Cutterhead Movie Review

Cutterhead Movie Review

I think this movie should have a claustrophobic warning, as the whole movie basically plays in an underground tunnel and much in a confined space. So if it does not interest you, then it’s also a Danish movie It’s actually at least 98% in English, but the whole premise of the movie and the story itself are one of the simplest and most direct ones I’ve seen in a long time have. I mean, the premise is basically the movie that does not exist.

There is still a lot to tell, especially with regard to the plot, but that does not necessarily mean that it’s bad and it’s basically about this woman, a kind journalistic photographer sent to the new metro tunnel under construction to interview this multicultural crew. This is working on the project, but while she’s down there in the tunnel, something goes awry and she has to figure out the way to escape And that’s basically the cutterhead movie, as I said, nothing fancy.

Although it’s just a very simple and slimmed down trailer, I’d say it’s pretty effective until things get very intense and extreme at the end become claustrophobic. From a technical point of view, it’s a good looking movie, not the best, but okay and pretty well-phrased together with the actors, it may not be the best, but I would not think it bad either, and towards the end, the arid actress, the main character plays, clearly, it’s probably not an easy role to play, and the shooting conditions could not have been fantastic, because I think they actually did that on-site in the real tunnels.

Technically, a lot of it could have been shot on a set, and it would have made sense, but if it had been the production team, it would have done a fantastic job, because it looks absolutely authentic, it really looks like it’s really on a construction site with all the sand and the dirt down there and the tunnel recordings would have to be done right away. I do not think they could have made sets like this. That makes me wonder how exactly a movie like this is made because there is not an extremely long amount of time to work with.

Cutterhead -
Cutterhead –

Here you would have to hear that the tunnel project has this idea. Write the script The crew gets the finances to get permission to shoot on an active construction site, then spin the thing, edit it, and do the postproduction. A fascinating and weird way to make a movie, though I’m asked, I think the end result is okay, although I honestly did not like it that much, especially since I did not find it very convincing on a deeper emotional level. I think that’s very good, probably because of its simplicity the story and the main character. She was okay, but not so sophisticated. She does not have much depth.

There is no obvious reason to worry about her except for the fact that she is a human in a terrible situation that will always pay a little sympathy, but I just found that cutterhead movie is a bit too much of a The only thing the film had to do for me and yes, it worked, but it was not enough to really invest me and as such, it’s just a good movie I can watch, but not much more than that I did not really get much.

I would, however, recommend it if you hate tight spaces and want to be freaked out safely and if you do not you want to be freaked out, stay away from it and for everyone else, it’s the right thing. I’m not your dad, but I’m trying to sell it, so think about whether I like it. I beat this bell and supported myself on the Patreon, because I really have to dig an escape tunnel, in case it should happen an emergency and hey why not drop a comment below or tick out another rating I would appreciate.


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