Crawl Movie Review

Crawl Movie Review

Crawl is a creature with Barry Pepper and Kaya Scodelario and is staged by Alexander Asia, who has also brought the French horror movie to full speed. It’s a good movie. Look, this movie plays during a massive hurricane in Florida. Scodelario plays a young woman who ignores this The evacuation order to look for her father. She finds him seriously injured in a crawl room of her parents’ house. As the water around him slowly rises, she realizes that they are not alone down there.

I love watching movies with dangerous animals that they remember exactly where we are in the food chain and it’s a very primitive fear, but the animals must look real, but before I talk about the Gators, let’s start with the good, Both Barry Pepper and Kaya Scodelario do a good job every time you see actors dive into the water for most of the movie, you have to respect that because it’s not a funny thing, I also like your backstory and for the most part These characters make logical decisions about your situation 90 percent of the movie takes place in and around the house and I was impressed with the camera work.

It’s pretty hard to set up an area in a confined space, but I think Asia is a very competent filmmaker I only wish two things were different, so the alligators were completely CGI and they looked pretty wrong. I was hoping for some practical effects, but no, they’re about as tangible as my little friend back there, whom you ate each time, and it’s a shame, because this movie could have been a lot better if they had one Combining practical and CG effects, there were some underwater moments that looked okay, but every time you see the animal up close, it completely destroys the tension.

Crawl -
Crawl –

I know there are a lot of people who do not mind The fake CG and I wish I was one of them because it got me out of the movie. I know it’s a lot easier and faster to animate the Gators, but there’s this 2007 Australian movie titled Rogue and titled Pret Damn it, it’s not the best movie in the world, but because of it Using a true mechanical crocodile film, it feels much more visceral. I really missed that sense of danger and reality and creep. Now there were some scenes that were pretty exciting, mostly when you did not.

See the Gators, but you know they are there, and when they pop up, it’s a computer animation and all those tensions have vanished, which makes me too bringing something else that I did not like I’m sure there are a lot of people in this movie who like that, and that’s fine, but I’m not one of those who do not really bother me, but every once in a while, if you build your film around these moments, in my opinion, it makes the experience less good, it’s really a pity, because this movie definitely had the potential to be a great horror movie, it’s damn exciting, Although some of it does not always pay off, it’s good to play a cool attitude but with false-looking alligators in the movie about alligators, it’s just above average, so crawl is a shiny stone. What about you when you find fake-looking alligators and alligators?


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