Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion R2 Anime Review

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 which is the sequel to R1 and starts off in the most bizarre way possible. I really hated how in the first episode they didn’t address anything that happened in the last episode of R1 which made me so confused, to the point where I thought I had skipped an entire season or something. Anyways, let’s begin the review. Okay so first let’s talk about the Knight of the Round. Gino is pretty nice near the beginning but he was just annoying in Episode 24 but I still loved his Knightmare which was called Tristan which is a pretty nice name too.

However, I think they should have chosen another color scheme for Tristan since it’s color scheme is all over the place and I think if it had only one color like blue or something, it would look much cooler. I also like how the head of this Knightmare is so small compared to the rest of its body. Anya is pretty average at the start and this anime puts so much focus on her recording everything that I thought that her taking photos and recording everything would be important at some point but at no point was it important so why did she have that character trait anyways? Her Mordred was pretty cool and powerful though and I loved it.

However, what I did not like was how Marianne was inside her body because that was absolutely stupid and even Marianne having Geass made this Geass thing annoying at this point, considering that there were already many characters with Geasses in R2. R2 just made this Geass power so much less unique and it felt like everyone had it. And Marianne didn’t even do much because she basically died along with Charles right after she came into the story so what’s the point of her coming back.

The Marianne thing was stupid. Luciano was not really interesting but I did like his Knightmare because that was really cool. Anyways, why doesn’t the Britannian Empire give members of the Royal Family like Cornelia who are good in Knightmare Combat some powerful Knightmare Frames like they gave to the Knights of the Round? We saw in R1 that Cornelia is great in battle and is even called the Goddess of Victory or something so what’s the reason of her not getting a better Knightmare? Okay so now let’s talk about Rolo who starts off as an annoying character but has a really nice ending to his character.

Code Geass Lelouch of The Rebellion R2
Code Geass Lelouch of The Rebellion R2

The part I hated about him the most was how much he hated Nunally. Now I do get why he hated her but doesn’t he get that if he killed Nunally then Lelouch would automatically start hating him too? Like, he would gain absolutely nothing but hate from Lelouch if he killed her! Anyways, his Geass is pretty cool and while at the beginning you may think that the “heart stopping” part of his Geass is unnecessary, at the end you do realize why they put that in there. While I wouldn’t really call Rolo’s death “emotional” because when I say “emotional” I mean it was crying level sad but I will say that it was pretty unfortunate. Okay so let’s just quickly talk about Xingke.

I thought that he was both awesome and annoying at the same time which is pretty weird and I loved his Knightmare. It was fast, powerful and good-looking and overall I just loved it. Okay so now let’s finally talk about Charles and his fight with Lelouch. I really liked the decision of making him a mini Boss Battle since he really didn’t deserve to be the Boss Battle of R2 since he isn’t even close to being as good as a strategist as Lelouch. His Geass is pretty scary though and I loved the way Lelouch tackled it for the first time. Yeah, while that mirror Geass thing was incredibly stupid and it’s really implausible Lelouch calculated that much in so little time, I did enjoy that scene nonetheless because it was pretty fun.

Code Geass Lelouch of The Rebellion R2 Anime Review
Code Geass Lelouch of The Rebellion R2 Anime Review

His second defeat, however, was even better because I loved the way Lelouch yelled “Begone!” at him and also because it was really satisfying to see him get defeated for real since not only was he annoying but also he kind of cheated on his first battle with Lelouch, with coming back from the dead and all. Okay so now let’s talk about the Final Boss Battle with Schneizel and it was really fun to watch and I just loved the way Lelouch defeated Schneizel. I wish they made him a little more powerful though since I thought even he had a trick up his sleeve like Lelouch because of how calm he was the entire time.

I guess that was just his arrogance or overconfidence. Okay so now let’s talk about the Ending and it was one of the best Endings in all of anime! I really love how such an anime which is all over the place has such a nice and satisfying ending and the ending is probably the reason why I will give R2 a 10/10 because without this ending, it’s kind of a mess. An ending is a very important part of any anime or movie, after all because it is what concludes everything and that is also why endings have huge responsibility and this ending fulfilled it’s responsibility in the best way possible. It was just great. Rating- 10/10


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