Crayon Shin-chan: Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys – Ramen Rebellion Movie Review

Crayon Shin-chan: Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys – Ramen Rebellion which is a pretty long but also fun title. I really love when these anime movies have long weird titles like these. Anyways, let’s begin the review! Okay so first let’s talk about Masao. I really liked him near the beginning of the movie since he was hilarious near the beginning. However, the hilariocity easily faded away once Shinchan and the others found out where he was getting all that bravery from.

Okay so now let’s talk about the guide or side characters and Lan was actually one of the better side characters of the Shinchan Universe. She is funny and interesting at the same time, unlike most other side character of the Shinchan movies who have to sacrifice being funny just for the sake of being an interesting character. However, I think she should have gotten a little less screen time because she got so much screen time and attention in the movie that it felt like it was her movie and not Shinchan’s which is not a good thing.

That old guy who trained Masao was also good, I guess? But I would like to see him in action a little more since his fights were entertaining. Okay so this time the villain is not just a person but an entire company! Ramen Black Panda is an entertaining concept and but I wish they explained how the people who ate the ramen became addicted to it and started wanting more and more and if they didn’t get more they started going crazy and all.

The boss of the company is actually pretty scary since he proved how powerful he was pretty early on by defeating that old man because I was actually expecting the old man to defeat the boss or at least scare him away with his techniques but it went completely in the opposite direction and the one who got defeated was that old man himself! I also loved that Black Panda that the villain had in his giant room since that panda was large and cute and I liked it.

Crayon Shin-chan Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys - Ramen Rebellion
Crayon Shin-chan Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys – Ramen Rebellion

However, I didn’t like how the villain just randomly chomped on what looked like small bamboo trees and even telephones since that was weird and disgusting. Anyways, I really loved the scene where Michi, Yoshirin, Kitamoto and the others who were affected by the ramen noodles started chasing and shooting the Nohara family with Ramen bullets and fish meatball bombs.

That was by far the funniest scene of the movie and so it was automatically my favorite. Anyways, after that they escape to China and then Shinchan passes the test which is required to get the secret power but he would have to drink a yellow substance to do that and he didn’t want to and so Lan herself drank it, even though she wasn’t worthy.

Crayon Shin-chan Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys - Ramen Rebellion Movie Review
Crayon Shin-chan Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys – Ramen Rebellion Movie Review

Then they immediately got out of there and I was pretty sad that we never got to see that green spirit or monster once again. Okay so Lan just destroys everyone in the Ramen Black Panda castle and goes all by herself to face the owner of the company who is pretty strong himself. A fight broke out between them and the owner was about to defeat Lan with the help of his cute Black Panda, even though she had acquired the secret power, but before he could do that Shinchan interrupted and both Shinchan and Lan together defeated the owner by turning him nice with Lan’s power. However, Lan says that this wasn’t enough and she starts to turn everyone nice with the power she had got which made her the villain of the movie.

Shinchan gets alerted about it and starts battling her but he easily gets defeated the first time but Lan spares him and goes on her journey to purify the world. Okay so many people have been affected by Lan’s power in the final scene and the Kasukabe Gang finally go up to her and battle her but just when she is expecting them to use some fighting moves, they start dancing and all and music starts playing? This scene was so bad and I was really expecting something better for the final scene. And the fact that this stupid happy music turned everyone back to normal makes this even worse and overall, this was just a mess of a final scene! Rating- 8/10


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