De De Pyaar De

De De Pyaar De

De De Pyaar De As a fifty-year-old who is very aware of his age, the usually alpha actor plays unusually calm. He donates valuables to excavators and can not even push an old car without strong women helping him. In fact, in this film, only women wear their pants, especially in relation to Devgn’s Ashish: his estranged wife Manju intimidates him almost two decades after their breakup, and a young woman named Aisha drinks his whiskey and lets him rattle his ice cubes.

The plot is simple:

London Ashish brings the much younger Aisha back to India to meet his wife and children, but chickens do not want to tell them that she is his girlfriend. Hi-Jinks predictably follow. The situation is ripe for comedy, but directorial debutant Akiv Ali does not manage to strike the balance between clever humor and broad farce and create something that wants to be smart but looks and sounds like a Priyadarshan slapstick mess.

De De Pyaar De -
De De Pyaar De –

The main problem is the girl. Aisha, a self-confident and drinking barman on the weekend, is played by Rakul Preet Singh, an incredibly vacant actress who has been entrusted with too much playing time. It’s not just the actress – the character is unbelievably problematic, a girl who passes out drunk in a man’s house and wonders why he did not exploit her. “You could do it to me and you did not do it?” She laughs in disbelief that he will miss the rape. This is a movie pretending to be brave.

We saw romances from May to December – Balkis Cheeni Kum comes to mind, another movie captured in an exquisite tabu phrase – though here’s the problem: the radical concepts used here are not in the humble notion of one elderly man a man who plays a younger woman who makes love, but instead in a star-like Devgn, who admits he is too old for the films he usually makes, and for the heroines he plays with Starring.


We know that. We also know that this is unique, and a police uniform will soon pull back tightly over his chest. There is nothing new here. However, it is interesting that Ajay Devgn is so good at playing someone who may not be an Ajay Devgn fan. Is that a confession?


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