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Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix was staged by Simon Kinberg, a longtime producer of X-Men films, who was a director for the first time. This film is about Jean Gray, and he explores the devastating power in her and her troubles to exploit all the people in her life like her parents Charles Xavier and her friends in the X-Men who are trying to outstrip this power save, as well as some dangerous new people who want to use this power for themselves, are not the first time that we explore this aspect of Jean Gray In a film by X-Men, The Last Stand has also proven itself, and it was definitely one the smaller X-Men movies.

Not quite as horrible as some people say of Dark Phoenix I was really looking forward to including these characters with these actors in this story, and I really wanted to see what Sophie Turner would do with it, and a big plus of the movie is Sophie Turner Because this figure is great, she goes through a lot of changing emotions very quickly and it never seems messy because she is able to ride the wave that makes up this figure. For James McAvoy it’s also impossible to be bad in a movie, he’s just amazing and everything and once again he’s great as Charles Xavier, and Michael Fassbender as Magneto.

There is a lot of talent in this film and it is rarely wasted. Unfortunately, I would say that acting is my favorite aspect of this movie. Moreover, this was a chaotic and boring movie that did not. I do not do much for myself and that comes from someone who has strongly defended Fox’s X-Men films. I really love this franchise and I’ve liked almost everyone for almost 20 years, but in the case of Dark Phoenix, I would not do that Let’s say the movie infuriated me or anything I did not throw out of the theater.

It was just boring and it feels like we were built on it. Nothing’s really interesting because they’re approaching this character as this new threat that could come Break down the world that Charles Xavier has been trying to build, and it’s this big threat that Jean Gray possesses of these skills to Troi to tell everything, and yes, she does some bad things and she upsets some characters because she makes decisions, but it’s never what you would expect if you completely destroyed the government’s view of mutants, but at Secondly, these films showed mutants doing things far worse than anything Jean Gray did in this one Film does, and apparently threatened to demolish everything that Xavier has built.

Dark Phoenix 1 – RapidDrama.com
Dark Phoenix 1 – RapidDrama.com

I expected it to get a lot darker, especially for the title, which I honestly knew would not happen, but I wish this movie was rated R. I think he really benefited from that, and I do not think he would have lost an audience after watching Logan and Deadpool one and two. The franchise was so successful that I think this film could really have benefited from a bit more intensity, but let’s talk about this schedule for a second, because it’s really confusing now, and it bothers me slowly that I start paying much more attention to it.

In the past, I’ve been trying to look at each one with the x-men movies and to see what this movie did for me and its story, but when Days of Future past came out, it was a great movie, but it’s messed up a lot now. The universe is omnipresent where things may have happened or we thought they did not happen that whole movie was deleted, and we should not take the events of these films seriously any more Things are going to happen in Dark Phoenix.

It just has nothing to do with the pre-existing films we’ve seen on X-Men 1 and 2, and so it’s obvious that there’s something scattered now, whatever Logan is in Past of Days of Future has done, because if you go into this movie and expect a kind of connective tissue from 1992, if this movie plays until the year 2000, when x-men happened. Apparently, you will not get that for another in eight years.

James McAvoy is evolving from James McAvoy to James McAvoy like Patrick Stewart and if you really want to investigate the tale of the X-Men franchise, especially with Dark Phoenix, is starting to get annoying and threatening to ruin the entire movie, so I tried not to think about it while watching the movie and just rolling around with the punches but if you’re interested in that, that’s really going to bother you.

I think you can say that there has been an effort to deviate from the more stylized approach of earlier X-Men films because Kinberg’s directing, which incidentally is his directorial debut, was his only other honor. The final season finale of The Twilight Zone Jordan reboots So this is a big thing that you have to steer suddenly. It can be said that he did not set any action standards. It can be said that he does not always know how to do it.

The conversation feels like something else than being shot in the opposite direction because the scenes where the characters just sit and talk can sometimes be a bit boring since this is written and directed by Ken Berg, this is absolutely true. According to his vision on screen, the film was extremely overworked after I understood how to add a third nude sequence with a move. Now I did not really know that after the film I researched and watched the movie the way I saw it.

Just like all right, that’s got to be what he wants to do and I remember when it came to this train sequence came, I was like wow, that’s more exciting than the rest of the movie. Why is this suddenly another movie that I even said in my film? Head, while I look at it, it seems to be another movie and then I went home and found out that it was a reshoot and that is disappointing for many reasons I tried to do it in a movie and it just did not really work and it has very little to do with the themes of this story.

The idea that Jean Gray fights her with this force, whether she can accept it or not, can still keep her friends, if she accepts this power or if she does, she will simply get angry and murder the entire universe , I like the idea of ​​exploring that, but both movies have done exactly the same with this character, when she’s in that state, just make her like that A ticking time bomb that’s boring and works in some scenes.

After that, you’ll need to investigate the complexity of this bomb a bit more closely. If it’s just a ticking time bomb, it’s only going to be reduced, which is less than it could be. Jessica Chastain has an important contribution to this film that I did not know, and I do not know if other people know about it.

So I’m not going to go into that because I did not see too many of the trailers I’ve seen like one and I have not read any of the articles or interviews that always come out about these characters and their work, but their character has plenty of time the screen and their goals are an integral part of this story, and you can tell it’s trying to be something that has an impact on Jeanne, but nothing really comes of it was terribly handled and really thrown away almost disposable and yet it is so important to the narrative, but it does not feel as if you could just say that writing really needs it to be important, but you just do not do it.

I do not care about your whole story like you do with Jean Grae, but the side effect that Cyclops has in this movie, which I will never forget because my friend and I are probably on the way home for five minutes Have long laughed about how he tries to be super tough and it just did not work out.

In the end, the best parts of Dark Phoenix for me were the actors that were all great in the movie, but it just did not feel as intense as it needed, and the messages were very important. It’s very important to get involved forced and not deserving to feel what the author hopes the themes will not really do and show things, and while this sequence gives the movie a lot of action the finale was more exciting than ever. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie was too late. It was not that entertaining at all, and the characters say and do things that just do not do anything that they should.

It was so much better than it was and it could have been if they had just done so and really let Jean Grae go but it’s not like they’re playing it safe. I’m going to give Dark Phoenix a C, so folks, if you see Dark Phoenix, I’d like to know what you’re thinking, because this is the end of an era since Marvel has had Fox for 19 years and I think the new mutants are always coming.


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