Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane

Hello everyone, Today I will review Citizen Kane. This came out in 1941. It was staged by Orson Welles. He also co-wrote and starred in it and Welles produces so damned much, how could I not eventually get to the point where I had to check Citizen Kane, so here you go. Orson Welles really does not need an introduction at this point, especially if you’ve sent a file, but I’ll give one anyway because it actually contributes to the emergence of Citizen Kane in terms of his story as a creative person when he was 25 years old the movie was filmed but before that time he was considered a prodigy since childhood.

He was very ambitious. He grew up to be this iconoclast that changed the medium of all kinds of art forms. When he came to New York at the age of 21 and made many famous performances of you there, you changed the medium of theater.

I know Shakespeare-Plays and so on and of course he changed the radio with his notorious show War of the Worlds he was 23 years old at the end of the thirties and when he was on fire he was considered just this great ingenious people bowing down to him and to them.

I thought he could not go wrong and so Hollywood finally called, because of the It was not so far back in the thirties when Hollywood was such a Mecca, but Hollywood had such confidence in it that they basically gave it full creative control, whatever it was he wanted and, to my understanding, Welles had several ideas, and Citizen Kane was what they had decided on, but the fact that they gave him total control is only an impetus to the imagination, especially for someone who is 25 years old, of whom it had never heard it. It has never happened since the Citizen Kane course is known as one of the greatest movies of all time.

Citizen Kane –
Citizen Kane –

They know that the American Film Institute is the biggest American movie ever made. So you know if you’re a fan It’s like buying home movies that you know most of the big movie fans have seen this movie, but ironically it was not very popular when it came out, he certainly got some Celebrity critics, but it was not a big blockbuster so Citizen Kane is known to be very innovative in order to break the mold of so many Hollywood films up to this point technically in terms of history.

Ironically, I find that this film is safest at Welles, certainly at its most tame kind of being the most commercially acceptable movie he has ever made. I think he was such a freshman and he really did not know so much about the film that he fumbled by testing the water when he was making the movie that I think he only does. It makes sense that this movie For him, it’s more like a blank chalkboard, but that’s his first big commercial, his first Hollywood movie. You can see that he was just so beyond his years and everyone has tried to emulate this film in some form in part.

Most of the time, such people are very self-confident, but they are often the most insecure, the saddest. Most deficient people do not know how to connect on a human level, and use all that abundance to fill those gaps, and that’s just what The story of Charles Foster Kane in terms of his downfall, although the movie may have some alienated viewers, because they may find it a bit too weird or maybe a bit too esoteric.

The film is a story we’ve seen many times Very young kid you know is from his family, and he becomes a young man who runs a newspaper, and then he becomes very infamous, very rich mogul that is glorified by the public and the media is framed it’s framed and through the eyes of journalists and through the media trying to figure out who the true Kane is, the man behind this emblem of American success, they are like that fascinated by who he must have stood behind this person, and what they are trying to interview all these people in his life like ex-wives with whom he worked, and friends, because they are just looking for a kind of key to all these Answer questions.

Even for today’s conditions, this film looks very timely. Especially for this time, this was a big leap forward. I mean, the camera moves so fluidly and in comparison to so many other Hollywood movies at the time when the camera was standing very still and I think people like David Fincher may have borrowed from wells in the sense of that he loves to make movies with CGI touch when you see a movie here and there, but he likes to make it very subtle.

He wants to somehow confuse the viewers so that they do not know what they are really looking at and what is being improved by digital techniques. Wells was really one of the first people to use it that just in Hollywood, as it got bigger and bigger, and the special effects in this movie are so subtly used that every image works and the fluidity, the angles and the shadows make use of depth of field, it’s just so complex and so interesting to look at and though Welles was a showman, he was obviously a magician and a performer.

The special effects and visual style he seeks mean that it’s not just a show to show off his visual skills like this. This is one of my favorite pastimes that he has ever used in any of his films. I love this style. It works very well for him and you know that it allows such a dimension in terms of appearance, so it is a literal dimension, but also a figurative dimension, because there is so much going on in the background of the foreground that it is basically the Storytelling that the characters never have to say, when you look at a shot, you see all sorts of things. It’s a particular character that could be in the middle of the shot.

This is a metaphor for the fact that below the surface there is so much that is said and what the characters may do, even though the film is known to be one of the main characters.

Great films that obviously have their critics all the time , and it has been criticized that the movie has such technical bravery, but it’s not associated with emotional potency and I can actually see where they come from, especially if you know Wells it later works, though most of it largely forgotten by mainstream audiences, he became much more mature as a storyteller as he continued, like even the Magnificent Ambersons, who did not come out for Citizen Kane too long, which is a very heartbreaking, very emotional piece that I am far from developed further than Kane, but that means I actually find many emotional moments in Kane that really resonate with me when K Ane Susan, his second wife, meets for the first time At this time, the movie really starts to deal with something that Gravitas has.

It is a really sad relationship because he is attracted to her because she is naive because she is innocent because she is humorous and because she has to take care of it and she gets to know Kane in that sense because he is a kind of version of that Seeing what he was when he was younger, before all the success and all that, and it’s in the tender and sad scene, because I mean, when you see the movie and go back and look at it, it may be very bittersweet, because you can see how the relationship gets annoying pretty fast.

Her relationship brings Kane to the point of making him so deficient that he is used to hiding everything, as I said with extravagance to politics with advertising and wealth to distract him from what he most wanted is all what he really wanted, how we all do it, to be loved and he wanted to be able to understand himself, but because he could not understand that or himself, he turned to outside control means and that happened in the form of Susan.

He begins to control her and tries to turn her into his puppet into this opera singer, for whom she is obviously not meant to feel that How selfish, how insecure he is, he becomes basically his property reflecting what has happened in so many marriages and relationships when you do not understand the person you are with and try to turn it into a version Transforming yourself or the person you were or were The person you want to be, how the movie goes on reveals that kind of male-dominated man who depends on ability and this public person. Of course, I can not talk about Citizen Kane without mentioning one of the most famous devices used in American film history, and of course, that is the famous rosebud around which the film revolves at its most basic level.

It’s a metaphor for nostalgia for the innocence of Chav’s childhood, which was taken away from him, but I do not know if I buy into the movie. I think Rosebud should be that MacGuffin, who should reflect the movie’s meaning because I think so that this is too simple, it is certainly too simplistic for Welles.

I do not think you can really say that there is a movie that is the biggest movie ever done the same way you can not say there is a piece of music, this is the best music ever made, There is no such thing. It depends on the interpretation. Welles has made so many interesting films that they are raising the hurdle. I mean, my favorite movie from him is the Trial masterpiece I can only recommend it to people if you’re in a nude, of course, but it’s the same with the movies asf-for-fake, he’s done so many great works, but I think the reasons Cain and Cain enjoyed it is that it’s that balance between, maybe a more esoteric style that crossed borders, and a mainstream that people could relate to in terms of core history.

He has accessibility, the movies, of which I think they are much better, do not have, as I said, the processor a movie I like Lustflügel or The Passion of Joan of Arc. I think they are far better films, but they just do not have accessibility and I often know that I’m always against accessibility, but I think of a specific point to know you when I said to bring people together and leave something to resonate and be there, as this is perhaps a standard that people can emulate or try to be inspired by, so that you can promote the medium of film or the medium we speak about. In this sense, I think, that Citizen Kane is really wonderful and should be studied and much admired. It’s also a really good movie. It’s entertaining. It’s a great story. And that is my review.


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