mom and dad are still alive and they are an integral part of the story, while in the old case they are just the naughty stepmother and they know bad step-sisters and that’s it and they’ve made the movie far less fantastic and they have tried a bit more with the musical.

DJ Cinderella Netflix –
DJ Cinderella Netflix –

Basically most of the core concepts are there, but the movie I really have to do a bit of honor to make it leaner, but I find it a bit difficult to recommend this movie to anyone as it is also in Portuguese and part of the dialogue is very fast. So if you say that a child can not read so well and you try to stay, it’s a bit difficult, which is not the fault of the movie, but I mean unless you’re fluent in Portuguese.

I do not know who the films are for, because at the same time the film itself is very caricaturing in nature, whether that’s what acting is, or just the way that story generally develops, but uh, I do not know that I see this movie is a weird experience, but in no way is it a horrible movie, it’s not the worst thing I’ve seen, but somehow I do not know who it is for, well, I guess that it somehow exists, so I think if I said me for a score of ten, I just get a neutral rating of 5.0 out of 10 that I do not know.

Who exactly gets bored or discovers this movie and enjoys it, but who does more power because it works? But either way, it’s my thoughts. What do you think about this book week? Do you have any thoughts? Hop in the comments.



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