Darker Than Night Movie Review

Darker Than Night Movie Review

We will deal with the blindness of director Johnny Mitchell and the uncorked conversation. Now blindsight is what a stupid title for a movie about a blind girl and the reason that it used to be called Darker Than Night, which is much better than blind eyes. Actually, it should not be Johnny Mitchell’s first feature film, and he used to make television.

He’s a TV director, but on the upside it’s Canadian, eh, I love Canadian horror, Darker Than Night. I love the Canadians, now this is a mix of a kind of psycho-revenge movie mixed with a house invasion. Nothing remarkable about this story. As for the story, a much greater amount of tension could have been used on this ATV Johnny you have. A ratchet that says you have a blind girl, and the people who try to kill you just write themselves, but really nothing great, which got me out of the movie.

The main character

the blind girl she looked like, that should be me, that’s what she’s supposed to be at university, so you know it’s a Canadian Grade 9 grade. She is at university. She is in the hospital. And you know what I say. Yes, as if she should be at university With a few of her friends who look incredibly younger than her, it got me out of the movie. I looked up, and the actress is actually 30, when she looks too old to play, to be at university In Canada, it certainly took me out of the movie, my wife too.

Darker Than Night - rapiddrama.com
Darker Than Night – rapiddrama.com

We were both the way she should be in college. I do not think I call, and we were right. Overall, you know it’s just a mediocre thriller movie decent production could do decent work I might have chosen a better casting director, but you just know each other out and there’s really nothing special about it. Let’s come to the final review, now if we have the question of whether I would recommend people to look at this or that or that and that and yes, you know, it’s worth the clock, as I said, there’s really something other than the bad casting.

I would say that there is really nothing wrong with that. It was entertaining enough for a quick watch, but the burning question, as always, I would buy it and for that I have to give you a fat no I would not buy it I’ve seen it that’s enough it’s not special enough to it to add to my collection so let’s go and have everyone who has my rating and I stick to it until I see everything until you get again as always bye-bye from my house



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