Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool a highly anticipated movie for a lot of people, starring Ryan Reynolds who absolutely steals the show as Deadpool, of course (you can tell that from the trailers). And thank the Gods of the Cinema Arts that this movie was rated R because it went all out with that rating – violence, and language, and there is no way this would have worked as a PG-13 movie.

Deadpool is directed by Tim Miller, this is his first feature film (good job, Tim Miller for this being your first feature film). And this IS an origins story, and as such the story itself isn’t super amazingly special – it kind of goes through the motions. In this case, we have Wade Wilson who is a former Special Forces operative, and he has this girl who is the love of his life.

Then some shit goes down, he gets superpowers, and some guy does him wrong – you have your villain in the face of the original casting for Daario Naharis from “Game of Thrones“. You get the drill. What makes this movie is not the story – it’s the characters, particularly Deadpool, but also some secondary characters that were definitely memorable.

It is the well-ochoreographed, fun action, it’s the pop culture references, it’s the humor that is often vulgar (sometimes a little bit too vulgar, depending on how you like your humor). But in general, it all works, and this is exactly the kind of movie that was necessary to set up this character, and to set up a potentially very interesting sequel. I’m not saying that this leaves anything on a cliffhanger – it doesn’t, but what I mean is that I think most of us can agree that origins stories aren’t the most interesting part about a character.

The most interesting part is when you get to develop that character, and take the story further, and in this case the setup was really, really well done – we set everything up, and now in the sequel they can really dive deeper with this, which I would love to see. I do have to say that some of the CGI looked a little bit questionable. I’m not sure if they meant for it to look cartoony, or if that was just kind of the budget limitations that they had, but in some places it did stand out to me.

Deadpool Movie Review
Deadpool Movie Review

Particularly, when it came to Colossus who for some reason walks around in his metal form the entire movie, which is not how Colossus works, from what I’ve read in X-Men comics. But maybe they just didn’t have the budget to actually do a transformation from human to armored form. I don’t know, but when it came to his character, it definitely stood out to me, especially when he talked or had to interact with other characters – that kind of thing. But you know no movie is perfect. In the end, I really had a ton of fun watching “Deadpool“, and I absolutely think you need to check it out.

First of all, check it out because it’s a fun movie, and if you are into that kind of humor and that kind of action – you are going to have a blast with “Deadpool”. But also check it out because we need to support a rated R, more risky type of superhero movie because it’s a different way to do superheroes, and we need more of that in our superhero films that get released year after year.

I’m going to be giving “Deadpool” 4 out of 5 stars. It was a very entertaining movie to watch, and even though it’s not perfect it is still a ton of fun, and it is exactly what you would expect after watching the trailers and seeing all the marketing – from the character himself to the jokes, to the breaking of the fourth wall. It is all there and it is a blast, so definitely go see this one in theatres, and definitely stay until you see the after credits scene because that’s also a thing, of course, in a superhero movie. Let me know what you thought about.


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